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I am sure my day will begin improving the very minute it does not involve cleaning up after an exploded smoothie.

(In point of fact, the explosion was cleaned up before I sat down at the keyboard, because I am not *that* addicted to the internet. And I'm waiting for coffee to brew. But for crying out loud, day, I would greatly appreciate it if you would improve now.)
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So. I know someone who is considering going for their Master's, and it is stressing them right the holy hell out.[1]

As part of convincing people to act as a reference, they need to write an academic CV. This is a rather new experience, and they don't have a lot of guidance--they're sort of stuck with seeing if the internet is going to tell them anything useful, and there is a lot of junk on the internet, and they don't know where to start.

So. Bit strange, I know, but... Advice? Suggestions? Things not to do?
[1] I would like to take this moment, by the way, to say to anyone reading this who has talked, chatted, or otherwise remotely assisted me in getting through a bad flail: I cribbed like crazy from what you did for me. I think it helped me help them. Thank you.
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I took a closer look at the candy we were handing out tonight. Mini Nestle chocolates, Coffee Crisp and Aero and Kit-Kat and Smarties. Pretty small, actually; you could hold three in one hand.

Every single one of them has the 1-800 Kids Help Phone number on the wrapper.

Probably useful, I know. But. Damn.


Oct. 28th, 2012 06:08 pm
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Was there ever a king who'd had both his thumbs cut off as a child? Possibly in Europe, in that period of time where historians get exasperated if you casually toss around the phrase "the Dark Ages" to refer to it?

I mean, "no" is obviously a totally possible answer, I just woke up feeling sure I'd heard of him. (The fact that I just woke up, mind, should give you some idea of how clearly I'm thinking right now...)
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I accidentally hesitantly a con; mostly yesterday, but there were a couple of panels today.

I was actually unsure about going. I'm almost unspeakably glad I did.

Yesterday, there was (among other things) a single discussion that covered both "The Yellow Wallpaper" and the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a good dozen book recommendations, more than a dozen new books, and apparently I need very badly to see a movie called Martyrs. Also smart and educated strangers were willing to talk to me, in person, which always feels a bit strange. But nice!

Today was a bit quieter, which is good, because I am sure I am coming down with something; I was only out for a few hours. Still good to hear people talk.

Have a couple of things I need to pass along to people.
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Unsure why, mind you, but aten't!

Tomorrow promises to be maddeningly busy at work. Plan for tonight: go home, reply to tags and e-mails (maybe), read, sleep--

Oh, dear. And I have just remembered I told people I would be at knit night.

Trip home will be devoted to giving proper consideration to the idea of skipping that.


Jun. 24th, 2012 10:28 pm
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With regards to cleaning the office:

Oh dear god how do I have so much crap. Angus, stop exploring as if this was an entirely new room you have never seen before. I just moved out one box!


Jun. 24th, 2012 07:37 pm
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Feeling a bit disjointed. Not entirely sure why. I lay down to read around 2:30 and the next thing I knew it was past 4, but I got up and went out so that shouldn't still be making *that* much of a difference.

My LJ account (not my DreamWidth account, nor any of my RP LJ accounts) is associated with an e-mail address I don't check much anymore; not as often as I used to. I'm weirdly reluctant to change that, and I can't figure out why. It might keep me a little less absent-minded about LJ-land, if I did.

I need to clean my office. I swear I'm not even sure where to begin.
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32°C as of 3 p.m., calculated to come across as 41 with the humidity. (That's 105 down south, I understand.) I'm going to grit my teeth, get through the trip home, and then not move outside the air-conditioning until a civilized temperature is re-established.

Going to give the e-reader a factory reset. The Kobo help desk suggested this might also solve the battery problem[1], which could be due to a firmware issue, but I confess to being somewhat skeptical. Will be very happy if it works, though.

Also! Pretty things, for values of pretty things that cover post-apocalyptic video games (no, not Fallout).
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Saturday, I fell asleep in the late afternoon. Woke up around ten. Went out for dinner, got home around 1, went to bed, slept.

Waking up around 10 this morning was fine. Got up, made coffee, watched a little TV, petted the cats, poked the computer, helped John make chowder. Couldn't quite focus on things and was stressing out. Managed to make dinner anyway.

Sat down to same half an hour ago, looked at my plate, and realized this was breakfast.

Explained a bit about the brain-fog.

Trying to recuperate while tidying kitchen. Apologies on anything I have left hanging; trying to catch up.

Brilliant life suggestion, as per the post title: Do not do this.
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Up again. Birds this time. Plus side, managed almost six hours, nearly made it to 5 a.m., but that is still not enough. Downside, no time to get back to sleep.

I just want eight uninterrupted hours. I would settle for seven.

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...and by "this", I mean "me". Just got in from the late showing of The Avengers. We were going to the earlier one, but it was sold out, so we all went for dinner and hung out for a bit. And now are home.

Some quick notes, not spoilery:
(1) Much love for Banner. More the more I think about it, actually. I... really bought him. Been there, know that guy.
(2) Heee, the lines.
(3) Liked Loki and Thor much better than in the Thor movie.

But yes. And aside from that, something happened on the way to the movie:

I ran into a friend.

This hasn't happened in... years?

I mean, I see people, sure. But I don't meet them by chance--and no, I don't count meeting a knitting friend that I know from knitting at the knitting store where we both go a fair bit as meeting by chance. Meeting the knitting friend that I know from knitting because she is headed one way after dinner and I am headed the other for a movie and our paths happened to cross? That is meeting by chance.

Nice feeling.

Right. Sleep in order.
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Two organization names that I ran into at work that keep amusing me:
  • Nine Circles Community Health Centre
  • Bob's Cool Air
It's the little things, really. (There's also a town called Burnt Church, and a street called Burning Glass Road.)

Everyone is very nice, by the way, which is good because I am a bit frayed. Tiny bit.
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Work ends at four. I have just gotten to Hurdman. The trip from work to here is a six-minute ride that comes every ten minutes.

You may infer that the schedule does not match the reality.

At this point I may make it home by six. We shall see.
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It is snowing. It is snowing a lot, and coming down so thick that the neighbour's house has that funny greyed-out look from being seen through the snow, and dammit three days ago everything was green. Okay, everything except the I-am-not-quite-woken-up-yet brown patches on the lawn, but it was green. There were flowers.

...also there is a scrape on the inside of my mouth. And I want a pony.

*sighs and continues getting ready to go to work*
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Wind gusts to 95 km/h this afternoon along a cold front. (That's 59 mph, to clarify.)

Warm gusty winds along a cold front will cross the regions this afternoon with peak wind gusts 90 to 100 km/h likely. Wind gusts of 96 km/h have been recorded at London airport early this afternoon. The strong winds are expected to cross the Toronto to Barrie corridor between 3 and 4 PM EDT. The strongest winds will develop over Eastern Ontario between 4 to 6 PM.
Right, well, I'm off to deal with public transport, hoping to get home by a reasonable hour to a house that hasn't had the power go out, where I will proceed to drink a lot of water and try getting rid of this headache.

Four more days to the weekend, right?

One a.m.

Apr. 9th, 2012 01:08 am
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I can't sleep.

This is hours later than I've been up for days, and I was really getting into the whole "waking up without needing an alarm" thing, and I just cannot unwind and get to bed.

*end whine, try again for slumber--perhaps we can discuss picking up stitches in the ravelled sleeve of care, and all*
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And so I share it with you.

Scruffy. )

Damn cold.

Mar. 5th, 2012 12:19 pm
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The mercury (does anyone actually own a mercury thermometer?) is slowly creeping up from this morning, when it was -17°C (-26°C with the wind chill). Looking forward to Wednesday, when it's meant to get up to 11°C. Not - 11°C. 11°C. Okay, yes, that's the low of one day against the high of another, but that's still a 28 degree difference in two days, ignoring the damn wind.[1]

Oh, March. Aren't you just an interesting time, meteorologically speaking. And I cannot wait for the time when I no longer need to worry about my ereader freezing. Literally.

(Yes, yes, paper books don't freeze. However, the pages get blown around, they fare much less well in precipitation, and turning the pages takes longer, which at the temperature that causes my Kobo to freeze is actually a significant consideration because I do not want my fingers out in that cold. Also, Innsmouth Magazine.)

((Possibly this last could be remedied with knit gloves that had leather patches sewn over the fingerprints? Hmh.))
[1] That's 1°F, -15°F, 52°F, and a 51 degree difference for those of you using Farenheit.
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Bus delayed due to printer error.

We're moving again, now, after a brief halt where the driver had to get off to I don't even know what. See if there was another spool of paper, maybe--we were at one of the bigger stations.
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