Jan. 27th, 2013

green_dreams: (knitting life)
"This pattern's more complicated than I expected. The knit stitches are knit backwards, and it's making the cabling a lot more fiddly."
"Isn't knitting backwards just purling?"
"Well-- no, not this way. Purling is backwards in that you slide the needle back to front, rather than front to back. When you go backwards by knitting through the back leg of a knit stitch instead of the front leg, you get a twisted knit stitch."
*a pause, during which the slightly yes-dear look is replaced with dawning suspicion*

I have, I believe, escaped burning for my unnatural acts. However, I suspect I may be required to prove that neither I nor the hat weigh the same as a duck.

(As ducks feature in the lyrics which were the inspiration for the hat's name, this amuses me oddly.)
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