Jul. 27th, 2017 07:09 pm
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Worldcon is coming up.

I have no idea what I'm going to bring to knit.

ETA: I'm thinking Viajante (maybe not lace), my Catkin, or the Nimbus I've been trying to bead.
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I am feeling odd tonight,
and cold. It was a warm night;
they liked my hair
--cold purple, warm purple, amethyst and plum--
better than I thought,
and it was good to listen,
and Sarah left me a spindle and a bag of fiber
I don't even know the name of.
It's not-white and faintly scratchy. A princess
would spin it into diamonds. Gold only comes from straw.

But I have
so many things to do, so many nearly done
and books begun
and cleaning undertaken
and rooms and jobs and plans and good intent
that I can feel them teetering above me
just one more
just one more
and they will come down and paralyze me in a pile.
The word is tsundoku. I think of time in terms of books.

and so tonight I will finish one step. Just one.
And go to sleep, and waken lighter in the morning
and feel the sillier for writing all this down
with line breaks studding it like beads
in an enthusiast's first clumsily assembled earrings.
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"This pattern's more complicated than I expected. The knit stitches are knit backwards, and it's making the cabling a lot more fiddly."
"Isn't knitting backwards just purling?"
"Well-- no, not this way. Purling is backwards in that you slide the needle back to front, rather than front to back. When you go backwards by knitting through the back leg of a knit stitch instead of the front leg, you get a twisted knit stitch."
*a pause, during which the slightly yes-dear look is replaced with dawning suspicion*

I have, I believe, escaped burning for my unnatural acts. However, I suspect I may be required to prove that neither I nor the hat weigh the same as a duck.

(As ducks feature in the lyrics which were the inspiration for the hat's name, this amuses me oddly.)
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Just discovered there is a limit to the text Ravelry will display in a project description. Dropping notes here, under a cut.

Socks. )
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Slice of life, from yesterday:

me: "You know that red yarn[1] I have? I was thinking of making this."
John: "You don't have the right kind of needles."
me: "I don't?" (I do!)
John: "And the colour's wrong."
        (I am blinking at this point, because he does not knit but he understands knitting and that colour is not defined by pattern.[2])
        "I mean, those bits?" (He points at the bottom of the page.) "The tentacles clearly have blue. Red yarn. Wrong colour."
me: (stare)
        (assemble this comment with "wrong needles" and realize that he is on about the tattoo. And he is now failing to keep a straight face.)
me: "I love you very much, dear."

Snarkbeast. But my snarkbeast.
[1] The colour is called "Don't Wear This On Star Trek."
[2] Suggested by, occasionally, sure! That is different.


Oct. 12th, 2012 04:01 pm
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A minute spent tailoring a CV to a job application is like a minute spent sitting on a hot stove. And it never takes just a minute.

I finally released some knitting from the blocking last night:

Less than flattering lighting, but WTH. )

Currently taking Piper out, rather than going back to cleaning. Fresh air rarely hurts.
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Dear world:

I realize we are wending our way towards the end of August. I can understand Hallowe'en decorations and candy beginning to appear.

But could I please stop getting e-mails telling me that it's a great time to get started on knitting or sewing for Christmas?!

(That said, this pattern is intriguing me, but I don't know anyone who would both want it and have a use for it.)
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No, seriously, first-world problems of the decently employed[1] who have no particular acute health issues and are operating in moderate security.

You were warned. )
[1] Employed in a pleasant and well-paying albeit temporary position, not "employed as any decent person should be". That BS gets no traction here.
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Apr. 16th, 2012 05:46 pm
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I have galloping start-itis. And pounds of pretty fingering-weight yarn.

Right now the dearth of needles in smaller-than-4mm is keeping me in check a bit, but I worry about what will happen if this doesn't clear up by Thursday. (Thursday: knitting at the LYS. Also payday.)
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I have a scale! Little thing, sits on my desk or the shelf behind it, weighs up to 5kg.

It should make keeping track of yarn quantities easier, and makes me a *lot* more comfortable about mailing things. I can be sure I have the right postage now.
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I ordered some yarn on Sunday afternoon--at quarter to four (it's actually what prompted the destashing)--and it's here. Given when mail is usually delivered, I think it took less than 48 hours to get to me.

It's been a very long day. This was a nice surprise; it's from a local company, but I was expecting it later this week. (Indigo Dragonfly, by the way. The names! The colours!)

The colourway is called "A Thin Line Between Love and Batteries", and you can see it here. The grey is grey; the streaks in it are a bit less brown and more purple than they how as being on my monitor, but I can more than live with this. And it's nearly as soft and cuddly as Angus. I am thinking I will use it for the Dainty Mechanic gloves.

Also I have cleared out a chunk of the kitchen.

Damn cold.

Mar. 5th, 2012 12:19 pm
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The mercury (does anyone actually own a mercury thermometer?) is slowly creeping up from this morning, when it was -17°C (-26°C with the wind chill). Looking forward to Wednesday, when it's meant to get up to 11°C. Not - 11°C. 11°C. Okay, yes, that's the low of one day against the high of another, but that's still a 28 degree difference in two days, ignoring the damn wind.[1]

Oh, March. Aren't you just an interesting time, meteorologically speaking. And I cannot wait for the time when I no longer need to worry about my ereader freezing. Literally.

(Yes, yes, paper books don't freeze. However, the pages get blown around, they fare much less well in precipitation, and turning the pages takes longer, which at the temperature that causes my Kobo to freeze is actually a significant consideration because I do not want my fingers out in that cold. Also, Innsmouth Magazine.)

((Possibly this last could be remedied with knit gloves that had leather patches sewn over the fingerprints? Hmh.))
[1] That's 1°F, -15°F, 52°F, and a 51 degree difference for those of you using Farenheit.
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Feb. 26th, 2012 02:29 am
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I finished a kerchief. Shawlette. Short triangular scarf-thing. For me. (This is actually relatively rare. It has been a while since I finished knitting that was for me--September, in fact. It feels nice.)

I used The Age of Brass and Steam pattern, and a skein of silk yarn that was a Christmas gift[1]. Decided I wanted to go with a picot bind-off to echo the cogs-and-gears effect of the eyelet rows, and then I did a lot of math and even more swearing to figure out how many repeats I could afford to knit because I didn't want to not-use any of the yarn.

I ended up with fourteen feet and eight inches left over. (Non-knitters: yes, that's good. I explain this to people who don't knit but who are on Steam by saying this is the kind of thing you get an achivement for.)

More under the cut. )

In other knitting news, I lost one of my two gloves and am just not up to knitting a replacement yet, but I did manage to get several pictures of stash and projects up, and am looking forward to more, so that's all to the good.
[1] Last Christmas. Hush.


Feb. 22nd, 2012 06:13 pm
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Angus has managed to get a strand of fur into the display of the house phone.

Not on. Into. Behind the little plastic pane that protects the window that lights up and shows you what number you are dialling.

I am rather impressed.

Also today I have frogged two rows, knit six rows, and frogged six rows. Yes, that is a net gain that isn't a gain. I think I need a yarn scale.

Also-also... I don't recall. I lost my wallet, then I found it again. And I found out that the e-mail from the bank saying my replacement debit card had been ordered for me on the 23rd was not true, so I should get one in two-to-three weeks. And that's about it.
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I keep reminding myself that we should see a thaw in a few weeks. Not a full-on thaw, of course, but the mid-February oh-sorry-were-you-looking-at-those-ice-sculptures?-oops warmer weather is pretty reliable.

There's been a bit of a shake-up at work lately, but figure I will be okay. Hope people are seeming a bit less shell-shocked on Monday.

I keep kicking around the idea of knitting something inspired by "The Yellow Wallpaper" and the King in Yellow (not any particular story about it, just the general concept). Yellow colours and harmful sensation and creeping madness. Cheerful stuff, but I have no idea exactly where to begin. Suppose I'll file the idea and see if it's still around to come back to in a month or so.

Things to do this weekend: haircut, edit, laundry, deliberate (verb, not adjective) jacket, hit the pharmacy, return library books, finish gloves. And the weekend is half over. Somehow I am unoptimistic.

ETA: 1:35 Sunday morning Slightly more optimistic.

ETA2: 5:35 Sunday afternoon Distinctly more optimistic. Gloves will probably need more work after blocking, but will count it a win if I can get them blocking tonight.
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So one of the groups of local knitters is running a... a knit-along, or a mutual support thing, or the sticks-and-string equivalent of that mass hysteria dancing that I have vague impressions of having occurred six or seven hundred years ago although that's probably not reliable and oh dear I am rambling. Figured I might as well sign on. The goal's to finish a dozen projects; either UFOs from 2011 or earlier[1], or ones that use yarn that's been in your stash for six months or longer.

(I am carefully not thinking about how much of my nearly 13 miles of yarn qualifies for that guideline.)

So yeah. Something to aim for this year, I guess. Trying to keep in mind that buying books and yarn is secondary to reading and knitting them.
[1] I have ones from earlier. This does not fill me with pride.
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I got out early today, which was nice. They're asking if I can come in next week, and stay late tomorrow, and we'll see how all that plays out. But for tonight... nice.

Also! I got home to find that Future Lovecraft had made it to my mailbox, with a bookmark and a little holiday card.

I'm going to try to get in early tomorrow, and stay late if I need to. Tonight, I'm going to the SnB potluck, and I understand there are zombies to deal with in Papua New Guinea. (I may be fuzzy on the details.)
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I am emerging from the sort of fuzzy haze of coughing bits up that has shrouded the last week, and it's occurring to me that it's oh god December December seventh waugh holidays year-end gifts flail.

(I like to think it's a bit more dignified than that. Also, I have now for the first time ever actually gone and bought an app for my phone. It's a Cthulhu countdown to Christmas, and forget the bit about it being less than a coffee at a coffee shop; it's less than a coffee at Tim Horton's. Innsmouth Press mentioned it.)


And there is something I am feeling strongly ambivalent about.[1]

(1) I am aiming to read 83 books this year. I've read a lot more than just books, mind--magazines and individual stories and etcetera--but I am aiming for the books. I am at 75. (I am also partway through five, at the moment--possibly six--so this isn't as difficult as it might sound.)

(2) I am aiming to get something knit for my mother and sister this year.

I cannot reasonably aim to do both. I might be able to get both done, but planning to do both will have me frazzle and burn out and result in neither knitting nor reading being fun, and that is sort of the antithesis of what those activities are supposed to be like. So... thoughts?
[1] Not ambiguous.
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