Apr. 11th, 2013

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Piper went in for her her arthroscopy yesterday. They kept her overnight for grogginess and to ensure she recovered from general anaesthesia properly. Today she seemed in "unusual pain" this morning, and we were told we could take her home. It's not dangerous--my understanding is it's not even atypical. Joint surgery, arthritis, working on tiny chips of bone, that kind of thing hurts and she can't have NSAIDs so one of the biggest hammers in the painkilling arsenal is not there for her.

I thought I understood this. I was unprepared.

I got to the vet's at 4:45. She was whimpering and crying and huffing out tight little pained breaths, and sometimes she was yelping, and a couple of times, when we had to help her move, she snarled.

She did this for over three hours. Around seven-thirty, she napped for three minutes. John (thank you, John) got us food and then sent me out of the house at eight, because I was cringing every time she cried. I think this helped. I knew that she was in pain, but I had no idea what that meant. I was expecting her slow and stiff and hobbling and still able to be happy to see us; I was expecting her as she was a few days after the septic peritonitis that, as the vet said, most animals die from. But this is fresh joint surgery, not work on her intestine and abdominal wall, and I didn't get that. I was not expecting a constant "I hurt. I hurt. Why won't you make it stop hurting? I told you I hurt. I hurt, monkey. I hurt. Help me. I hurt."

It's very hard to regroup and hit a point where you can cope with a crying dog when you are in the same room as said crying dog. So yay for breathing room. Very much.

(She napped for longer when I was out--I think about twenty minutes--and she's actually been crashed out since just a little past ten. She's not asleep, but she's zoned out fairly hard, and sometimes she snores a little. I'll be giving her her next painkiller in about forty minutes.)

((She's on an "every six hours" painkiller schedule, BTW. I am really really hoping it will be enough.))

She bounced back very quickly after the stomach trouble; I'm hoping the healing she displayed then will kick in soon and she'll be much better by, say, forty-eight hours after it's done. Early afternoon tomorrow or so.

She's just started the paw-twitching that indicates she's running in her sleep. You good dog, you. You keep sleeping until it's pilltime.

(I swear I never thought of myself as a dog person.)
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