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Io9 (io9? Not sure how strict the lower-case thing is) has an article on Aly Fell's pinup art, and a link to his gallery. And while poking around for things vaguely similar to the Sam Gunn[1] picture, I also found Lovecraft is Missing, which I am actually really enjoying.[2]

Also I wandered by the MMA store, and am currently reminding myself I cannot justify the Tiffany grapevine silk scarf. And they have the neatest pencil/table sculpture, too. And notecards. Because of course the one thing I need in my life is more notecards.

I mean, come on, I haven't even bought yarn yet this year. Fiscal virtue must be maintained.

SnB was fun last night, and I think I actually figured out how I want to handle the decreases in the hat I'm working on so that I can keep the spiral effect. I was mugged by a skein of Peter Rabbit from Fleece Artist[3], this lovely fluffy 90% angora/10% nylon blend, but managed to escape unscathed. I fear returning to the store, though. It lurks in wait, and I don't know if it will sate itself upon someone else before I return.

...bit silly today, it seems. Oh well, it's a distraction from tidying up.
[1] You know, it just occurred to me that the titular protagonist might be the alien, rather than the human. I like the idea of it being the human, though.
[2] "As an ordained priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church... here's mud in yer eye!" Also, showmanship.
[3] Dear yarn companies: love your stuff, but maybe you could set it up so it's possible to link directly to a specific base on your sites? Handmaiden does the great-long-scrolly thing of images as well, and it's mad annoying when I'm trying to show other people stuff.
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...alright, I think my hair is almost long enough I could do this, but I don't think I could pull it off. Nonetheless, I present you with a link for the sheer awesome.

Also: I have no space to keep something like this, and no practical use for it, but I keep looking at the potion bottles and being quietly enchanted. (For other people bitten by the "dead creepy things in jars" bug, there are a series of labels online. Okay, there are probably many, but that one and the HPLHS prop documents are the ones I find myself looking at most often.

Vaguely related: anyone know of anyplace to get blank bookplates?
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So, I should have work tomorrow. Only three weeks late in starting, whoohoo.

Assuming that they even get my computer set up correctly--god knows I'm bringing knitting and a book--I will be coding HTML, and that has been known to suck me into the screen and spit me out four hours later, wondering why the coffee cup is empty and why my coworkers are talking about this weird 'lunch' thing which is clearly just a clever distraction from the pointy brackets (although by the time I've figured that out, I've lost another twenty minutes somewhere).

...I'm babbling. This is because I'm nervous about work tomorrow. Today. Gah.

S'yeah. Dammit, where did April go?

At least I got kitchen curtains up, and dinner tonight turned out okay. Need to rip back the rainbow merino socks I'm working on and get an extra rib or two in. And I painted a bit today, although I didn't finish anything.

Goddammit. I am become Barrhaven.

ETA: Mom says she'll bring me Grandma's knitting stuff when she comes down this summer. I am horribly afraid of... I don't know. Being burnt out on this loop-and-yarn business by then.
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Definitely dyed too much wool, but the cabling helps. Still knitting rainbow-dyed merino. I remain an optimist. An optimist with pointy sticks, who occasionally frazzles and wails.

...I think that describes a disturbingly high proportion of the knitters I know, actually.

How did I miss hearing about AllSaints? I mean, look at this dress. All it needs is a corset and goggles and big stompy boots. And a wrench. And an airship.

Sadly, they don't appear to carry airships. But I do like the general colourway of what they do have, and it's a pretty if impractical site to browse.

Hippocampus Press looks like a small press that's more of a Mythos geek than I am. I ran across a recommendation for Blood Will Have Its Season and I'm at least interested. Sadly, Chapters doesn't carry it; at least, an ISBN search didn't turn it up. May look at doing a direct order when work starts up again.

(It's supposed to do that tomorrow. Perhaps understandably, I want that confirmed in triplicate before I say anything so assured as "It starts tomorrow.")

In other news, the ferrules of my paintbrushes are coming off the handles. Does anyone know if I can just superglue them back on, or would that be a lost cause?
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I finished a painting. I didn't start it, it had been mostly done for longer than I like to think about... but I finished a painting.

I haven't done that in *much* longer than I like to think about. Nearly locked up getting started--had the canvas and the paints and everything set up, and then just stood and kind of stared at it for a while. Let the dog out. Went looking for a book. Standard waxing-the-cat stuff.

But I finished it.

In other news, the day began with my considering the ceiling and then seeing sixty pounds of puppy come into view as Piper leapt in a perfect arc to bring both paws down on my face. I dodged. A little. Only got a small cut on my face and quietly freaked out about how close she came to my eye until I finished my coffee. Damn dog.

On top of that, the living room table was lightly cleaned off and I cleared a couple of boxes out of the living room. Small fixes now that we're waiting to hear when the flooring guy comes in, and after that we're just expecting the carpenter/plumber duo. It'll be really nice to have the place back to normal.
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Found a site for a couple of photographers, Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. They take pictures of ruins. Their site has three series--one on Detroit, one on Eastern European factories, and one on theatres.

I just spent half an hour in front of my screen going "oooohhhh... dead brick..." and am going to finish my coffee and go over their site again before I e-mail them about seeing if I can get prints.

(Also I need to either play Fallout or find a Wraith or Orpheus game. Now. Now now now.)
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We have a puppy.


Today at work was A Day.

I mistyped PowerPoint as PoerPoint, and promptly had about... hrm... I'd say 7% of my brain focusing on a slide presentation of the de la Poer family history. Projected on the inside of the walls, of course. Perhaps it would include helpful pointers for the local rodentia on how to avoid being framed for acts of vile cannibalism.

(It's a Lovecraft thing, and if you knew that and feel like (re)reading the story, it's here.)


Incidentally, found some neat art here. Initially caught my attention with a Harley Quinn pic.

(Yes the picture's bigger than that.)


"Can you design an opening slide for our presentation, which is for X but should subtly reference Y, and have it done by COB today? By the way, you have three images and no image-editing software to speak of, and we need it in PowerPoint."


Thank god it's Friday. I just want to fall over and not move for three hours.
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I've actually gotten two sketches done over the last week. Working on three more. They're all tiny--they're pen-and-ink on little 2.5" x 3.5" cards--but they're done.

Cut. )
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So, as is my wont on Thursday mornings (and on this particular Thursday morning, I would like to note that I slept like a rock and actually feel pretty good), I bounced over to my bank account to confirm that I got paid, actually start figuring out what cash goes where, so on and so forth and--

--what do you mean that for the entirety of last week I got paid $6.41?

Weirdly, I *still* feel pretty good. I just know what I'm going to be doing first thing upon getting into work.

This, I will note, is on top of last week, where with their new, centralized, streamlined accounting system, they managed to not get my timesheet (which has happened before) and completely not notice (which *hasn't* happened before) so that rather than get a Monday morning call ("Er, your timesheet?" "Oh, sorry!"), the first I heard of any problem was when I did my Thursday checking of the bank account and nothing was there.

This is me still being calm, but so freaking unimpressed it's not funny.

(Also, I got a tiny tiny sketch done last night. It's *done*. Signed the damn thing and everything.)[1]
[1] A fix for my constant fixing: I never go back to change/update/edit art after I've signed the thing. Thank god I discovered that particular mental brake.
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The master bathroom is done (finally!). The ensuite is being worked on.

Yesterday John and I went out for new towels and ended up buying seventy movies. Three standalones on DVD and seven collections. Not sure exactly how long it'll take to get through all of them, but should be fun trying.

Tired and a little sleepy. Still sipping coffee. My throat is sore, and I'm hoping it's a passing thing.

Need to figure out which Montreal station to be at for the end of October. Probably the main one.

Sketching is quite frustrating. Nonetheless, I attempt to persevere.

Aby's taking to sleeping beside my feet at night, sometimes, rarely. She's still not Angel, but she's very warm.
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Found an artist's site. The first two pictures are really pretty creepy, and head into what I'd call body horror (you know, the distinct impression that things aren't supposed to go together that way). The 25th and 26th picture, by contrast, have a sort of very mellow and fey quality to them.


Angel's eating again. Bought her paté cat food, and she chowed down. The lump in her jaw's distending the inside of her mouth now; she still doesn't seem to be in pain, but I think eating kibble was kind of beyond her.

Slice of life conversation:

me:"I'm thinking the beef, but maybe the chef's choice...?"
John:(picking up can and reading) "Ocean whitefish, water sufficient for processing, meat by-products, poultry by-products, animal liver, rice flour, gum, titanium dioxide, salt, sodium triphosphate, potassium chloride, choline chloride, carrageenan, taurine, and sodium nitrate (to promote colour retention)."
Me:"...well, she's already got cancer..."
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The one I was working on last week is done enough to satisfy me, I think. Need maybe thirty minutes more after work to finish it, and then I'll scan and post the thing. It'll be in markers and ballpoint and gel pens, and this does not move me, but it will be done.

Today's randomness, with the same restriction of ignoring prompts which specify a particular medium, is
Show a mad scientist, and gestures of friendship. The piece should not contain any sort of a sentient or empathic weapon.
Oh hell, that one's easier. Same again, up in a week.
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I have had enough of this not being done, and of being the kind of person who talks about why they're not inking or painting or tableting instead of actually, you know, doing something.

Therefore, I have decided to hit the Random Art Prompt Generator, with the sole restriction being that I will not follow a prompt which specifies a particular medium.[1]

Effort will be posted within the week because otherwise I will drag my feet forever. Feel free to join in and create something based on the prompt below, and put either a link or an image in the comments: the only thing I ask is that you post *one* picture[2]. Pleasegod. I know there are people who can pull off three a day, I'm feeling slacker enough as it is.

And the prompt is...
Portray a sense of homesickness with hidden things revealed by low tide and decorative or symbolic jewelry.
...well, *hell*. How'm I supposed to...

Oh well. Due in a week.
[1] I mean, not that it would not potentially be very cool to paint a fresco. I hear the colours are absolutely brilliant.
[2] Unless the RAPG specifies that you create three, which it does on occasion.
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Not-hungry, not-tired, vaguely disconnected from everything. I feel like a tooth pulled just an eighth of an inch out of its socket.

My desk is clean. Stripped bare. Had to do it to have a place to put my new WACOM tablet. It's lovely--pale silver and grey, actually sized to my screen, we finished dinner and then picked it up and then I lost two hours and change just... playing. I keep using too-pale colours, not giving shadows enough depth, I know this. Going to be so much fun getting better. :)

Read for a bit, dozed off for part of it, and now I'm just in this not-quite-here state, feeling wan and watching minutes drip through the clock.

I know a good night's sleep will help. And the ?assessor? ?estimator? from the moving company is coming by in nine hours. But... not-tired.
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Just grabbed from [ profile] necronomiphiles; it's one of those smart, throughly in-jokey pieces of work that stands on its own as a picture and leaves you grinning at all the references.

A snapshot of Lovecraft's Mythos inspiration, here.


On a completely unrelated note, I bought flowers. Two stalks of orchids, in a brown flat glazed vase, with a pair of Chinese coins dangling from around the vase-neck. I'll bring them home tomorrow, probably. I have too much stuff to carry today.
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Shary Boyle paints and draws and does sculptures.

The sculpture isn't actually titled, but you can probably see where I'm getting it.

I actually really like the finer (more delicate, more detailed) porcelain sculptures and her black-and-white work. They're disturbing, and it's when the disturbing elements are subtle or reserved--like the foot on the first sculpture--it makes my skin crawl. Which is no bad thing, I figure.

Also, fourth sculpture? Scrubbing my skin off now. Will let you know if I need to send out for more carbolic acid. It's beautifully done.
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It should contain wolves or Victorian clothing. The principal colors should be warm tones. Prompt: bloodshed.
That's from the Random Art Prompt Generator. Turns out stuff like "Theme: antidote. It should contain silk scarves or prominent hipbones, and use primarily earth colors." or "Your prompt is: carried by the wind." The elaborate ones are more interesting, but the short prompts (being so divorced from context) have a chance to rattle around in your head for a moment and make odd connections.

I need to make time for art again. It's been too long.
It includes offering a handkerchief and boyishness. Use canvas or paper twice the size you usually do. Fill the entire canvas.
I'm rambling. I *know* I'm rambling. It's a dead zone here at work, and the air's at a dully neutral temperature, and there's nothing to mark weather or progress or time.

It feels like I'm falling asleep. So I babble to stay awake, and because it feels more like doing something than playing Solitaire or Minesweeper.
Theme: a melody barely heard. It should contain a collar or mist coiling through a wood, and use primarily monochrome colors.
Apparently I come across someone who might unthinkingly accept and perpetuate stereotypes about mainstream physical beauty/otherness in relation to moral worth. You cannot imagine my delight at people's willingness to detect signs of and advise me of this potential pitfall, which I had previously missed in my horribly limited exposure to F/SF/H genre work, and anyway I would *totally* not have had a problem with it even if I hadn't missed it.
Prepare a piece in a minimalist style. Using green colors, evoke a sense of shyness and place the subject in a historical setting.
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Long week.

Anacrusis writes short fiction--101 words--for the utter win. (If you only look at one link this post, look at that one.)

Toby used the litterbox. Happy dance, victory, continued squeezing, battle not war, etcetera.

Fragonard was sadly *not* as cool as I remembered him to be partway through a rye-and-ginger (a *very strong* rye-and-ginger, might I add), but the whole corpses as art thing still grabs my attention.

John Brunner wrote a book called Stand on Zanzibar. I suspect that Warren Ellis had bits of this simmering in his backbrain when he did Transmetropolitan, and good grief why is a scifi novel from 1969 presenting the second most new and different and interesting and developed society I've read about in two years? (Answer: because mostly what gets me is characters, and I read authors who focus on that a lot. But still.)

Eric Burns has a bedtime story about rain.

Played wardrobe assistant of the damned on Saturday. Have new and heightened appreciation of the fact that putting lipstick on someone else is an entirely different and much more difficult skillset than applying it to oneself. Also, Sin smells nice. May look at that next BPAL order.

Steadily paring down the list of must-dos.
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I actually had most of a post typed up on Monday. It seems incredibly outdated now, but then it seem like it's been a very long week.

Right now, so help me, I'm contemplating the concept of autopsy. It has Greek roots--autopsia is "seeing with one's own eyes," from autos- (self) and opsis (a sight)--and the word "autopsis" has caught my attention.

(Tangent: "St. Anthony's Fire" was apparently an old term that was used in medical journals to refer to the high fever that resulted from raging, large-scale infections.)

I just... hm. I feel like I should be digging up a lot of grim and textured art, the kind of thing that looks like it's been painted over shredded and sodden paper even when it's purely digital. Like Christopher Shy's art, but all in the colours of old tea bags, soaked bark, and moths. Weather-aged bone showing through the wet brown leaves of unlovely flesh, and all that.

...I have *no* idea where this mood is coming from. Usually I get a craving for art with either more definition or more colour.

But yeah. Autopsy; autopsis. To see for oneself; to verify; to confirm the reality of. Connotations: to do so by physical contact; to assure oneself of something through touch.

(Usually when a concept gets stuck in my head like this, I at least know what I'd do with it. This, I have nothing.)

Possible accent: lilies.
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I really do like MAC's annual Hallowe'en looks. Particularly Design Cult, under Blanc et Noir. Very much the sort of thing I associate with "does it look pretty" rather than "does it look good on me"; it'd look great in the right photo shoot, I'm sure, but I can't imagine wearing it.

Then again, it *is* for Hallowe'en.

It's really being odd at work. I can't remember if I stayed home last Friday or the one before--I'm sure it was the one before, but I don't *remember*. And I completely forgot whether I relayed a message to my boss yesterday (I did; that's not the point). I need to start getting more sleep on weeknights.

(Still not hating the job.)

Am probably going to be going from one LARP session a month to three games a week in a couple of weeks, one of which I will be running. That one's strictly a short-term thing--I'm really expecting it to go about three sessions--but it's still enough to leave me wondering what the hell I think I'm doing.
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