Feb. 21st, 2013


Feb. 21st, 2013 04:08 pm
green_dreams: (Piper looking noble)
Needed to replace the dressing on Piper's... stomach peg tube thing. Anyway, she seemed unhappy about that, and then there was goop[1], and given that there was a hole in her stomach, we decided to take her to the vet so a professional could say "calm down, it's okay, here's how you replace the dressing."

That went pretty well, although took up half the morning. And then there was the discovery that one end of one of her staples had come out[2], and some backing and forthing about what needed to be done about that. Turns out this is apparently okay and a thing that happens, although speaking as a layperson I do not exactly feel bad about having been being a bit freaked out about it.

Today, she has been offered wet dog food (duck-based), dry dog food (kangaroo-oatmeal blend), semi-solid dog food (pill pockets), human baby food (chicken broth variant), water, dry cat food (for clean teeth!), and other wet dog food (junk food, but apparently tasty). Yesterday's options of peanut butter and wet cat food were sadly not on the menu (at any rate, she's sad). We're picking up some more dry dog food in case her usual stuff got stale, and some different wet dog food that's meant particularly for animals recovering from serious surgery, since she was eating it at the vet's and it's probably better for her than the junk food.

...and they say that cats are the picky eaters.[3]

She's crashed out again, and all is well.
[1] Not infected goop that would be described in any words from the surgery report! Just anxiety-inducing wet reddish goop, if you see the difference.
[2] If I may just gently reiterate, metal-staples-in-my-dog. It's not upsetting, most of the time, but it weighs on me.
[3] Oh, yes, Lucy. Diving whisker-deep into the duck-based wet dog food marks you as the epitome of discernment. Meanwhile Abby and Angus were climbing me to get the baby food.
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