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Scottish crime writer's night as part of the international writer's festival tonight. I had a lovely time. :D

Stuart MacBride, who was the author whose name caught my attention in the first place, is very funny in pretty much exactly the way you'd expect a man who writes gritty (and/or morbidly cheerful--Jenn, don't click that link) stories about serial killers to be. He read the short story I just linked, too; said it was the first time he'd read it for an audience. He signed my copies of halfhead and Flesh House, and seemed pleased to hear I'd liked halfhead. Apparently he got a lot of grief for writing something that wasn't in the series he's best known for; I think that's a serious shame, as it was a good book and a damn fun story.

Ian Rankin I had heard of and read before; Denise Mina I hadn't. I'm rather regretting the last, now; I would have picked up her book The End of Wasp Season if I weren't on that strict self-imposed moratorium of Only One More Book This Year Dammit.
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