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Sep. 6th, 2014 10:49 pm
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We have begun watching The Knick. I confess I went in mildly suspicious; I remembered [profile] vschanoes's mentioning a show set in 19thC New York that had a noticeable lack of working-class women who weren't prostitutes. That was a couple of years ago, and since then I've honestly noticed that that's a fairly common thing with period shows.

How did the first episode open? Close-up of the shoes of the protagonist, past which we can see a couple of prostitutes.

I kinda went in expecting it, so it wasn't surprising and annoying, but it is annoying. (Fortunately my mood is currently exceedingly sturdy, due to a measured application of butter, cream, garlic, and potatoes, so it is not more than annoying.)

Aside from that... well, a handful of the characters have admirable qualities. A couple of them seem to be decent people. I think I shall keep watching for a bit. And yet, I am not quite willing to clear time for it.
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Okay. So we're just catching up on Game of Thrones--watching the last two episodes tonight, in fact--and as you might expect it's being an HBO show, with a lot of sex and it's just dawning on me that I think they haven't actually shown any sex that's consensual or uncreepy since Jon and Ygritte. Four episodes ago.[1]

They haven't even talked about it, unless Ygritte talking to Jon about his technique was three episodes ago instead of four. Instead we're getting Joffrey and Mero talking up their plans, and then there was Littlefinger trading Roz to Joffrey for a snuff session, and...

I am bored, and mildly grossed out.

Gonna back to cheering Sam, now.
[1] As I was about to hit post, I remembered that Robb and Talisa actually got a few minutes of cute naked screentime last episode. My mistake. So we are averaging one scene every two episodes over the last month, whooo.
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He brings me trailers.

And the trailers make be bounce and squee and carillion I knew it![1] before I have even finished my coffee.

The trailer advertises a new show within an existing continuum, and contains what is probably a spoiler. It will probably be revealed early in the first episode, but that is not for a few months yet, so I am carefully talking around it. (Trailer is here if you want a look though.)
[1] Please note: that "I knew it!" is not the cry of someone who is right. That is the cry of someone who happens to be right and is happy. For a cinematic version, please refer to Brandon Wheeger's response when he is explaining that he understands completely that Galaxy Quest is just a TV show, and is interrupted and told that it is all real.

I am thinking, now, of Thad Beaumont's attempt to explain a writer's grasp on the reality of the fiction he writes about.
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So. Sat down to watch TV tonight, and the only thing we had that I was in the mood for was Justified. Which is good, because we were actually a couple of episodes behind, but it got me thinking.

I would like a show that isn't heavily driven by a/the protagonist's angst and/or lostedness (The Mentalist, Lost Girl), does not involve people regularly getting killed (Castle, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist), is not grimdark (Criminal Minds, Walking Dead, Bates Motel (which I am so giving up on)), is not strictly a comedy (Community, Scrubs, Modern Family), is not so dense that I cannot fairly step away for a moment or two (The Wire, Doctor Who (you can argue this, but frankly I'd rather you not argue it here, thanks much), House of Cards), and which I have not already seen in its entirety (Leverage, Justified, The Wire).

Suggestions? I'm down to Alphas, here...


Jan. 4th, 2013 08:46 pm
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Since we were finished watching Leverage, I'm looking for a new TV show. A friend recommended Alphas, which I'd heard nothing about. Looked up a very quick summary--it appears to be people with low-level superpowers who are working to stop other people with low-level superpowers from being bad guys.

Impressions after just the first episode, I have to say I like it. Five of the six Alphas are very well-drawn; a little simple so far (which is fine for the first episode), but distinctive. The sixth is a deliberate cipher, so that's fine. The moral ambiguity with Red Flag and Rosen's superiors is the kind of thing I'd expect to come up with this setup, and I'm glad it's being established so early.

Small spoiler and additional note after the cut:

'cause spoilers. )
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Well. Leverage is over, and I went through way more books than I expected to this year (96, and still time to finish one if I focus). So while I still don't like to dwell on how many books I am in possession of that need reading[1], I figure my turnover is pretty good, and I will need some recommendations for next year.

What TV should I be watching that I'm probably missing (if it's not Doctor Who or an ensemble cop/crime-ish show, I'm probably missing it)? What books should I take a look at (you may consider Night Circus and everything by both ChiZine and Innsmouth Press to be on the to-read list) that I probably haven't?
[1] Hush it's not very far into three digits.
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Alright. Despite the way the last one ended[1], I'm watching the first episode of the second season. The first season had some good moments, after all. I liked Tate, for the longest time.

Bunch of the same actors; after the contemporary open, it looks like they're going with a period piece. The location for this season is an asylum--initially a tuberculosis sanitarium, turned into an asylum for the criminally insane run by the Catholic church. Given how they handled psychiatric help in the last season, I am the antithesis of optimistic.

Cut because there might be spoilers. It's all so rotten, I can't tell. )

So we've got a show set in an asylum, where all but three and two-halves (the Monsignor and Wendy) of the characters are patients, and we still can't actually get a protagonist who's mentally ill? We aren't that rare on the frigging ground, you know.

Apparently Ian McShane will be joining the show. I'm honestly not sure that that's enough to have me watch a second episode. I watched the entire run of Supernatural, I watched Revolution, and I don't know that you could get me to watch this.
[1] In a fest of Biblical Roanoke magic spell therapy-is-all-lies and women-are-baby-crazy shit that had me earnestly explaining to the dog that if she ever meets a therapist like the one in the TV show she should bite him and she would be a good dog for doing it.
[2] She died. Horribly. Probably.
[3] He'll get five more blows with a cane, they'll get a piece of candy.
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From Maxim interviewing nearly everyone about The Wire:
It was real to the point where crackheads would come up and try to cop. I had fake money, and they would come over, and an exchange would go down. I would think they were part of the crew, and I’d make the exchange. Then security would come around and be like, “No! No! No!” and break it up. I was like, “Oh, shit! That’s really a crack-head! I’m sorry! I’m not really a drug dealer!”
Seriously. Cannot think of a better TV show.
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It's being a very tense morning. Mondays are always a heavy mail day, you see; I scramble, but I count myself lucky if I meet the 2 p.m. deadline. Those are Mondays when the mail comes in at 10.

It is currently quarter past noon. There is no mail.

I feel I am handling this sensibly: it is lunchtime, so I am calmly having lunch, and watching the season 2 finale of The Wire on YouTube. It is amazing how much good this is doing for my mood. It's not a happy show, it's in many ways a very eloquently angry show, but it's so damn good that just being reminded it's there can be a boost.

Seriously. Best show on TV.

Oh yes.

Apr. 23rd, 2012 09:30 pm
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We are watching the latest Game of Thrones. And you know, occasionally we glance away for a moment, pet the cat, pour a drink. We don't talk over it or anything, but we're not staring at it with hypnotized glee.

I say this to establish that when we both went "Ooooh" at the same time, grinned, and then promptly grabbed for screenshots, this was not the reaction of people who would squee over just anything that happens to show up on the screen.

It's a beautiful depiction: Harrenhal.
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Possibly a spoiler, wherein someone is accused and promptly found not guilty. )
[personal profile] theweaselking: I HATE YOU ALL.

Abby is helping him type. Apparently the keypad needs to be stepped on. It's adorable.

She's currently ensconced under the mousepad. Peace appears to have been restored.


Jan. 25th, 2012 06:22 pm
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...I swear to god I had something to write and it's gone right out of my head.

Anyway. Was going over my top five TV shows last night and I think they are (in no particular order):

* The Wire
* Deadwood
* Doctor Who
* Leverage
* Breaking Bad

I suppose a good sort of way to figure out what you like is figuring out what shows you'd pick to stay on the air if you could only pick one... Doesn't help as much with shows that are completed, though. (Can I mention how much I would love to see more of The Wire? 'kay. Just getting that out there.)

What're yours?
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I just saw last week's Supernatural.

Pardon me, but bloody hell. :(

Read more... )

I was rather affected by that.
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I just saw The Girl Who Waited. The Doctor Who episode. Yes, I am behind.

I had been forewarned.

It did not help in the slightest. You know that heartfelt crying when it seems like your head is full of seawater, and you can smell salt even though your nose is entirely stuffed up?

So. Yes. It was a wonderful episode and I am very glad I saw it and I would recommend it as introductory viewing and I'm thinking there will be be a Hugo nomination and oh god I cried.

Much love, even in sorrow. Yes.

(John has put the next one on and pegged it as "BBC does The Shining." Will not dispute.)
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Right, well, not getting into spoilers[1], but am watching the second-last episode of Misfits and Simon Bellamy is rather taking centre stage. He's the quiet one. He's the quiet one in the way that leads to people saying "We always knew it" rather than "But he was always so quiet!" when the police and news crews show up.

[personal profile] torrain: ...I have no idea why I like him so much.
[personal profile] theweaselking: I would expect you to like Simon. Simon's a geek. And he's morbid.
[personal profile] torrain: I don't think he's morbid, exactly.
[personal profile] theweaselking: He is so the one you'd pick as woobie.
[personal profile] torrain: He's... adorkable. And creepy. The creepy that comes from being slightly broken, not from being cruel.
[personal profile] theweaselking: I can see that.

(If you happen to catch snippets of the show, he's the one who looks like this. Which is actually a much less pained expression than most people have when dealing with Nathan, who is an entirely different story.)
[1] Oh and trust me leaving out the context loses so much. So so so much.


Sep. 3rd, 2011 03:49 pm
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In Sault Ste Marie. This is okay. Had to wait at airport for my sister. This is okay. (This is less than as good as okay, since (half?) her flight got cancelled and she had no sleep, but right now she is catching up.) Last room had a ton of fruit flies, so moved to this one. This is okay.

The state of the hotel wifi?


Anyway, I might be able to get a connection to stick around, if I put the laptop on the chest of drawers and hunch. Am reminding miyself that downloading and installing Fallout: New Vegas out of spite is a petty thing, and I should not do it.

Getting picked up in forty minutes. Need painkillers. At least it's a fast change.

Keep itching to fire up DW--Dreamweaver, not DreamWidth--and poke around with site ideas. Will not have time, I know. Maybe after the reception or tomorrow morning.

May drop on an episode of Mifits or something, not sure. Am torn between being comforted by and being annoyed at the sameness here. It sort of highlights the monoculture in Babbitt, which I am currently reading through and which is making me wince rather a lot.

Hoping the chance to actually be in a space that does not have a lot of other people in it will help me unwind before the wedding.


Aug. 28th, 2011 10:34 pm
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In two hours and fifty minutes; the second-last Harry Potter movie, the third episode of Misfits, and a five-hundred piece puzzle all completed.

I like puzzles. I had forgotten that for a bit.
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The cat was found; Public Health got in touch with his owners. He seems fine. Quite relieved.

And in news on Leverage, I think Nate was actually just rendered speechless. The chocolate episode. I think I may need an animated icon, but I'm not sure what events would be astounding enough to warrant it.
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A few days later [in June 2011] on the opposite side of the Atlantic, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law that makes it a crime to use the web to "transmit or display an image" that could "frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress" to anyone who sees it. Those found guilty face a maximum of one year in jail and a $2500 fine.[1]
And, on the flipside
The US Supreme Court recently struck down a 2005 California ban on the sale of violent video games to those under eighteen. Speaking for the majority in the court's 7-2 ruling, Associate Justice Antonin Scalia wrote "California's argument would fare better if there were a longstanding tradition in this country of specially restricting children's access to depictions of violence, but there is none." He went on to cite the circulation of Grimm's fairy tales to children. "The basic principles of freedom of speech and the press, like the First Amendment's command, do not vary when a new and different medium for communication appears."
I'm annoyed by the first and relieved by the second, but... why on earth am I hearing about this from the latest issue of Rue Morgue, again?

The clerk at Mags'n'Fags was stocking the shelves and offered it when she saw I had the last issue, and I picked it up on impulse, since the cover had a Fright Night splash and a mention of a new John Shirley collection. (Also, I think I need to take a look at Haven; I do not have enough creepy in my TV viewing.) I've been sort of looking forward to it--Fright Night--since I saw the trailer and pegged the movie at the thirty-six second mark.[2]

This vaguely confuses me since I never saw the movie. I recognize the cover art, sure, but I am thinking I actually need to skip the articles on it since they are absolutely full of spoilers, and I persist in misremembering the line on the back of the VHS case as "Michael likes his drinks warm, red--and straight from the jugular!" Michael being the mortal protagonist, I am clearly off-base. (And now I'm just wondering even more how I recognized the movie, since misremembering the villain's name so throughly means it wasn't his introduction that tipped me off.)

Huh. Apparently Haven is based off Stephen King's The Colorado Kid. Will see if it feels as much like King as happytown did.

This early morning (relatively) rambling has been brought to you by an internet connection and fifteen minutes of free time.
[1] Also, apparently there is no use for the Oxford comma in the writing of Tennessee bills. Not overly impressed.
[2] In a fit of "I am in early, yay," I just grabbed the trailer and checked.
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Electronically, that is. There's no reason to keep .psd files around once I've turned them into icons, is there?

(There isn't. I'm sure there isn't. I just seem to file things and not let go. Probably a bad habit.)

Watching Jericho while tidying up. It seems a bit blithe after Threads[1], but it's interesting background.
[1] For the record? Full Metal Jacket or Saving Private Ryan or Dawn of the Dead--any of the Dead movies, actually--might seem a bit blithe after Threads.
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