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Okay. Nearly ready. Plans for today, relating to travel, are "pack". I need to add one set of clothes, plus something nice for the Hugos. (Probably just a dressier than usual top; there is a certain shrug-and-carry-on[1] freedom to living out of a bag for most of a week.)

I need to copy out my travel information, and clean out my wallet.

Chargers, toiletries, passport, candied ginger, caffeinated chocolate. Refill on Starbucks card. Travel packets of laundry soap (yes, the hotel has laundry service, but in case). E-reader.


Finalized con schedule.

Possibles: a book I am thinking of getting signed. A camera. My knitting.
[1] Not intended to be a reference to a carry-on bag, but hey.
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