May. 21st, 2013

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All 93 issues of Heavy Metal rehomed, and someone is willing to take the laptop despite its occasional "oh, were you doing something? sorry, I am busy being a frozen brick now" tendencies[1], so that's good. Also there's a garage sale on our street this Saturday; looking to maybe get some stuff out.

The carrybag for the laptop has a half-busted zipper (it's double-ended, so you can still close it 2/3s of the way). Am trying to decide if that should mean toss it (I have tried but cannot repair it myself, and zipper replacement tends to run $1-2 per inch), keep it for knitting-projects-etcetera, or send it off with the laptop and let the new owners decide.

Also trying to catch up on reading (I had one of those horribly embarrassing moments cleaning the library[2]), clean all the dishes etcetera because we're getting our first box of vegetables tonight and it will be good to have all implements and all counter space available while we decide what to do with them, catch up on laundry, and possibly finish going through the box of things that Absolutely Need Putting Away from the coffee table. (I am a third of the way through it. It doesn't seem like enough.)

If I am feeling better later, may try to reseed a patch of the back yard, but I don't think that's happening today.

...when I write it out, it sounds productive. I'm not sure if this is a clever illusion or not.
[1] Which mostly kick in when it moves or tilts. Very annoying behaviour for a portable.
[2] "Wait, I own this[3]? Dammit. I had to borrow it from a friend to read it."
[3] This, in this case, being Coraline.
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Okay. So we're just catching up on Game of Thrones--watching the last two episodes tonight, in fact--and as you might expect it's being an HBO show, with a lot of sex and it's just dawning on me that I think they haven't actually shown any sex that's consensual or uncreepy since Jon and Ygritte. Four episodes ago.[1]

They haven't even talked about it, unless Ygritte talking to Jon about his technique was three episodes ago instead of four. Instead we're getting Joffrey and Mero talking up their plans, and then there was Littlefinger trading Roz to Joffrey for a snuff session, and...

I am bored, and mildly grossed out.

Gonna back to cheering Sam, now.
[1] As I was about to hit post, I remembered that Robb and Talisa actually got a few minutes of cute naked screentime last episode. My mistake. So we are averaging one scene every two episodes over the last month, whooo.
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