Apr. 14th, 2013

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Back in December, I mentioned that I'd picked up a collection of eight horror movies for five bucks. The recognizable one[1] is the original Night of the Living Dead, so I'm not going to be putting that on. However! There is also Colour from the Dark, a movie which instantly raises the burning question "Did the writers read "Colour out of Space", or is this a direct rip-off tribute derivative of the very-understandably-forgotten The Curse[2]?"
A family accidentally frees something from the Earth's womb while drawing water from their well and now a sinister glow is seeping into their lives.
Really, it could be either.


...okay, that movie was a lot better than I expected. Surprisingly pleased reaction, possibly spoilery discussion but haven't you read the story anyway? )
[1] There's usually one that everyone with a passing interest in the genre will have at least heard of on compilation DVDs, and the rest are what I am going to charitably call a grab bag. F'r ex, on the 10-movie Werewolves, Vampires, & Zombies DVD compilation, you have the 1973 The Satanic Rites of Dracula with Christopher Lee. (I don't think this applies to DVDs with paired movies nearly as well. But you get three or more movies in the DVD case? Ohyes.)
[2] It's not the most memorable thing about the movie, but I confess that what always first springs to mind about The Curse is the fact that Lucio Fulchi was credited Louis. WTH.
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