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Dear brain,

If you are going to give me nightmares about needing to escape a city that has been invaded by aliens that turn people into horrible monsters, could you leave out the bit where I make my mother cry? For an hour? Because that was really upsetting.

No love,



Jan. 10th, 2013 07:33 am
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There comes a time, around the eighth day in a row of waking up before 7 a.m., where one should gracefully accept that it's not (just) the cats, and that one's circadian rhythms have decided (for whatever reason) that the predawn quiet is awesome.

(This covers qualities of "quiet" which include the two cats with bells on their collars charging back and forth and pouncing each other. My fuzzy little ambush predators, they bring so much to the house.)

I guess this means going to bed between 9 and 10 on a regular basis until I finish paying off sleep debt. That is going to be so weird.
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Nightmare this morning, at about 6 a.m.; assume there was a nightmare, at least, because I woke up too scared to move and in that very annoying frame of mind where everything you can remember from browsing creepypasta[1] actually seems deeply terrifying instead of cheesy-ghost-story-fun.

Got back to sleep after a while, and then got up and did useful things and kept moving, but really, I'm still tired and I just want to lie down on the couch and have Angus sleep on me for an hour or so. He purrs. It's very relaxing.

Profoundly hoping this was a one-time thing.
[1] As a tangent; I love the construction of that word, and the images it evokes. Spookyspaghetti, on your screen.


Sep. 15th, 2012 02:30 pm
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Internet is out. Typing from phone. Visiting dog is attempting to sit on Piper's head. Piper is winning.

Bruise from last night developing well, but it's fairly cool outside, so might go for a walk anyway.

Was thinking of baking, but recipe is online and am not enthused about trying to dig it up from history and then cook from instructions on my phone.

Visiting dog is sitting on top of Piper and yelping for help. The habits she has learnt from fighting cats confuse him.


Aug. 2nd, 2012 03:53 pm
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When I get up from my chair, it sounds like someone is crunching down on an (admittedly small) mouthful of gumballs.

I understand this indicates progress. Or something.
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Yesterday, the cat had beef and beef-liver stew, in bouillon, with "a medley" of vegetables, parsley, and oregano. Seriously, looking at the ingredient list on that can, I would have sworn it was human food.

Yesterday I had hot dogs.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think I had the better deal (if nothing else, dinner was made, which was a really nice feeling right about last night). I'm just amused y the fact that I think my pets eat more healthily than I do. It comes from not having thumbs or wallets, I think.

In possibly thematically related news, I have figured out why I hate going to the gym when the gym employees are around. It's like clothes shopping. Except the clerks really are looking at you and thinking about what needs to get fixed about your body, and you knew that going in, and you (quite likely) paid money to go there and... agh. Body image issues, how unsurprising to see you.

(Going when staff is not around is much easier. I do not think it is ultimately as productive, though.)
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I married an awesome.

A sat-up-with-me passed-me-tissues got-me-water fetched-a-bucket made-me-laugh helped-me-sleep passed-the-cat went-out-for-Gravol-and-Gatorade made-me-dry-toast-after-eight-hours awesome.
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Light of my life recovering from whatever's going around. Co-worker called in sick today, after mentioning Thursday and Friday of last week that she was feeling a cold coming on. I am so getting hit with this thing, it's just a matter of time.

Feeling a little angry and a little sad, and not sure why exactly.

In good news, I finished a catnip kick pillow for Angus, and he is happily... well, either waltzing with it or disembowelling it, you know how cats are. Also I got a chance to knit with hemp, which is nice. (Although what I am going to do with the remaining quarter-skein...)

Also, the last Criminal Minds has just finished with a Stephen King quote - "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win." I actually don't recognize that one--anyone?

Long day.

Feb. 24th, 2011 05:34 pm
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Written at 2:03 pm

I have a notebook. It's a very nice notebook, actually; one of the ones with a wrap cover and the front having a slightly embossed writing sample and the signature of an author.[2] And I cannot get up the nerve to actually write in it. Since I have owned it since before 2011 and it is nearly March, this is both embarrassing and impractical.

Curse you, meatsuit. Also, whining. )

I need to get a backpack for my laptop, or some other kind of carrying method that better distributes the weight. I was looking at getting another case anyway--the zipper on mine broke--although I don't actually know if you can get backpacks for laptops. I imagine you can, and if you can't I imagine I can find a backpack big enough to carry both laptop and laptop case, because I am protective of my laptop and she gets padding.

Also I could probably take a few things out of there, but really only a few. I would want to keep

  • the power cord and mouse (although actually the left button on the touchpad is working intermittently these days[3], so if I am willing to be patient with the clicky-clicky, I could maybe leave the mouse behind);

  • an appointment calender and a notebook because those are both more convenient in tangible format than on the laptop;

  • a few pens and pencils;

  • my iPod Shuffle, which takes up slightly more space than $6 in toonies and weighs less so that's okay;

  • my wallet, keys, and cellphone. Because it's actually rather hard to find office slacks for women that have pockets, and better those things be in a zippered pocket on my laptop case than dropped into my loose, low-cut jacket pocket while I am riding around on the bus.

So besides that, there's... well, whatever book I'm reading, or whatever project I'm knitting. I can stop carrying those around, but they wouldn't make much of a difference to the weight and I do like having them around.

And that is mostly my day, today, with a side order of annoyance at not being able to look up things like bus schedules or new laptop cases. Not really interesting, but it does sort of help to get some of it out, even if I am typing it into OpenOffice and can't actually post at the moment.

Also, 830 words. In 48 minutes. I have done worse.

Written at 5:35 pm

Just got home. Cat made a mess. Cleaning up now. Seriously considering skipping SnB tonight.
[1] The side of the bottle says you should only take two at a time, max daily dose of six. It's okay, it was on the advice of a physician.
[2] In this case, EA Poe. Gold "ink" on a sort of purple-fuschia-wine background. Pretty.[4]
[3] Which I feel rather goes with my suspicion that it had been failing to work because there was a bit of grit or a crumb or something jammed underneath it. Some mechanical obstruction which has been worn down or has shifted. That said, I do want to vacuum the keyboard.
[4] Looking at the footnotes and seeing [1] and [2] in order evokes the image of Poe as a physician, who uses positively florid stationery for his prescription/advice pad.


Jan. 9th, 2011 09:43 am
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Woke up jittery-anxious, although not as bad as some of the times it's been in the last week. I meant to get out and look for something to help me sleep yesterday, but somehow it didn't happen. (In the name of reclaiming agency: probably because I didn't go out and do it. >.< )

Will get that done today.

(Also considering possibility that it's very mild caffeine withdrawal. I know I had nightmares when I was quitting coffee this summer, and I've been having a very little coffee the past few days. I am really not sure if it's possible to drink just enough to rekindle your addiction, though.)

In other news, LYS knocked a third off the prices of some of their art yarn. I still have a dozen projects on the needles[1], so... I don't know. The idea of going down and at least looking is nice, though. Maybe if I finish this hat.

Need to find my camera and write a set of instructions on logging into GMail. I can't think of anything I need to do today, or anything I want to. I think I'm going to lie here and wait for the stuffiness in my head and the soreness in my throat to either go away or get bad enough that I don't feel guilty about going back to bed.
[1] And over a hundred skeins of yarn.

Bad sleep.

Jan. 7th, 2011 07:30 am
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Woke up again with that scared-awake feeling; this is at least the third time since the 30th of December. At least it's happening later in the morning.

I remembered it this time, though. Cut for Jenn's sake. )

While it's lovely that these are happening closer and closer to what's a reasonable wake-up time for most people, and for me, I would like them to stop now please. I think maybe at least remembering what happened in the dream's making it easier to get over (although the writing helps too), but come on. Please?


Dec. 30th, 2010 05:56 am
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You know that feeling you get where you wake up, and you're not sure about any details but it feels like you've just had a nightmare and can't get back to sleep and it would be a really bad idea if you could?

Yeah. That. Hopefully will fade in a bit.
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Went to bed early(ish), slept fitfully (a phrase which deserves more love, even though it describes a rather unpleasant course of events), and got woken up by the snowplow. occurs to me that the passing of the snowplow suggests that the abnormally warm weather that was dissolving all the ice and slush when I went to bed is probably not on anymore. Drat.

Going to grab something quick to eat and a lot of water, since I've woken up hungry and with a miserable headache, and see if I can get back to sleep. (Possibly write? I have not written in a bit. I think it's too early to do a load of laundry.)

ETA: Snowfall not too bad. Pleasantly tired again. Trying to get out must-do e-mail and go to bed.
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I stopped drinking coffee on Monday. I had a mouthful of it on Wednesday to help with the headache, and then accidentally drank a small cup of tea while out for dinner with John and Marna and Cat. Nothing since then, though.

I am so tired. The bad dreams have stopped. I'm craving a ridiculous amount of sweet stuff and bread, although that might also be PMS and the end-of-the-month cash flail and the fact that I have eight more work days left. (Must poke Marna about the contract work.)

Woke up actually feeling sick--sore throat sick--this morning. Mostly gone now, though.

Yesterday I took Piper out for a 20-minute walk. Tonight it was a 45-minute one.

I think I can get back to the jogging with her in a bit, if I keep this up.
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Amusing contrast: caffeine tolerance is high. Tolerance for everything else is low.

...well, I thought it was amusing.

Had very bad dreams last night and the night before. Woke up with a (small) headache but am trying to let water and painkillers take care of it right now. I keep feeling like I've drunk less water than I actually have, but I suppose having too much water is not exactly up there on the list of great tragedies.

(Also? Would really love a slice of apple pie. Suspect this is totally not related to quitting coffee, though.)

May go get another hour or so of sleep, now that all the garbage and recycling is out. I ended up going to bed a little after midnight last night, and I think the extra hour could help.

Didn't knit at all yesterday, and suspect I may also not knit today. Will see. I don't mind having a day off hobbies, I just wish it was a day off hobbies because I felt like one, not because I didn't feel like anything.
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Still no coffee. There was a bit of a headache today, but it never really made it through the ibuprofen and water.

On the flip side, I apparently cannot have a spoken conversation of more than three exchanges with someone without getting really annoyed. Hopefully that will taper off soon.

All told, a slow day that is probably not nearly as annoying as it seems.
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I have nine knitting projects which are Not Yet Done. Three of them don't need any more knitting; they're at the weave-in-ends/sew buttons/seam/line stage.

Think I shall set aside a day and do nothing but sewing during it.

In other news: no coffee today. Headache threatens to come and go, but has not come after me with a drillbit yet. Having a bit of trouble getting things done. Overall, guardedly optimistic about this "quitting" thing.
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