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My day has been saved from being the kind of thing that leaves me curled up in a corner and crying by the sudden return from the aether of Volume One of The Ballad of Halo Jones. The proper Titan Books edition, not the DC reprint.

That said, I'm still at work on the kind of day that has lead to the following discussion of a webpage with a common, cheap-ass, e-mail-form-results-to-a-particular-address form:
"It can send to any e-mail address that you can send an e-mail to."
"So it's not something the ISP does?"
I wish I was joking. My head. I have strength to escape, now.
("...and I'm not just whistling Erskold's Akron Concerto for Sublimizer and Glass Percussion!")
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On an utterly fluff note:

I am quietly delighted to discover that the video for Shriekback's "Nemesis" displays... well, Nemesis. Nemesis the Warlock, great alien ?hero? against the scourge of the Termight Empire.[1]

Man, I haven't thought of him in *ages*.
[1] "Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!"
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Triple-checking something today (apparently Dredd *was* a clone; just a clone of a normal human, though--I need to watch the movie again), and found something I will classify yet another reference to 2000AD; Judge Dredd's nickname of Old Stoney Face.

...I'm not saying there's a deep similarity between the characters, but I am going to quietly file that being the nickname of the chief cop of an astoundingly huge and rather vile city as being yet another possible tip of the hat, conscious or not.

Have CD full of pictures from someone else's London trip. Will be looking at those later.
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The tragic downside to the future of electronic comics, from aleX on the alt.comics.2000ad newsgroup:
I don't mind the occasional blue page of death, but if it has that bloody 'Clippy' thing I ain't interested.

"You appear to be reading a comic. Can I
a) Register your comic.
b) Not register your comic, but keep pestering you about it.
c) Install operating system updates, making the comic incompatible.
d) Piss off and let you read your comic."

On a similar note, they have Strontium Dog bobbleheads. This seems wrong on some exceedingly profound level.
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By the way, a bunch of German fans made a movie out of Terry Pratchett's Lords and Ladies. Trailer and assorted downloads available here. I love Magrat.

You ran for your life from the fireball
While death rained down and the skies did fall
Cities wrapped in a fiery shroud
And the land beneath a mushroom cloud

How can you live you twisted thing
Once the great uranium king
What life now in your nuclear bog
You're a twisted wreck, a strontium dog
- Drifter, Strontium Dog

Right. Strontium dogs are (short version) mutant bounty hunters doing the dirty scut work you wouldn't ask a real human to do[1]; one of the long-running 2000AD series. 2000AD references show up a couple of other places if you're looking; I suspect the "Big Jobs!" quote that shows up in Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men ([ profile] harald387, do I have that reference right?) is a passing reference to the Terra-Meks, bad guys who were mainly from the Ro-Busters series, though Mek-Quake showed up again in the Nemesis books[2]. Hell, even The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets's 20 Minutes of Oxygen echoes Joe Dredd's brother Rico showing up to murder him, though that's really too broad a similarity to argue it's a reference.

So. Yeah. I really really doubt anyone reading this is going to be able to point me towards more plays off Yon Venerable B&W Weekly British SF/F/H Comic, but if you can, way cool.
[1] I have completely given up on Marvel comics ever doing anything new with the X-Men, since this is apparently their latest rewrite, a fresh new take that's only been around since the late 1970s, already.
[2] Continuing his endless quest to find and punish Ro-Jaws and Hammer-Stein. Heh.
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I just saw Sin City. Yes, again. God, it's an astounding movie. There are a couple of scenes--the time you first see Nancy Callahan is one--where the shot on screen is so much like the comic that it startles me when there's action. Only other time I've ever felt that weird mental gearslip (this should be a comic--but it's moving) is watching Judge Dredd[1], when the Angel family showed up. And that was only a second. This is two hours.

For a wonder, there are no disrupted lines or stations in London right now.

I need to go pick up video tapes, and head in the general direction of the Market for a bit. It's wet and dark and shiny and alive out; it's raining, and it's beautiful. Especially after two hours of mostly-black-and-white, the colours running liquid on the streets are brilliant. And there's the smell and sound, which is always good--I can't think of a smell that makes me quite as happy to simply be alive as wet pavement. Coffee comes close, but doesn't beat it.

There are good things in my life. I should pay attention to this fact more often.
[1] Yeah, I read the Judge Dredd black-and-white Cursed Earth stuff before I saw the movie. In fact, I think I read it before there was a movie. Of all the stuff I regret not managing to take with me from Switzerland... actually, I think that is all the stuff I regret not managing to take with me from Switzerland.
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