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Okay. Nearly ready. Plans for today, relating to travel, are "pack". I need to add one set of clothes, plus something nice for the Hugos. (Probably just a dressier than usual top; there is a certain shrug-and-carry-on[1] freedom to living out of a bag for most of a week.)

I need to copy out my travel information, and clean out my wallet.

Chargers, toiletries, passport, candied ginger, caffeinated chocolate. Refill on Starbucks card. Travel packets of laundry soap (yes, the hotel has laundry service, but in case). E-reader.


Finalized con schedule.

Possibles: a book I am thinking of getting signed. A camera. My knitting.
[1] Not intended to be a reference to a carry-on bag, but hey.
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Home in land where the hot and cold water come out of the same tap plane delayed in Newark love you all oh god it's 36 minutes to 7 in the a.m. and all the streets are in a grid here I'm home I'm home

sleep now
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--holy *hell* I grew up in a posh neighbourhood.

Got up early, headed out to Westminster, found my old home, took pictures. Also got one of the day nursery I went to, although not very well since there was a gate across the lane leading to it (Sundays).

Made it back to the hostel, then headed out to the Natural History Museum with Jack and Rachel. I am *quite* put out. The diplodocus skeleton has *shrunk* since I was seven years old. It should not be allowed to behave in such a manner, and I intend to file a complaint.


Have just realized I've only had a muffin today, in terms of solid food. This is probably quite a bad plan, and I am thinking that a trip to the Camden Head (burgers, cider, free wifi) may be in order. They're serving dinner by now. Or I could order in pizza, but I like the pub idea better. Plans for tonight involve laundry, packing, and worrying very much about missing the plane in the morning.


Slice of life:
me: I can't believe we'll have been in London for ten days, and it hasn't rained *once*.
[ profile] jasmine_koran: I know! We're been so lucky, we've had absolutely beautiful weather!
me: ...I feel you are not getting my point.

Oh! Also, I have yet more postcards. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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...and here the chemist (over the counter is actually over the counter here, very odd) warned me that the cold meds might make me drowsy. They are refusing to deliver as promised, dammit!

On the plus side, all my pics (1041 of them) are now rotated to be right-side-up.

Ran across one of the ones I took of the Tower ravens that I'm actually really happy with while I was doing that. Not uploading most of them, since Photobucket is being a pain lately (and there are *1041*, did I mention), but I actually wanted to toss this one up.

...sadly, after six tries where PB is telling me about a "network error" that interrupted my upload, I figure it's not gonna happen.

ETA: LJ's scrapbook is being slightly more cooperative. Pic is here. I *love* the shine and pattern on his shoulders.

That said, some notes from Highgate:


Highgate Cemetery, March 18th, 3:47 p.m.

I feel I have *seriously* underestimated the time it will take me to get through here. And IIRC, it closes at five.

I think I've taken about a hundred pictures already and I'm about twenty yards from the entry gate. Tops. The only reason I'm stopping, in fact, is to clear the memory stick on my camera.

It's not quite beautiful, it's not quite immense, but... I could sit here all day and just look.

4:19 p.m.

Still in sight of east gate. There are three paths leading off it, so it's not quite as bad as it sounds, but gah. Emptying camera again. Also sitting down to do so, and the worm's-eye view here is pretty neat.

I've been to cemeteries before. I've been to *North American* cemeteries. Highgate... I guess most of the graves I'm seeing aren't that much older, but the way they're jumbled together, and the paths, and the holly and the ivy (evergreens--seeing so much of them puzzled me for a bit until I remembered); it keeps making me think of that line about how what London is built on is mostly London. This is not a filing cabinet for the dead. It's a place that's grown up around them.


And after that I just kind of... wandered. It's a very peaceful place.
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Okay, let's see. Highgate Wednesday, in with a sore throat most of Thursday, British Library and British Museum and meeting up with Jack and Rachel and Rachel Friday, definite cold today but still heading out to the Tower. I have more detailed notes somewhere, I swear it.

*downs throat lozenges*
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Had dinner, came home from pub, lay down for just a minute. Woke up and am *not* feeling great.

I cannot be sick, dammit. It is not allowed. Not now. Not here. >.


Mar. 18th, 2009 06:08 pm
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Have just gotten to a pub that has wifi, ordered a cider, and am trying to get my head on straight. Food will help.

I think I have about 300 pictures. I would have had more except my second set of batteries died. Also they were closing.

Ohgod. Highgate. It's *lovely*.
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Okay. ...damn, I have 302 photos. Figure I'll ramble a bit and get impressions down before I forget.

Yesterday, went downstairs in the triumphant expectation of My Coffee(TM), only to find that the cleaners were in the kitchen from 9:30 until noon.

Oh the howls of pain. Went out to the coffee shop next to Mornington Crescent, then grabbed food at the Sainsbury's and sort of wandered down Camden High Street. There were books, mostly. :D Also a bit of jewelry.

Got back to the hostel and dropped off stuff, then went down to Leicester Square and caught Franklyn (lovely movie), wandered in a vague circle that took us past an Internet café so we could slake our 21st-century lusts, grabbed dinner at a pub (this will be a common theme, by the way; funny that), and heard out to see The Woman in Black which is an *excellent* ghost play. I kind of bought the book. And the script. And the program.

Came home and kind of fell over.

Today, woke up at 7-8-ish. Contemplated the world, then promptly decided to lie down again for a nap. Got up at noon. Whoops.

Headed down to coffee, and wandered around the garden... innner courtyard... thing that they have here at the hostel. It's very pretty. I shall take pictures. There is one rose that might bloom before we leave, not sure.

Headed down to London Bridge, and can I just say that I *love* the Tube? Really. It's so *quick*. (I mean, I'm sure that having said this, I will promptly be swamped by delays, but for the moment... fast! convenient! cylindrical!

....alright, that probably sounded filthy.

Got a map. This will doubtless be handy.

So, we stopped at the Mudlark for ?lunch? (as lunchy as you can get at 3:25 Gotp.m.) and had green beer and sandwiches. Slightly confused the bartender when I said I wanted coffee *and* a beer. Then we got the London Bridge Experience, which is a half an hour of the history of London Bridge via tour/recreation and then forty-five minutes of a haunted house in the plague pits. It was *awesome*. I cannot emphasize this enough. Hysteria-inducing. Lot of screaming. *Mad* fun.

Wandered around down by the Thames for a bit, and I found and mailed postcards. The HMS Belfast was sadly not open anymore and oh dear god she is huge. Then we discovered that the leaflets which had been saying the Clink was open until 9:00 p.m. every night failed to mention the important words "during the summer".

Mid-March? Not summer.

So we went down to Southwark Bridge[1] and then turned left on... bah, I don't remember, but we were through the Borough Market and back at the London Underground station in ten minutes. Came home and are currently planning on going out for food. Also probably more green beer.
[1] Dear London: wish to object. You have far too many bridges. Also what is this about the Tower and London Bridge not being the same thing. Also the wind is cold blowing off the Thames. Yrs sincerely, put-upon tourist.[2]
[2] (No, I *knew* there was more than one bridge. I'm just saying.)


Mar. 17th, 2009 08:29 pm
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I know, didn't post yesterday. Update shortly. However, for the moment...

I have half a dozen postcards. Who wants one?
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FWIW, at least this time I got some decent sleep before the feathered minions of the apocalypse woke me up with their singing.

It's *dark*. It's going to be dark for at least another hour. It's been dark for ten. Why are they *singing?*

--oh hey I still have foam earplugs in my wallet. G'night, all.
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Dingwalls, March 15th, 9:10 p.m.

Basic black works anywhere, but holy hell do I feel underdressed, and last time I saw something even close to this range was Abney Park. Corsets and short skirts, vests and cravats, pale blue jeans and white wrap T-shirts--

--wouldn't bring a camera, but there's a lot of very pretty walking past me[1]--

--cargo pants, hoodies, plaid skirts, and bondage pants.

Don't know most of what they're playing while waiting--oh, wait, the Cure just started. Echo Beach.

Other odd things--bigger age range than I usually see (though less odd for a concert), and they don't tear your ticket at the door. (Rockabilly, white lace overtop with sequined roses and beaded hem, bright blue knee-length T-shirt dress w/cartoon print, trench and hoodie.) (Brown velvet coat with big green flower print.)


Went to get drink. Band started. Is now 11. Did not get drink. Heard them cover New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle". Place closed and lights came up, couldn't get a drink but there was a pitcher of ice water on the bar. Walked home, stopping along the way for hot dog, instant coffee and Powerade, cereal and milk.

Feel pretty good.


S'yeah: Got to see Apoptygma Berzerk in a Camden High Street club, and am very sorry I got there too late for the Soho Dolls. Have a sample CD, though. Yay.

Have noticed that while typing up notes I'm writing down works all very well, I should probably add in useful details on occasion. Like band names. Or locations. Or something. I'm just saying.
[1] Later observation leads me to conclude that the person who prompted this remark was Maya von Doll. Missed their show, sadly.
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Alright. At the moment the wireless connection would deserve to be taken out and shot, if I could only *find* the thing. But the laundry is running, so I have an excuse to ramble.

...dammit. Not much to say. I kind of wish John were here; I'd love to be going out and seeing some of this stuff with him. Not even in a schmoopy way, it'd just be nice to have him here.

Things in particular to see... the Woman in Black play, maybe Franklyn, the London Tombs tour, my old school, my old home, London Bridge, the Tower, much in the way of tourist traps... and I need to figure out how to get to Dublin. Because hey, St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, when the hell am I ever going to have a chance to do that again? Oh, and Madame Tussaud's. Also feel like going back to Ripley's Believe It or Not. Haven't been there in *decades*.

Hmm, the washing machine appears to be leaking. Not very actively, but it's definitely there. I don't think I'm going to worry about it unless it spreads off the tile. (Did I mention how much the laundry cost?)

--oh, drat, left my wallet upstairs, and I need to plug stuff into the dryer. BRB.

--I think I may have accidentally fed the dryer a Canadian nickel rather than 20p. Feel kinda bad about this.

In any case, it's 7:26, so I'm going to shower, see about leaving a message for Rachel at the desk, and head out.
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So. Went out, decided I really needed a book rather than just magazines (I find it a royal pain to sleep without reading a book first), and got sucked into Camden High Street.

...escaped mostly unscathed, although this was largely due to a lot of the shops closing. Still do not have a book.

Anyway. Laundry here is blisteringly expensive (£2.50) (yes £2.50), but I'm going to run a quick load through and then worry about making it out to the show. I don't know where [ profile] jasmine_koran and [ profile] snakey are, but I trust they will be back soon enough. In the meantime, I have a copy of The Willows to go through, and may I recommend it to you all?
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Apparently I am not quite adjusted to the jet lag yet. Went to bad somewhat after midnight this morning, woke up for maybe half an hour around 1:30--

--and then slept until now. Whoops.

At least it's still light out. I'm going to go get breakfast, and coffee, and then deal with the fact that I appear to have two order numbers for one ticket.
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Notes from March 14, 10:05 local:

Got out at Leicester Square at 8:10, walked for an hour and a half--Trafalger Square, Piccadilly, Chinatown, Soho (I turned around at that point). Sort of a very circular walk, but it felt good. Didn't take pictures, though.

Just took one. {Right now Photobucket is being a pain and I cannot upload.}

Stopped for dinner at a nice-but-otherwise-unremarkable steakhouse. Initially planned to see a movie, but couldn't find the cinema in time, hence all the walking. 'Cause, you know, downtown (?) anyway.

Impressions--*tons* of theatres & places selling tickets. Lots of gambling joints--not quite one every block, but they were pretty thick for a while. Cinemas noticeably smaller than what I'm used to. London kitsch souvenir shops.

London is *so* not laid out on a grid system that it's not funny. Had relatively little to no idea where I was most of the time. Didn't worry; figured that if I became horribly lost I would find a Tube station.


My food came at this point, so I put away the notebook. Other impressions: currency exchange places, tons of high heels. Generally more expensive than Camden? (What a surprise.) Very much like a slice of the Market and the NAC, more crowds, better clothing.

Took pictures on the way home until my camera battery threatened to die, thought about taking pictures in Mornington Crescent anyway and didn't, made it home and bought my Apoptygma Berzerk/Soho Dolls tickets for tomorrow. Yay.
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(Written before the laptop turned into a brick.)

Have just realized *exactly* how much stuff I have been storing on my GMail. With the connection having just died, it's a bit odd. OTOH, I need to start boarding, so I'm gonna grab a very fast snack and wander over.


...holy *crap*.

Okay. Three hours on the tarmac at Ottawa. Left at 6:20. I have to say that flying over Newark at l'heure bleue is *gorgeous*, although holy fuck do you guys use a lot of orange halogens.

Anyway. Got off the plane and into the terminal, customer service told me it looked like my connecting flight was still good, hurried down to the gate, and in the seven minutes it took to get there the plane left.


So after a brief confusion I found the customer service desk, explained the situation, was told the next flight left at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, said “oh, please” very politely, and got plugged onto a 10:25 flight.

Hauled my ass to Terminal B just in time to see everything closing at five past 9:00, including the kitchen of the one restaurant by my gates (and at this point I hadn't had anything since the cup of chili at lunch). Went to a Relay newsstand, bought a Powerade and a double handful of Nutri-Grain bars, and went back to the restaurant. That's where I am now, and may I say their White Zinfandel is very nice.

And I was *just* about to succumb to my addiction and sign up for a Boingo account when they announced boarding. Ghad. Oh well, it was probably a bad financial decision anyway.

(I got a quick tiny sketch done on the plane while we were waiting at Ottawa. I'll try and ink it before sleeping tonight.)

========, people *worry*. XD In at Heathrow, no Wi-Fi, checked e-mail at kiosk, currently typing on laptop while on the Heathrow Express. Heathrow to Paddington in 15 minutes. The fastest way to Central London. Trust me, they make *sure* you know this.

Have left behind the dead brick directly outside Heathrow. Currently going past trees and old buildings. Not bothering with a pic at these speeds. Sky is grey and cloudy; unfortunately, day is also sunny. Damnation, I want rain.

Did not get the sketch done, but have had breakfast. Rachel was waiting for me at the terminal, which was nice. Oh, and my bag didn't arrive with me. Virgin promises that when (if) it shows up, they'll run it over to the hostel.

Virgin serves free booze on their flights. I can forgive much. Also, rye-and-gingers are called whiskey-and-gingers here. Watched Dark Knight until--

ohgod we just passed the hugest old rust-covered reservoir-like silo. Girders and struts, lovely thing.

--until just after James Gordon got shot, and then started watching Mirrors. You know, when the movie is reformatted to fit your screen, it cuts off a chunk of the Joker's magic trick. *Really* undermines the impact, is all I'm saying.

(Holy *crap*, enough wireless networks in range?)

Whole lot of dead brick outside the window now. Am gonna shut down and watch stuff for a bit.
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So, the hostel phone number isn't something that the delivery service from the airline is willing to use; they insist that they need to speak to me.

I don't have a phone here.

They may deliver it anyway now, since I confirmed the address, but it's expected here about 5 or 6 p.m. In order to hit the club with Jack and Rachel, I would have had to leave with them. About fifteen minutes ago.

Bit of a downer.

Well. Suppose I'll find something to do in London on a Saturday night, and I'm sure I'll feel much better once I have a proper shower and a full change of clothes. Just moping a bit ATM.

On the plus side, my laptop's recharging (I'm borrowing Rachel's plug adaptor) and I can finally get some of the pictures off my camera.
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My luggage has been found and they are working on getting it to me. :D
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Found the hostel. Don't have an adaptor plug (yes, my love, I know). Will fix that ASAP. *Need* an adaptor plug so I can recharge my laptop. My precious. My shiney.

Got a two-hour nap, but apparently I'm still a little spacey.

Also: London.


Mar. 13th, 2009 10:09 am
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Short version: three hours on the tarmac at Ottawa, missed Newark connection by about seven minutes *tops*, got switched to a Virgin flight (they gave me a free drink, yay), my luggage hasn't arrived yet, and food should be happening shortly.

I feel surprisingly fine.
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