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Waking up at noon, I find, completely screws my plans for the day. It does this even if I don't actually have any plans for the day, which seems sort of unfair. Crushed plans I could articulate my complaints about, you see. Crushed vague-aspirations-to-productivity are like an itch in the middle of your back that you can't reach to scratch. A bloody bruising blistered itch.

That said, I actually got some things done (some cleaning, escaped the house by daylight[1], picked up small!groceries, somehow managed to beat the erratic eating which goes with an erratic wake time), and am very glad I live in a household with individuals who are inclined to be forgiving of my flail.
[1] A day on which I do not do this always feels disorientingly weird.


Sep. 13th, 2013 10:07 pm
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Work was a bit rough (for a couple of days, actually), and then there was finishing the current batch of documents (done! yes!), and then there was a sore throat, and getting home, and then I sat down on the couch with a book for a minute.

I woke up a couple of hours later with a crick in my neck and a cat sleeping on me.

Ginger-and-pepper tea and a movie, I think.
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I have a lot of BPAL.

Some of it I don't love.

In the hopes of clearing it out, I'm knocking three-quarters off the asking price, until (slightly after 9 p.m.) Thursday evening. Everything gets sent out by Friday. Sale's over! Thank you. You can find the remainders here.
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Up far too late last night. My own damn fault. Does not bode well for the coming day.

At least it's rainy.

I hate the way that one little thing can go wrong and it ends up cascading through two days, so you play catch-up for two more days, and start the week low on sleep and feeling late for everything.

This too shall pass.


Aug. 24th, 2013 12:31 pm
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Good friends and gentlefolk, good morning.
You've seen, and seeing is adoring.
Your eyes and your fingers could be thrilling
To the lovely shinies that from this post forth are spilling.

...I don't know either. The coffee from the Happy Goat stall at the farmer's market has one hell of a kick, what can I say.

But yes! Shinies! (I am placing a (small) order and splitting shipping with at least one local, so yay.) Cannot wait until they come, and kinda wish I had been fast enough to grab Novel and Short Story, but there is still some lovely stuff.
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See if you can guess which is which.

% DoneCat!Reaction
0%Awh, cuddles. What a good monkey.
15%Nooooo! Wait, what are you... Nooo!
25%Nooooo! My claws! Whymyclaws? Whyyyy?
35%HAH! I am bitey! I bite your knuck-- whoops. Uhm.
Perhaps I will just sit here with my teeth sort of gently resting on your knuckles and stare at you. Yes. That seems better than biting.'re very big, monkey.
40%Yep, just staring. You know, the other cat flinches by now.
50%I hate you, monkey. Hate you. I hate--
...perhaps I will run away to France. (Seriously, I cannot better describe the suddenly sad, contemplative, staring-into-the-distance expression that suddenly arrived on my victim cat's face.)
50%-75%Yes. To France. There will be a small café somewhere on the Riviera.
87.5%You are so mean.
100%Terrible monkey! You have mangled me, leaving me helpless against the wilderness! How will I defend myself? How will I hunt? How will I live?
I'm gonna go poke the dog.

% DoneCat!Reaction
0%Hi monkey. What are we doing? ...oof.
0%-45%'Parently we're picking me up. Okay. An' pokin' my paws. What are those clippy snippy noises?
50%Uhm, hey. Do you need to... okay.
50%-81.25%You could let me go, you know. I'm just gonna float that one while I lie back here and think.
87.5%With one mighty push of my forepaws, I get you away from-- No, huh? Not working. Damn.
100%With one mighty push of my forepaws, I get you away from-- look, you're done anyway, right? And this is undignified. I wanna leave. I wanna...
Okay, I'm leaving as soon as you're done tummy rubs. But I still think you're being unfair.
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I mean, I get it, okay? I like dogs. Dogs are smart, and undemanding, and on average more sweet-natured that humans, and generally if I can politely and non-pushily catch the owner's attention (which I do not try to do with service dogs) I will ask if I can pet their dog.

That said, this article on how to behave vis-a-vis a service dog you may encounter was enlightening, in terms of concretely articulating certain concerns.

And the shoe analogy is brilliant. Definitely worth reading down to it. Seriously.
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Light stuff, this time. Piper's fallen asleep again (yay!), and I'm waiting for the vet to call back, just over a couple of questions. Poor girl.

Rewatching Cabin in the Woods[1] (and I think at this point I am rather past worrying about spoilers) and am just gonna say: this movie makes me so angry for Jules. First, what happened to her was horrible. Second, what the Institute-Company-whoeverthehell did to her was horrible. Third, dammit, every time I watch it I am reminded that from what you can see of who she was before she was bleached and roofied, she's the closest thing the group has to a Final Girl.

I'm not saying Dana should have died; honestly, if this movie wasn't the kind of thing to give me pause about any such kind of statement, I wouldn't like it as much as I do. I'm saying it annoys me even more because it points up how much Those Guys are willing to chew people up and spit them out without regard for who they are.

(And yet, yeah, I still feel for Gary and Steve and even Wendy and... Dammit.. I mean, I despise what they do, but I can understand them, and there is not as much disgust in the understanding as there could have been. --and I'm going to end this before I start trying to break down everything that movie makes me think about, because those rambles can get positively fractal.)

This is by no means the worst most upsetting or biggest effect of the movie, but dammit, it's one of them.

A/y. Yes. The finale is... making the screen very red, so I'm gonna go back to that, now. Back in a bit.
[1] Hush, it's my birthday.
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Customs issue was sorted; when I got to the vet's a little past 4, actually, pretty sure I saw the FedEx van leaving.

We picked her up and took her home. She is stoned. She's been given some kind of time-release painkiller that'll have a slowly decreasing effect over the next three days, and she's having trouble with her back legs because she is high as three kites so walking is wicked tricksy right now.

She is not in nearly so much pain as last time, and that is awesome. She needs help to get up or stand (we have a sling for that, so we can take a lot of her weight), and the six-yard round-trip to the old picnic table in the back yard is a huge deal (she made it! so brave! good dog!), and she is very very whiny, and I am sure some of it is pain. But she's much better than last time. Also she ate, which she hadn't done since the surgery. (Yes. Piper hadn't eaten since Tuesday. Yes, that is exactly as worrying as you might imagine, if not moreso.)

John insisted I get out of the house to go to knitting for an hour, and am feeling much better for it.

Hoping that she heals as quickly now as she did then.
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Piper went in for surgery on Tuesday. Wednesday was that whole not-abnormal-but-very-worrying thing with her body temperature dropping, and the expected ton of pain. (Her body temperature was back to normal by evening, at least.)

She's getting treatment for her joints. The treatment came in to the airport today, whereupon Customs apparently saw "medical treatment, time-critical, biological material" on the label and decided the best thing to do was sit on that for a few days.

I count us lucky that they have not yet dropped it down the back of a radiator to dry out.

The medical company, FedEx (which is apparently a lot better when delivering to businesses, which is nice), the medical company's broker, and the vet hospital are all yelling at them to for the love get that to us, but it literally needs to be released in a few hours or it's useless. So I'm basically wishing there was some way I could usefully scream at someone--hell, I wish there was some way I could usefully do anything at someone, but there is a very strong impulse to yell right now--and hoping that someone with either clue or clout gets back from lunch in the next twenty minutes or so and lights a fire under Customs' ass.

We're picking her up tonight. She's currently "heavily sedated" and "very vocal when disturbed" which suggests to me that yes, there will be a lot of crying and probably not enough we can do about the pain. (We will manage it as best we can, and her vets are mercifully very sensible about pain management, but there is only so much we can do without the NSAIDs.)
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Jack Vance died today.
"A golden witch named Lith has come to live on Thamber Meadow. She is quiet and very beautiful."
I'm... this is so odd to say, but I'm offended. It's Jack Vance. He's been there forever. He's-- not an institution, but a cornerstone. He shouldn't die.
"Return, young man, return--lest your body lie here in its green cloak to rot on the flagstones."
I remember the first story I read by him, "Liane the Wayfarer". There was (in addition to a flatly horrible protagonist), an unapologetic and very simple sense of wonder. A willingness to put in fantastic elements, and not overexplain them, and have the reader pick up a very great deal from context.

Plus, you know, really creepy moments that I still love a great deal.
"I am Chun the Unavoidable."
The gentleman will be missed, and I am glad he was around.
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12 percent done, 88 to go, and I feel warranties should come with an extension.

I married an eloquent, you know. Much love.
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I'm clearing out more books, and it's weird. I have a lot of books. Most of them still aren't in Goodreads (and I get that funny guilty twinge whenever it recommends a book I've already read and have on the shelves to me). And given that Goodreads lists about six hundred books on my "owned" shelf, and yes, I really did mean most of them still aren't in the system...

...I have a lot of books.

It's being a lot easier to cull them this time, and it's nothing to do with not wanting to read. On top of the books, I have a particular attitude: I don't want to be the kind of person who gets rid of a book. I have had this attitude for a long time. I've had it since before we bought our house.

I've had it since before I rented my own place.

I've had it since before I moved out and went to university.

I've had it since before I went to boarding school in Switzerland[1], and that was for ninth grade.

Like some of the books I still own, I've had it since I lived in London as a kid.

I think it's very easy to embrace absolutes when you're a kid. And it's easy not to question those absolutes, especially when they're not overtly harmful. I don't want to be the kind of person who lets go of a book. Because books are awesome, dammit. I mean, that hasn't changed for me--books are amazing, books make me happy, new ones can be a wonder and old ones are a comfort and I don't see this changing. I love (the best of) my books, and I love the idea of books, and I have a respect for the physical integrity of books (even ones I don't like) that's... quite hard to override.

When I developed this attitude, I didn't understand certain things that I understand now. Like the fact of limited space in housing, and how sheddy long-haired cats can be, and how books can pile up and collect dust. Shared space, really shared space (our anniversary's tomorrow <3 ), and the importance of not having someone you live with made uncomfortable by your housekeeping. The low-level cringe that a cluttered room induces. The embarrassment of finding you already own a book you just got[2]--fortunately I've never bought one and had that happen, but there've been friend loans and library loans and... yeah, it's not a good feeling.

I'm still not the kind of person who gets rid of books casually. But I don't want to look at myself and say I'm the kind of person who won't get a book out of her house if it's making her unhappy to have it there. There's nothing noble or devoted about that.

That's damaging, albeit in a low-level constant-background what-weight-do-you-mean-oh-this-weight-I've-been-carrying-this-weight-so-long-I-don't-hardly-notice-it-no-more, and I am, finally, too old for that shit.
[1] In a former tuberculosis sanitarium.
[2] This is totally different from buying a replacement for a battered copy, or deliberately picking up a second copy for love or loaning purposes. On this note, you should all read Days by James Lovegrove, Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner, and Mystic River by Dennis Lehane. Seriously.
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Okay. So we're just catching up on Game of Thrones--watching the last two episodes tonight, in fact--and as you might expect it's being an HBO show, with a lot of sex and it's just dawning on me that I think they haven't actually shown any sex that's consensual or uncreepy since Jon and Ygritte. Four episodes ago.[1]

They haven't even talked about it, unless Ygritte talking to Jon about his technique was three episodes ago instead of four. Instead we're getting Joffrey and Mero talking up their plans, and then there was Littlefinger trading Roz to Joffrey for a snuff session, and...

I am bored, and mildly grossed out.

Gonna back to cheering Sam, now.
[1] As I was about to hit post, I remembered that Robb and Talisa actually got a few minutes of cute naked screentime last episode. My mistake. So we are averaging one scene every two episodes over the last month, whooo.
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All 93 issues of Heavy Metal rehomed, and someone is willing to take the laptop despite its occasional "oh, were you doing something? sorry, I am busy being a frozen brick now" tendencies[1], so that's good. Also there's a garage sale on our street this Saturday; looking to maybe get some stuff out.

The carrybag for the laptop has a half-busted zipper (it's double-ended, so you can still close it 2/3s of the way). Am trying to decide if that should mean toss it (I have tried but cannot repair it myself, and zipper replacement tends to run $1-2 per inch), keep it for knitting-projects-etcetera, or send it off with the laptop and let the new owners decide.

Also trying to catch up on reading (I had one of those horribly embarrassing moments cleaning the library[2]), clean all the dishes etcetera because we're getting our first box of vegetables tonight and it will be good to have all implements and all counter space available while we decide what to do with them, catch up on laundry, and possibly finish going through the box of things that Absolutely Need Putting Away from the coffee table. (I am a third of the way through it. It doesn't seem like enough.)

If I am feeling better later, may try to reseed a patch of the back yard, but I don't think that's happening today.

...when I write it out, it sounds productive. I'm not sure if this is a clever illusion or not.
[1] Which mostly kick in when it moves or tilts. Very annoying behaviour for a portable.
[2] "Wait, I own this[3]? Dammit. I had to borrow it from a friend to read it."
[3] This, in this case, being Coraline.
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I have/had/am getting rid of ninety-three issues of Heavy Metal, mostly from 2002 to 2010, although one is from as early as '79 (second anniversary issue, yay). Mostly in good condition (and a few still sealed >.< ), although a couple have been foxed by cats.

I'm going to see about Freecycle or something, I think, although if anyone local (or who is willing to cover postage) is missing anything specific, now might be a good time to let me know? I would feel better getting these out of here if I knew some of them were going somewhere friendly.

(The fact that I worry about the landing place of comics I haven't read in years is probably an excellent hint as to why I am currently running short on shelf space.)
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He brings me trailers.

And the trailers make be bounce and squee and carillion I knew it![1] before I have even finished my coffee.

The trailer advertises a new show within an existing continuum, and contains what is probably a spoiler. It will probably be revealed early in the first episode, but that is not for a few months yet, so I am carefully talking around it. (Trailer is here if you want a look though.)
[1] Please note: that "I knew it!" is not the cry of someone who is right. That is the cry of someone who happens to be right and is happy. For a cinematic version, please refer to Brandon Wheeger's response when he is explaining that he understands completely that Galaxy Quest is just a TV show, and is interrupted and told that it is all real.

I am thinking, now, of Thad Beaumont's attempt to explain a writer's grasp on the reality of the fiction he writes about.


May. 13th, 2013 01:34 pm
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The cats are happy.

The cats are happy because there is more space.

The cats are happy because there is more space because I have been cleaning out the coffee table in the living room so that we can move it and there are many books and many magazines that have been moved and I am trying to organize this and I think that things are coming to a bit of a head in my head.

Angus has been peering curiously at me, and sticking his head over the edge of the table, and climbing around the undershelf, and proving to himself that yes, he can walk on all these spaces (and can get from the table across onto the other table if he just s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s). He seems very proud of himself.

It's May. How can I feel this overwhelmed by books in May?


I am not saying "no more books". But the thought of getting almost[1] any more books right now makes me feel a bit tired, and that's not a feeling I want, and especially not from books.

And for the love, someone teach me how to be okay with getting rid of magazines?
[1] The stuff on my wishlist-plus list on Goodreads? That would be ok. I may pare it down a bit again, though.
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Ray Harryhausen died today, less than eight weeks shy of his 94th birthday.

(First thought, when I got the news, was remembering hearing that he and Bradbury went to the movies together as kids.)

And I'm sitting here, remembering Clash of the Titans a little vaguely, and the skeletons[1] much more clearly. Not as cool for me as I guess it must have been for the people who first saw them, but damn that was something.

(Upon reflection, I think we may actually have gotten shown some of those movies in class when I was a kid. In a section on Greek myths or ancient history or something. Which would be odd, but I guess not totally unreasonable.)

Feeling a little stunned, not that he'd been working lately and his work is now gone, but that he's not there anymore. I grew up knowing he'd always been around, you know? And he wasn't Bradbury or Eisner to me, but it feels very strange to hear that he died.

[1] From Jason and the Argonauts. Come on, I cannot be the only one who remembers that...


May. 7th, 2013 12:21 am
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Went to bed two hours ago. Cannot sleep; partly I have a cracking headache, partly I'm hungry, partly I'm apparently just not tired. Going to grab a pita and maybe try warm milk and honey.

Lucy's right eye is getting a bit goopy; she's squinching it more shut than the left one, sometimes lightly so, sometimes noticeably so. Hoping it clears up in a day (she gets this sometimes); if not, will see about a doctor's appointment. Am particularly sympathetic to itchy eyes right now, as I just realized that I can't do the warm milk thing without aggravating my own allergies.

Anyway. Warm soothing drink of some variety, and possibly a bit of laundry folding until I feel sleepy.
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