May. 25th, 2016 10:52 am
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This is not a drill. There are 41 years left on the duration. Nine have elapsed.

As I've said before, I feel warranties should come with an extension.

Much love on this glorious 25th of May.
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(I initially thought about just saying "42!" Which would be the answer to why I am happy, but comes with a whole lot of unrelated associations.)

But yes. Eight years.

Best decision I ever made.
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Seven years ago today.

We had silk lilacs at the ceremony, because plant lilacs are just terrible for everyone's allergies.

Seven years and I don't think I could have made a better decision.

To unused warranties.
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12 percent done, 88 to go, and I feel warranties should come with an extension.

I married an eloquent, you know. Much love.
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An old friend is getting married, and we've gotten an invitation. (yay!) The date is not quite the last day in October, but it's close enough to provoke comment:

"I see. Hallowe'en."
"'Who gets married on Hallowe'en?'" (note: all those quotation marks are deliberate.)

Marrying someone who understands you is awesome. >.>
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A long day. A semi-productive one, in that I got some mending and tidying done. And we watched the last ?six? episodes of season 2 of The Wire, as one does, so we were up late.

Time to go to bed, and I am drinking a glass of water and listening to John reading words of eloquent and insightful wisdom, largely to do with soccer. Gentle reader, I should not have done that:

Him: (out of nowhere, I might add) "While it's true that they religiously save their own snot--"
Me: *glub*

And of course, you can't exactly do a spit-take in bed. I consider it a victory that none of it got up my nose.

1827 days.

May. 25th, 2012 11:30 am
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To paraphrase what someone once said better, it's really incredible how wonderful the idea of fifty years can be.

Five years in, and the reality's living up to the idea.

I love you, John.

(I know, I know, you've still got the receipt. ;) )
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I married an awesome.

A sat-up-with-me passed-me-tissues got-me-water fetched-a-bucket made-me-laugh helped-me-sleep passed-the-cat went-out-for-Gravol-and-Gatorade made-me-dry-toast-after-eight-hours awesome.


Jan. 31st, 2012 08:11 pm
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I married an awesome.

That is all. Thank you.


Nov. 23rd, 2010 07:20 am
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I have not been happy to be awake so early in a while. :)

Morning conversation included US presidential terms, fictional timelines, and the Golden Age Green Lantern[1]. And coffee and eggs. And I am comfortably awake, and will head out for groceries in about half an hour.
[1] Which is mostly my geekery, and of course has me itching to reread Moore's run on Swamp Thing.[2]
[2] "Of course" being because the original Green Lantern's powers were helpless against wood. Not the colour yellow. (Which I am sure you all knew.) Also because after being re-linked to "The Enigma of Amigara Fault"[3] yesterday I am missing horror comics something fierce.
[3] To be read right to left, in case you were wondering.
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John has rediscovered what a morning person he is. He is a very morning person.

I will be joining him in getting up at six so we can have breakfast together.

I am not so much a morning person.

(When you do this kind of thing because you're married, it's cute.)
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It was actually my grandmother's ring, too. She took both their wedding rings, her own and Grandma's, and had a jeweler cut them in half and swap halves. So it was half the smooth gold of Grandma's ring and half the -o-o-o- pattern of hers.

I wear it all the time. I am pretty sure it was on my finger while I was making dinner--I remember going to the bathroom sink to rinse my hands after washing them, because there were still traces of soap bubbles under it, and John was using the kitchen sink for something. So I had it then--I didn't lose it out of the house.

But it's been a bit loose, lately. I was actually thinking about going to get it resized. And I just realized I don't have it, and I can't find it, and all I can think is it slipped off this evening after dinner sometime and I didn't notice it and it's gone forever down the plumbing.

I have no idea what to do. I have no idea how to tell Mom this.

ETA: John found it.

Ring is currently in my change casket, and is going in to get resized dammit. If I *never* have another half-hour like that one it will be too soon.
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I... really wish I could think of something to say that would begin to convey how lucky I am. Something eloquent and touching and generally worth being said about the guy I married.

I can't.

But whoever I took that bullet for? Trust me. You lost out.
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We're doing pretty well.

And I swear, I was thinking of making the 49 more years joke anyway.
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"Standardization is excellent, per se. When I buy an Ingersoll watch or a Ford, I get a better tool for less money, and I know precisely what I'm getting, and that leaves me more time and energy to be individual in."
- Babbitt, by Sinclair Lewis - chapter seven, from the end of the fourth section

It's odd; it's a mellow little book, happy drippy rambling-along kind of narrative voice, and every now and then the knife just slips in and... not twists, exactly. Pricks a tender spot. Up at Project Gutenberg here.

Also: five months today. And I am eating sweet cold (temperature) hot (spicy) curry, and life is good.
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Events of note:

(1) Spent six solid days with John before needing an hour break. Normally need ~an hour a day not around people.

It must be the ring. Clearly it's magical. That sort of thing doesn't normally happen.

(2) It's due to rain *after* we leave Victoria. Dammit. We found a restaurant called the Noodle Box, and I was so hoping for a picture of myself in the future.[1]

(3) John got me electrocuted. In an electric chair, in a room with corpses hanging on the walls, with smoke coming out of the hand grips and everything. I'm so *happy*.

(4) Puzzles in Ottawa are prohibitively expensive; call it ~$70 for a 1000-piece jigsaw, two-and-a-half times that for a 2000-piece one.[2] Puzzles in Victoria are incredibly much cheaper. The 2000-piece ones go for $35-$40 brand-new, and those are the *good* puzzles--Ravensburger, on thick stock, with good clean cuts.

So I will be coming back with five more puzzles than I left; one a garage-sale find, one a birthday present, two bought in-store, and one British penny (a big one, slightly bigger than a loonie) cut into thirteen pieces.

(5) Speaking of thirteen, I also have a tin of Last Supper after-dinner mints.

(6) Went to the Butchart Gardens, the Butterfly Gardens, and whale-watching. Roses weren't out yet except for two buds, but I really like the Japanese Garden (I think it's all the running water). Butterflies tried to drink John's brain, and the ibis in with the butterflies tried to have sex with his right shoe (her name is Spike, and she's apparently got a foot fetish). Baby orcas are very cute and go "hop".

(7) Apparently Toby is doing well; I called the boarding house and not only is he content and peeing on his own, but the assistant who picked up the phone said "Oh, Toby? He's *adorable!*" as soon as I explained who I was calling about. Clearly my special fuzzy bigcat has not lost his touch.

(8) I picked up a book called "Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls" on the strength of the title, which I always associate with Watchmen (yes, I realize it's originally from the Book of Job. Speaking of which, what do you call an epigraph that comes at the end of a chapter? Is't still an epigraph, or is there a special term?). Now I'm trying to recall if that phrase or something similar was used to describe Gandalf after his death and rebirth. Help?

(9) A short picture of Victoria: greenery, water, greenery, flowers, water, and greenery.
[1] In (I think) Gaiman's short story "Virus", the narrator describes the future as a place/time/image where everyone stands in the streets eating noodles in the rain. I'm paraphrasing, but the sentence fragment always struck me as nailing the Blade Runner movie aesthetic perfectly.
[2] There's a reason I haven't bought myself a 2000-piece puzzle.
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(1) I am in Victoria.

(2) Mom left me a birthday present. I got *married* and she remembered my *birthday*. This is striking me as incredibly touching.

(3) Finished Stand on Zanzibar. I need to own this book. It's horrible and smart and incisive and dense and good bleeding god there must be more like this. It's like the ball got dropped on idea/setting/plot dense scifi in favour of character-driven scifi sometime in the last four decades and I love the character-driven stuff but I think I've read maybe a handful of stuff this dense and I want to know why.

Read it. If you like dystopian fiction, read it. If you liked Transmetropolitan, read it. If you're tired of little expository lumps along the lines of "poppa-momma became the adjective used for p.m. in year which-what-all and was adopted by English Language Relay Satellite Services (commonly called Engrelay Satelserv, or Engrelay) in year other-what-all, ensuring its wide adoption" and are happy with an author who will simply trust you to pick it up, read it.

I think I need another look at his Children of the Thunder, and I've started on Shockwave Rider.

(4) Still married.

(5) Tucker is a *huge* cat. He's not fat, but he is utterly barrel-chested. And he has this tiny little tail and this tiny little voice.

(6) I have my first assignment. We must buy spiced ginger marmalade.
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I swear, I wasn't even *looking* for this one. Found it Thursday, meant to toss it up, doing it before leaving.


May. 24th, 2007 01:37 pm
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I thought that when people talked about scheduling the days before the wedding half-hour by half-hour, they were *exaggerating*.
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