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2014-10-21 06:28 am
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Well, drat.

I need to talk to the store and tell them I want a different pair of glasses.

This would be less stressful if they didn't have a whoops-the-head-came-off-screw that means the plastic "scabbard" on the arm comes off--not because that's a problem, but because I was in yesterday to get the screw replaced and they told me "oh, no, can't replace the screw, we'd need to take the plastic bit off and that'd break the plastic bit."

It feels distinctly weird to be going in to say "Hey, you were wrong, but I don't want the glasses anyway." I know that technically I'm not really being ungrateful and it's perfectly okay to express dissatisfaction with things I paid for, but... ugh.

Oh well. Onwards?
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2014-07-29 11:29 pm
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I am not-quite-bored, so here are dates. Mostly I am curious to see who will recognize which ones; partly I am curious to see if anyone has any others to add.

(For the record, 26 May, 1988[1]

August 29, 1997 (suspect this one will tip several people off... got sunblock?)

12 June, 2070

October 23, 2077 (my favourite)
[1] Arguable! But it's Thursday, 26th of May, which I believe makes 1988 the most likely guess.
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2014-04-08 09:17 am
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Oh my goodness.

Elise has put up a comprehensive list of all her jewelry, here.

I pass this along for those of you who like shiny things, and might be moved to at least look at things titled "Threnody for a Lindworm" or "Space Opera with Tentacles", on the general theory of loveliness.

(This is so much better than looking at the state of the back yard, today. Ugh.)
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2014-04-03 09:31 pm

Fun with linebreaks

I am feeling odd tonight,
and cold. It was a warm night;
they liked my hair
--cold purple, warm purple, amethyst and plum--
better than I thought,
and it was good to listen,
and Sarah left me a spindle and a bag of fiber
I don't even know the name of.
It's not-white and faintly scratchy. A princess
would spin it into diamonds. Gold only comes from straw.

But I have
so many things to do, so many nearly done
and books begun
and cleaning undertaken
and rooms and jobs and plans and good intent
that I can feel them teetering above me
just one more
just one more
and they will come down and paralyze me in a pile.
The word is tsundoku. I think of time in terms of books.

and so tonight I will finish one step. Just one.
And go to sleep, and waken lighter in the morning
and feel the sillier for writing all this down
with line breaks studding it like beads
in an enthusiast's first clumsily assembled earrings.
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2014-01-08 03:12 pm
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Sock elephant!

Sarah Monette (author of the Kyle Murchison Booth stories, which I have probably bent your ear about if we've talked books in person in, oh, the last year or so) is having a contest to name her sock elephant. Go. Comment. Celebrate. Be kind.
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2013-10-12 10:12 pm
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Starting to make noticeable progress on clearing physical living space.

Inbox is up to 450 e-mails.

*sighs and rolls up sleeves*
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2013-10-10 11:07 pm
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That time of year.

Specifically, it seems, that time of year when I start getting very unhappy about stuff. I realize it's been more or less a constant thread for a while (this is okay--unfucking one's habitat is a process, and I am making progress), but it feels more acute now than it did, say, a few weeks ago.

*cue the "oh my god, books, why do I have so many books, argh argh argh flail" screed. Am sure many of you can fill it in from context and past experience*

I am coming to think that one of the absolute best things about Farthing party was the lack of a dealer's room.

I'm trying to catch up, and clean up (which is interesting with the occasional dermatographia flare-up, I will just say), and carry on. Please be patient.
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2013-09-16 12:49 am
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Odd weekend.

Waking up at noon, I find, completely screws my plans for the day. It does this even if I don't actually have any plans for the day, which seems sort of unfair. Crushed plans I could articulate my complaints about, you see. Crushed vague-aspirations-to-productivity are like an itch in the middle of your back that you can't reach to scratch. A bloody bruising blistered itch.

That said, I actually got some things done (some cleaning, escaped the house by daylight[1], picked up small!groceries, somehow managed to beat the erratic eating which goes with an erratic wake time), and am very glad I live in a household with individuals who are inclined to be forgiving of my flail.
[1] A day on which I do not do this always feels disorientingly weird.
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2013-09-13 10:07 pm
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Work was a bit rough (for a couple of days, actually), and then there was finishing the current batch of documents (done! yes!), and then there was a sore throat, and getting home, and then I sat down on the couch with a book for a minute.

I woke up a couple of hours later with a crick in my neck and a cat sleeping on me.

Ginger-and-pepper tea and a movie, I think.
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2013-08-26 07:15 am
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Up far too late last night. My own damn fault. Does not bode well for the coming day.

At least it's rainy.

I hate the way that one little thing can go wrong and it ends up cascading through two days, so you play catch-up for two more days, and start the week low on sleep and feeling late for everything.

This too shall pass.
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2013-08-24 12:31 pm
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Good friends and gentlefolk, good morning.
You've seen, and seeing is adoring.
Your eyes and your fingers could be thrilling
To the lovely shinies that from this post forth are spilling.

...I don't know either. The coffee from the Happy Goat stall at the farmer's market has one hell of a kick, what can I say.

But yes! Shinies! (I am placing a (small) order and splitting shipping with at least one local, so yay.) Cannot wait until they come, and kinda wish I had been fast enough to grab Novel and Short Story, but there is still some lovely stuff.
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2013-06-29 09:46 am
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Awh, puppy! It's a puppy! Whossa lovel-- wait. Stop that.

I mean, I get it, okay? I like dogs. Dogs are smart, and undemanding, and on average more sweet-natured that humans, and generally if I can politely and non-pushily catch the owner's attention (which I do not try to do with service dogs) I will ask if I can pet their dog.

That said, this article on how to behave vis-a-vis a service dog you may encounter was enlightening, in terms of concretely articulating certain concerns.

And the shoe analogy is brilliant. Definitely worth reading down to it. Seriously.
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2013-05-07 12:21 am
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Went to bed two hours ago. Cannot sleep; partly I have a cracking headache, partly I'm hungry, partly I'm apparently just not tired. Going to grab a pita and maybe try warm milk and honey.

Lucy's right eye is getting a bit goopy; she's squinching it more shut than the left one, sometimes lightly so, sometimes noticeably so. Hoping it clears up in a day (she gets this sometimes); if not, will see about a doctor's appointment. Am particularly sympathetic to itchy eyes right now, as I just realized that I can't do the warm milk thing without aggravating my own allergies.

Anyway. Warm soothing drink of some variety, and possibly a bit of laundry folding until I feel sleepy.
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2013-05-06 09:48 pm
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Small progress.

I've cleared three books off my to-read list (two by turfing them, one by starting it), gotten four boxes of stuff downstairs and labelled for CDA pickup (unfortunately they're actually coming tomorrow, not today, but better to be ready early than late), worked on a little knitting that is reminiscent of if perhaps not strictly inspired by the Samuel Mather Parrington Museum, and dug up, seeded, and watered perhaps two square feet of back yard, juggled laundry and dishwasher a little, and finally gotten my New York pictures... well, not up. But up for vetting. I may put up a small photo post tomorrow.

Weirdly, the thing I'm happiest about is the book extraction. Second-happiest goes to the back yard. I'm hoping to do a more there tomorrow, as well as running around picking up assorted kinds of cat food (possibly over multiple trips).
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2013-02-06 07:14 am

For the love.

Dear brain,

If you are going to give me nightmares about needing to escape a city that has been invaded by aliens that turn people into horrible monsters, could you leave out the bit where I make my mother cry? For an hour? Because that was really upsetting.

No love,

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2013-01-22 03:57 pm
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Tidying progresses.

Lucy, my poor dear suffercat, would like to make it clear that it is incredibly hard to sleep on my socks when I persist in doing all this "cleaning" and "putting away" around her. But there is now more space on the floor than there's been in a while, and I am starting to very much appreciate the UfYH (content is worksafe, though page title contains NSFW vulgarity) tenet that "putting things away" is a critical part of laundry and dishes.

On the plus side, I have (somewhat?) corralled the pile(s) of books, and have found a ton of bookmarks. Also liberated a previously-in-use laundry basket.

I really need to figure a better magazine storage solution, too.

Also, although unrelated to tidying, we were given a pair of theatre tickets for Friday and couldn't use them, so John gave them away to a coworker who went to the play with his wife. Apparently they had a lovely time, plan to visit the theatre again, and sent over some of her chocolates (she's a professional chef/caterer) as a thankyou.
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2013-01-18 11:26 pm
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Wow, nearly a week. I need to better manage my online time.

Piper is doing better with the higher dose of glucosamine. This is kind of sad because she still isn't allowed to exercise, even though she is bouncy and jumpy. We're calling the surgeon on Monday.

I am looking at the Tcho-Tcho, and there are a couple of niggling ideas in my brain (mostly along the lines of "okay, what would you be seeing there if you filtered out the racism of an unreliable narrator?"), and I have no idea where the hell to start.

Job hunt remains unproductive. Got a lot of cleaning done this week, though?
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2013-01-04 04:42 pm
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Oh, winter.

You just keep doing what you're doing, and I'll just keep going through these bottles and jars of moisturizer, ok? We'll see who runs out of steam first. (Hint: I have a mailbox at the end of the block and the URLs of some very helpful companies.)

Three months. I can make it three more months.

In other news, not much; been kind of a relaxing day.
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2012-11-22 10:38 pm
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Chipping along.

Slice of life, from yesterday:

me: "You know that red yarn[1] I have? I was thinking of making this."
John: "You don't have the right kind of needles."
me: "I don't?" (I do!)
John: "And the colour's wrong."
        (I am blinking at this point, because he does not knit but he understands knitting and that colour is not defined by pattern.[2])
        "I mean, those bits?" (He points at the bottom of the page.) "The tentacles clearly have blue. Red yarn. Wrong colour."
me: (stare)
        (assemble this comment with "wrong needles" and realize that he is on about the tattoo. And he is now failing to keep a straight face.)
me: "I love you very much, dear."

Snarkbeast. But my snarkbeast.
[1] The colour is called "Don't Wear This On Star Trek."
[2] Suggested by, occasionally, sure! That is different.
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2012-11-21 05:59 am
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Been awake for two hours, and cannot get back to sleep. (Also, pretty sure I was snoring horribly.)

It's still to early to go taking out the garbage, though. Going to try napping, again.