May. 6th, 2013

green_dreams: (books and glasses)
I've cleared three books off my to-read list (two by turfing them, one by starting it), gotten four boxes of stuff downstairs and labelled for CDA pickup (unfortunately they're actually coming tomorrow, not today, but better to be ready early than late), worked on a little knitting that is reminiscent of if perhaps not strictly inspired by the Samuel Mather Parrington Museum, and dug up, seeded, and watered perhaps two square feet of back yard, juggled laundry and dishwasher a little, and finally gotten my New York pictures... well, not up. But up for vetting. I may put up a small photo post tomorrow.

Weirdly, the thing I'm happiest about is the book extraction. Second-happiest goes to the back yard. I'm hoping to do a more there tomorrow, as well as running around picking up assorted kinds of cat food (possibly over multiple trips).
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