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...for me get stamp-happy. Also envelope-happy.

If you'd like a card, drop a note and let me know?

(Also, if you think I have your address and you are avoiding cards, postage, clutter, or that creepy person lurking by the mailbox with a chainsaw this year, drop me a note and let me know if you don't want mail?)


Sep. 17th, 2012 08:48 pm
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Having recently found that I did not actually have the chance to write a proper response to something, and finding that I have a ton of stamps and my postcards are piling up, I am conducting the semi-regular update of my address book. Comment with your address (it's screened) if you'd like a postcard?


Dec. 11th, 2011 12:10 am
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I am tidying up my office. (I can see the desktop! And all the yarn is neatly stacked in one 15" x 22" area[1]! And the phone is plugged in, although I really want to get the other power bar in behind the bookcase, and that will mean emptying it, plus the other bookcase has shown a disturbing willingness to sway forward so I guess there are shims in the near future...)

Anyway. I am tidying up my office, and sorting though my mail. And. Well. What charities do sometimes is send you their "Please donate" requests along with preprinted mailing labels.

I, ah, appear to have over a couple hundred of them. So I clearly need to send out more mail. Would anyone like either a Gorey postcard or seasonally-themed greetings?
[1] I'm not checking to see how high.
[2] Or sad stories. Dear Ottawa Humane Society: I will send you money if you just please stop sending me pictures of sad cats!
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First, the oops:

Didn't mail the postcards.

They're still coming. They're still from London. They're just not, you know, coming from London.


Association Meme:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

1. Enabling - Thank you. :) It's fun, honestly; when you get to introduce other people to your geeking and it takes, then you have someone else to geek with and they're happy. Never feel guilty over the Villainess intro.

2. Graveyards - You know, it's probably a little odd, but I tend to get rather disappointed by graveyards that are all flat stones. Beyond that... I suspect other people have summarized it better than I. Like the old ones better. And I swear that if it weren't in the UK, I'd move so that I could visit Highgate every week.

3. Horror movies - mostly schlock, but I'll watch any one of them in the hopes of catching those tiny decent moments that even the bad ones have. Quick and dirty little Rorschach blots in a format I appreciate. And--despite frequent neophobia, sexism, and condescension--fundamentally reassuring in their ritual unfolding.

4. Government work - ...sweartogod the next person who tells me government workers don't work is going to get smacked. It's frustrating sometimes--mostly when I see people get bogged down in stuff--but I like the organization and attention to detail, and I've never worked at a job where I couldn't respect and care about what people were trying to do, you know?

5. Canada - Might as well ask a fish about water... It's not that cold. We don't have socialized medicine. All our words have the requisite "u"s after the "o"s, the internet is everywhere, and you can get off any exit on the 417, go two blocks, and stop at the Tim Horton's. Or so my husband assures me. And in Victoria, British Columbia, you can see crows playing wheee-I-am-a-kite on the winds that comes across the Juan de Fuca. They look so happy.


Mar. 17th, 2009 08:29 pm
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I know, didn't post yesterday. Update shortly. However, for the moment...

I have half a dozen postcards. Who wants one?
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The next person who talks to me about how a government job is all fluff, just for slackers, means I'll have tons of free time...

I have a hatchet. And if I can't find one, I will buy it. Jesus, they are running me ragged. It's *good*--I feel useful, I'm getting stuff done--but holy god am I ever wiped.

I have acquired a new cellphone. I will need to re-enter all my contacts, so I am making comments screened, so if you want me to have your contact number/e-mail address[1], drop it in a comment.

Also picked up V for Vendetta (cheap!) and Teeth (not cheap, but not particularly expensive, and an *awesome* feel-good chick flick IMHO) on DVD.
[1] I have been known to text from my phone when bored. "Oh god so cold." "Send booze & G Oldman." "But seas between us braid hae roar'd/Sin' auld lang syne."[2]
[2] It was New Year's. I missed John.
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It is that time again. That time when I look at my dayplanner that comes with a detachable postcard (featuring Edward Gorey art!) once a fortnight and say to myself "Good god, I have at least half a dozen of these that I need to send out".

So. Comments screened! Leave one with your address if you want a postcard! Help me unload!
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I am tired. I feel a touch ragged, and I am slowly catching up on Things That Must Be Done. Feel vaguely like I'm peddling a wheelless bicycle through mud. A lot of not-thinking, but no actually being tired; a lot of re-reading, but no reading new things. That kind of mood.

I have a bunch of Edward Gorey postcards. Also some other postcards. These should all go someplace.

And I should update my address book, such as it is.

Want a postcard? Leave your addy in the comments; it'll be screened.
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