May. 30th, 2013

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Piper went in for surgery on Tuesday. Wednesday was that whole not-abnormal-but-very-worrying thing with her body temperature dropping, and the expected ton of pain. (Her body temperature was back to normal by evening, at least.)

She's getting treatment for her joints. The treatment came in to the airport today, whereupon Customs apparently saw "medical treatment, time-critical, biological material" on the label and decided the best thing to do was sit on that for a few days.

I count us lucky that they have not yet dropped it down the back of a radiator to dry out.

The medical company, FedEx (which is apparently a lot better when delivering to businesses, which is nice), the medical company's broker, and the vet hospital are all yelling at them to for the love get that to us, but it literally needs to be released in a few hours or it's useless. So I'm basically wishing there was some way I could usefully scream at someone--hell, I wish there was some way I could usefully do anything at someone, but there is a very strong impulse to yell right now--and hoping that someone with either clue or clout gets back from lunch in the next twenty minutes or so and lights a fire under Customs' ass.

We're picking her up tonight. She's currently "heavily sedated" and "very vocal when disturbed" which suggests to me that yes, there will be a lot of crying and probably not enough we can do about the pain. (We will manage it as best we can, and her vets are mercifully very sensible about pain management, but there is only so much we can do without the NSAIDs.)
green_dreams: (Piper looking noble)
Customs issue was sorted; when I got to the vet's a little past 4, actually, pretty sure I saw the FedEx van leaving.

We picked her up and took her home. She is stoned. She's been given some kind of time-release painkiller that'll have a slowly decreasing effect over the next three days, and she's having trouble with her back legs because she is high as three kites so walking is wicked tricksy right now.

She is not in nearly so much pain as last time, and that is awesome. She needs help to get up or stand (we have a sling for that, so we can take a lot of her weight), and the six-yard round-trip to the old picnic table in the back yard is a huge deal (she made it! so brave! good dog!), and she is very very whiny, and I am sure some of it is pain. But she's much better than last time. Also she ate, which she hadn't done since the surgery. (Yes. Piper hadn't eaten since Tuesday. Yes, that is exactly as worrying as you might imagine, if not moreso.)

John insisted I get out of the house to go to knitting for an hour, and am feeling much better for it.

Hoping that she heals as quickly now as she did then.
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