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Lucy, my poor dear suffercat, would like to make it clear that it is incredibly hard to sleep on my socks when I persist in doing all this "cleaning" and "putting away" around her. But there is now more space on the floor than there's been in a while, and I am starting to very much appreciate the UfYH (content is worksafe, though page title contains NSFW vulgarity) tenet that "putting things away" is a critical part of laundry and dishes.

On the plus side, I have (somewhat?) corralled the pile(s) of books, and have found a ton of bookmarks. Also liberated a previously-in-use laundry basket.

I really need to figure a better magazine storage solution, too.

Also, although unrelated to tidying, we were given a pair of theatre tickets for Friday and couldn't use them, so John gave them away to a coworker who went to the play with his wife. Apparently they had a lovely time, plan to visit the theatre again, and sent over some of her chocolates (she's a professional chef/caterer) as a thankyou.
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