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It occurs to me that there is actually a chance that some people who read this journal actually don't read either [ profile] theweaselking or [ profile] gears_and_steam, and might therefore have missed a link to some very striking pinhole cameras.

The more I think about it, the more Untouchable--the camera made from aluminium, copper, titanium, acrylic, and HIV positive blood (the latter pumping through the camera and in front of the pinhole to become the red filter)--intrigues me. Yemaya, I confess, has me thinking of Mythos game scenarios; if you *did* need a photographic survey of R'lyeh for some god-forsaken reason, using a camera that included sea creatures, pearls, and an altar to the Santeria goddess of the Ocean probably couldn't hurt. But then I am a geek.

There are eleven of the cameras here. A quick heads-up; two of them involve human skulls, and I have no idea where he got them. Just a mention for those of you who would rather not be surprised by the presence of human remains on your screen.
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Caught the bus to work today, and there's a French ad featuring a mother and daughter, with a tagline that has a gist of "Sylvie started thinking for herself, but Obeit[1] put a stop to all those little shenanigans." Same ad again when I came home; in English it's "When Amy started thinking for herself, we nipped it in the bud with ObayTM." And the tagline is "From the makers of WhyBecauseISaidSoTM."

I am curious as hell about this; so far all I can find is people talking about the ads. There's a father-and-son one as well as the mother/daughter one:

Obay ad (father and son)

Ran across a mention of a radio ad for a 1-800-YOU-OBAY number, too.

It's weird. I'm used to seeing fake ads and in-jokes and spoofs online. It's a little disconcerting when I see them in the real world. I don't expect them there, at least partly because the expense to put ads up in busses and bus shelters in several different Canadian cities tends to rule out a casual prank.

And I'm curious as hell, and vaguely wondering if this is a parenting awareness campaign or a run-up to some new horror movie in the theme of "our parents are eating our souls".
[1] French for "obey".

Holy hell.

Nov. 5th, 2007 12:11 pm
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In 1910, Dr. Hawley Crippen took a lover, murdered his wife, and panicked and fled to Canada when the police came investigating. His wife's body was found, and through the miracle of wireless, it was possible to arrange for Scotland Yard to be waiting for him when the Montrose arrived in Canada.

Or possibly not.

It's one of those things that's just stood as fact for so long that it's faintly disorienting when it's called into question.


Aug. 1st, 2007 09:45 pm
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So, around the time the third person died in that terrible waste of time and film[1], I started running H.P. Lovecraft stories through the Gematriculator, which assesses the good/evil content of prose, based on how closely its word patterns resemble those of the Bible[2].

To date, the highest-ranking one is "Pickman's Model", with a 30%/70% evil/good rating.

Odd amusements on the internet.
[1] The first two died in the first three minutes.
[2] The Received Hebrew Text, and the Westcott and Hort Text; I mention since it tends to matter for textual analysis, and I rather suspect this qualifies.


Jun. 15th, 2007 06:12 pm
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My mother sent me several pictures of Zhou Guizhen, an 86-year-old woman with who'd had her feet bound (in the traditional Chinese sense). And you know, it was sent along with the general "suffering for fashion" vibe, and yes I *know* people do strange things to their bodies, but--

--this hits some particular button in a way that anorexia or branding or body part splitting just doesn't quite manage to do for me. And I keep looking, thinking that I'm misreading the picture in some way, that the fold of the foot and the furl of the toes is an optical illusion, and it keeps not quite making sense.

(The article that the pictures were yanked from is here; too busy being weirded out to hotlink or rehost. Sorry. Damn.)


Jun. 4th, 2007 10:10 am
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Seeing if I can post. Because I can't from home.

Edit: Right. What the hell?

(Iolace. The city's name is Iolace.)
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The Romans had a deity named Cloacina, or the Venus Cloacina[1]--literally, the Venus of the Sewers.[1]

With a shrine--the Cloacina Sacrum--in the Roman Forum.

That had access to the Cloaca Maxima.

(I blinked over this, and went to relay the information to John. He pointed out that the Romans were sewer fetishists. I really cannot dispute this, and I have noticed that it's occasionally difficult to swing a dead wolf in Ancient Rome without running across one deity or another.

(It's just that my modern mind is having a little trouble processing the concept of a *Venus* of the *Sewers*.)
[1] Mad cross-referencing and the lateness of the hour causes me to drag in a reference to "Crazy Jane Talks With The Bishop", thank you Yeats.
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It's currently 28', or 36' with the humidity (82.5' and 96.8'). (There's a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, which is just added gravy, and not at all related to what I'm posting about.)

The office has air-conditioning. Technically. The humidity isn't so much an issue inside, but the cool breath of apologetic air from the vents is not doing much at all. People noticed this on Monday.

By Wednesday, people are prepared for this, and dress accordingly.

(I am working at Health Canada. I would guess that at least a third of the people here are in excellent shape. Eat carefully, hit the gym at least four times a week, glow with health in the presence of us mortals, shun the smokers outside... you get the idea.)

Hence the spaghetti-strap loose-hem warm-toned-print-that-suits-the-tan V-neck-over-tan-line-free-bust top that I just passed in the hallway.

I am never going to figure out this whole "work dress code" thing, but okay.
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Trying to remember the name of someone from Greek myth. He was in the habit of killing people by tying their arms and legs to the tops of assorted bent-down trees, and letting the trees spring back up, ripping the people apart. I also think he was killed when Hercules did the same thing to him.

That's all I've got, except for a vague memory of Hercules noticing the quartered humans on the tree-tops when he was journeying through, and mistaking them for clusters of red flowers. That might have been a later addition, though, since it's tied very strongly with watching the BBC rendition of the story of Hercules. (Which means, now that I think on it, I was hearing about murderers that tore people limb from limb before the tender age of seven. But it's myffic. Myffic makes everything alright and sanitary.)

Anyone? My Googling is failing me.

(Jael was cooler, anyway.)
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12:15 a.m.
Human hears crumpling, rustling sounds; loud ones, as of objects being taken and stuffed into brown paper grocery bags.

Being still half asleep, human starts imagining people having a discussion over these noises. Human resentfully wonders why she was excluded from the discussion of how best to kill Grendel (note that human's day consisted of arriving home from work, unwinding very briefly, going out, watching Beowulf and Grendel, coming home, and falling over).

Noises continue.

12:40 a.m.
It occurs to human that there are probably not *really* a bunch of Danes and Geats in the apartment having a nigh-silent conversation about troll-killing while moving things around.

Ergo, the noises have some other origin.

Human is concerned, and immediately starts composing a mental list of the things the cats could be doing to cause the noise.

The list lacks items.

(Human, by this point, may no longer be considered to be asleep. At all.)

12:55 a.m.
Very intense listening has produced an utter lack of change in the quality of the noises. Human has been shuffling through possible scenarios like someone playing solitaire with a Tarot deck and cheating like mad to prevent the Death card from showing up.

Human is still unable to think of anything the cats could be doing to cause the noise. On the other hand, she is quite sure that nothing in the apartment could possibly warrant the consistent attention that these noises indicate.

Human starts, very very quietly, to get out of bed. The noises are briefly interrupted a time or two in response to creaking mattress/floorboard, but never actually stop. No new noises are heard.

01:03 a.m.
Human reaches phone. Picks it up. Continues to listen.

Noises are definitely coming from the kitchen.

01:05 a.m.
Phone in hand, human turns on hallway light.

01:07 a.m.
Giant empty heavy-duty (and now-dismembered) 20lb bag of cat food is rescued from Toby, put back into recycling bin. Apartment is given the once-over and found to be clear.

01:10 a.m.
Human puts in eyes, transcribes experiences (pausing briefly to consider having a similar post end with unfortunate death of human for down-the-rabbithole day), then goes to do dishes, since she isn't getting back to sleep anyway.
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The ossuary contains the remains of about 40,000 people. The picture above is from the official site; there are much more detailed photographs at
Visit the Sedlec Ossuary
and I am particularly liking this one.

Yes, a woodcarver was hired to do the arranging; no, those aren't carved wood.

I don't normally fall for architecture that isn't falling apart, but damn...


Oct. 18th, 2005 08:07 am
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I don't think I've slept so badly in months.

Stupid Lovecraftian dreams. Stupid dreams in which Lovecraft is actually scary. (As in, without effort. I do love what the man has written, but most of it's florid enough that I have to make part of the effort for it to work. Though I suppose *anything* can be scary in your dreams, if your brain decrees it is so. I recall when I was about nine once waking up in a paroxysm of terror because I'd dreamed about a box of pencils falling off the back of a truck. It was a terrible thing.)

At least I have cats. Small, chirping, purring, uncomplicated, non-eyeball-hatching cats.

Hopefully they will fix the wall today.

(Not my cats.)
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I'm awake, unbetrayed, I didn't stab anyone, and there are no moray eels (technically more like lungfish with sucker mouth and weird inset eyes that I couldn't get a grip on) eating baby turtles in the kitchen.

New rule: if I'm going to bed past three in the morning, read something other than horror before bed. The dreams are just too weird otherwise.

I was listening to Kelly Osbourne's cover of "Papa Don't Preach" for about a minute before I realized that the weird overlay I hadn't noticed before was the Aeon Flux trailer dialogue. It compliments it pretty well, actually.


Aug. 10th, 2005 12:54 am
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Metal corsets. The wire ones do not move me. The full-coverage one with the hinged back, on the other hand, is beautiful.

Also, face corsets. Had not previously ever considered the possibility of face reshaping in this fashion. Am thinking of Lieber's short story in a world where the taboo body zone had shifted to the face, and where everyone wore masks (for the same value of "everyone" that you'd expect to wear pants or a skirt or whatever today). And am wondering how strange and wonderful the shapes of heads could get in this way.

Tangenting along, Cheryl Mandus does lovely masks...

...I am falling so hard for masquerades right now.
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Something I saw (thought I saw?) on New Year's Eve:

I was mailing off the Marcon pre-reg, and there was a man at the post office whose hand looked damaged. Nothing quite so emphatic as a blister or a burn, but definitely raw. He took his letter over to the mailbox. And instead of peeling the stamps (Canada Post sells sticker-stamps now), he rubbed them across the back of his hand and stuck them on.

I don't know if I mis-saw what happened--I'm very willing to assume I did--but the image of him wetting the stamps with fluid seeping from the back of his hand has rather stuck with me.


The more people I make a piece of art accessible too, the less likely I am to notice it sucks before it's too late. Why?
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Walking to work this morning (late, but early), and at the corner where a driveway met the sidewalk, there was a dead sparrow, curled gently on its side. I think it killed itself falling; its head was cracked open, and there was a little puddle of pink goo that had gently oozed out.

Never seen sparrow brains before.

Then, on the sidewalk at the corner next to work, there was another dead bird. Same size as a sparrow, but much paler, white tailfeathers and grey body with a faint warm yellow tinge. I think it was some kind of finch, but that's based on a vague impression at best of what a finch looks like... In any case, no brains on or from this one. Just dead.

Not much else. Found a friend's check from the restaurant we were out drinking at last night in my pocket just now--I have no idea how it got there, since I distinctly remember picking up only the checks I paid for and I didn't pay for him.

Small oddities, I guess...
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