Jul. 27th, 2017 07:09 pm
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Worldcon is coming up.

I have no idea what I'm going to bring to knit.

ETA: I'm thinking Viajante (maybe not lace), my Catkin, or the Nimbus I've been trying to bead.
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4:23 p.m.: Small delay, details forthcoming.

4:26 p.m.: Dammit. The word "mechanic" was just mentioned.
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One of Victoria's crows, on a fountain. I think this is rapidly turning into my favourite photo to date.


Victoria smells wonderful, by the way.

Either the cat didn't bother me after I crashed last night, or I didn't notice. Apparently the fact that I do not sleep like a log was a source of great consternation to him.

This morning I got up and walked with my Mom, her friend Suzanne, and suzanne's dog Sasha. It was an extraordinarily clear day and we could actually see buildings in Port Angeles over in Washington. Did that for an hour and a half, until 9:00 a.m.

I did not have my camera. Could have kicked myself.

went home. Recouped, showered, dressed, went out to hit the library (picked up a very cheap early 80s horror novel), buy non-photo blue pencils, and go see my Grandma who wanted to take us out for lunch. The Keg was closed, and the nearest place with steak was Nautical Nellie's[1] (with a to-my-prejudiced-mind rather Lovecraftian motto of Strength in Depth). Good food, overbrewed coffee, killer dessert. Then walked around downtown for a while.

There are a lot of painted bears around downtown. There is a chandalier in the McDonalds--there are actually several, but only one that's a good story tall. There are a lot of bookshops, a lot of coffee shops, a fair number of lawyer offices, and a quarter-damn-ton of restaurants which generally seem pretty affordable (apparently lunches are usually at a fairly decent price, because a lot of seniors have lunch as their one main meal of the day--I would presume this leads to competition and the resultant prices).

Housing here is insane. $1200 for a one-bedroom apartment, and I saw more posted notices saying "I am employed, I need a place to live" than I did for places to rent. It's lovely, though. It reminds me more of Waterloo than of anywhere else (she said, out of her recent and copious travel experience).

Went out again, saw my Aunt Win, took a lot of pictures of her cats, grabbed a camera cable. Came back and had a quick dinner. Went through Beacon Hill park both ways. There were a very large number of extravagent flowers, a petting zoo, fountains, lots of Canadian geese, and a peacock.

There are an incredible number of crows in this town. I love it. There is also a lot of greenery, and it is rather cooler than I expected. We went to see A Prairie Home Companion at UVic this evening, and there are rabbits on campus. It looks like a casting call for Watership Down.

I took 133 pictures since I hit the airport yesterday, and sitting here at a mouseless laptop I am *entirely* uninclined to deal with the resizing and cropping, especially since I would have to use Paint.

So I grabbed the ones that Photobucket handled best.

Cats )

Other animate things. )

Greenery. )

Inanimate objects. )
[1] First one to snicker at my Grandma's gift of lunch gets shot. Moving on.
[2] I still wear contacts. However, glasses don't aggravate my allergies, and don't need to be replaced every six months.

I live.

Aug. 24th, 2006 02:12 am
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Preliminary flight report: no gremlins.

Victoria smells nice. What little I have seen of it so far reminds me of Waterloo. I forgot my glasses case, my camera's USB cable, my nightgown, and my vitamin supplements. This is all okay.

Was reading (among other things) Lovecraft on the plane. reading Lovecraft on the plane produces strange results. You look out at this plan white landscape with fluffy clouds, and you see terrible puffy fungoid growths stretched across the pale and horrendous plain, reaching farther than the eye of man can tell.

My mother has a cat named Tucker. He has about the bulk of a Toby and a half, which is oddly balanced by the fact that his tail is perhaps half the size of Toby's.

Also, two and a half hours before I was supposed to get on the plane, I found out that the ceiling of my sketchroom had started leaking. This may explain some of the unpacked stuff, as I was busy excavating/evacuating the sketchroom so nothing (else) got ruined and the plumbers would have room to work. Nothing I cared about got wet except for Bloody Boots, and that may be salvageable. Since I left, they have torn a hole in the ceiling, and made sure all the water is now draining into two well-placed buckets. I'd offer pictures, but there's a slight matter of the width of a continent between my camera and my sketchroom right now.

I'm going to tweak the clock on this entry to reflect Ottawa time, what with that whole thing of it being what I'm running on right now.
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