Jan. 21st, 2013

green_dreams: "Heard of Rodney King, Patrolman Jefferson?" "It's Inspector Jefferson." "Not once I get through with you." (Cheswick has teeth)
In the future, I should probably not start on the last third of a Dennis Lehane novel before going to sleep. It is inconducive to relaxation.

(Also, iconed a quote in the book that had me grinning a bit:
I'd have used it here--I did on DW--but my paid account expired on LJ, and I am not paying for more-than-six-icons right now, dammit.)

Abby is being grouchy, and I suspect it has something to do with our cat-sitting Gizmo; will see. And it's currently -22°C (-30 with the windchill[1]), so I am thinking that perhaps it is a day to get as many things possible done from inside the house.
[1]-7°F/-22, for those of you not using metric.
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