Jul. 9th, 2013

green_dreams: (Angel peering)
See if you can guess which is which.

% DoneCat!Reaction
0%Awh, cuddles. What a good monkey.
15%Nooooo! Wait, what are you... Nooo!
25%Nooooo! My claws! Whymyclaws? Whyyyy?
35%HAH! I am bitey! I bite your knuck-- whoops. Uhm.
Perhaps I will just sit here with my teeth sort of gently resting on your knuckles and stare at you. Yes. That seems better than biting.
...you're very big, monkey.
40%Yep, just staring. You know, the other cat flinches by now.
50%I hate you, monkey. Hate you. I hate--
...perhaps I will run away to France. (Seriously, I cannot better describe the suddenly sad, contemplative, staring-into-the-distance expression that suddenly arrived on my victim cat's face.)
50%-75%Yes. To France. There will be a small café somewhere on the Riviera.
87.5%You are so mean.
100%Terrible monkey! You have mangled me, leaving me helpless against the wilderness! How will I defend myself? How will I hunt? How will I live?
I'm gonna go poke the dog.

% DoneCat!Reaction
0%Hi monkey. What are we doing? ...oof.
0%-45%'Parently we're picking me up. Okay. An' pokin' my paws. What are those clippy snippy noises?
50%Uhm, hey. Do you need to... okay.
50%-81.25%You could let me go, you know. I'm just gonna float that one while I lie back here and think.
87.5%With one mighty push of my forepaws, I get you away from-- No, huh? Not working. Damn.
100%With one mighty push of my forepaws, I get you away from-- look, you're done anyway, right? And this is undignified. I wanna leave. I wanna...
Okay, I'm leaving as soon as you're done tummy rubs. But I still think you're being unfair.
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