Feb. 27th, 2013

Good dog!

Feb. 27th, 2013 01:45 pm
green_dreams: (Piper looking noble)
Today, Piper got her staples out! And her tube. (It is kind of a sign of our decreasing nervousness about her situation that we started calling the feeding tube her hip-snorkel a couple of days ago, and by this morning it had progressed to "Little Miss Butt-Snorkel".) It was somewhat painful--she cried and kicked and tried to pull away, but she did not growl or make a motion to bite. Mind, she is apparently a particularly sweet-natured dog.

She is also an amazingly good-at-healing dog. The whole thing about surviving surgery? The taking food by mouth 24 hours afterwards? The fact that she got to come home after one week, rather than staying at the vet's under 24-hour trained surveillance for at least two? The lack of complications? Yeah. The surgeon was talking about her in terms of winning the lottery. We'll need to watch her carefully for gastro-intestinal troubles for the rest of her life, pretty much, because once you win the lottery it is a good thing to make sure you are never again in the position of needing to buy a ticket again, but that's okay.

(They're sterilizing the bit that was inside her and letting me pick it up for a souvenir when we next go back.)

She's on more painkillers, because her elbow is really giving her noticeably more trouble, and we are so not putting her back on NSAIDs. Hoping to do the elbow surgery in a couple of weeks or so.

Lucy has turned the Cone of Shame into a Fortress of Solitude that just happens to have a convenient skylight for entrance, exit, and sudden lunging pounces at Things What Dangle.

Piper's currently crashed out hard--it's been an exciting morning, and I don't imagine anyone in the household really wants to be out in the determinedly-falling snow-and-ice mix we are getting--and I am so glad to have her home. Home without extra bits, even.
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