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The moon looks like it has been spread with marmalade.

The abbreviation OMG dates from 1917 at least.

There is a comic about knitting here. Some of it is over-the-top. Only some.

I have a new bookshelf.
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Io9 (io9? Not sure how strict the lower-case thing is) has an article on Aly Fell's pinup art, and a link to his gallery. And while poking around for things vaguely similar to the Sam Gunn[1] picture, I also found Lovecraft is Missing, which I am actually really enjoying.[2]

Also I wandered by the MMA store, and am currently reminding myself I cannot justify the Tiffany grapevine silk scarf. And they have the neatest pencil/table sculpture, too. And notecards. Because of course the one thing I need in my life is more notecards.

I mean, come on, I haven't even bought yarn yet this year. Fiscal virtue must be maintained.

SnB was fun last night, and I think I actually figured out how I want to handle the decreases in the hat I'm working on so that I can keep the spiral effect. I was mugged by a skein of Peter Rabbit from Fleece Artist[3], this lovely fluffy 90% angora/10% nylon blend, but managed to escape unscathed. I fear returning to the store, though. It lurks in wait, and I don't know if it will sate itself upon someone else before I return.

...bit silly today, it seems. Oh well, it's a distraction from tidying up.
[1] You know, it just occurred to me that the titular protagonist might be the alien, rather than the human. I like the idea of it being the human, though.
[2] "As an ordained priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church... here's mud in yer eye!" Also, showmanship.
[3] Dear yarn companies: love your stuff, but maybe you could set it up so it's possible to link directly to a specific base on your sites? Handmaiden does the great-long-scrolly thing of images as well, and it's mad annoying when I'm trying to show other people stuff.
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So. Up at three to let the dog out, found out one of the cats had made a mess, cleaned up, did dishes, threw stuff in the laundry, set the load running... and of course being tired meant this was all in slow motion, so it took me a while to get back to bed. (Although the discussion was part of that, and was fun.)

I did have a chance to check my e-mail, and link-bouncing led me to a fictional transcript and obituary. Also, the first short-short here made me grin, and the second is a rather pleasant take on fairies.

The interview yesterday... really did not go so well. I like to think this was in part because I was thrown for a loop[1], and not because I am naturally disposed to give bad interviews.

Being downtown in the early morning again's interesting. I'd forgotten how awake it seems. Also, I have just realized how many art/readings/band/show flyers there aren't on the telephone poles out in the suburbs.

There was a garden at the corner of MacLaren and O'Connor that I always rather liked. It was really thick with tall grass, flowers that came up to my shoulder, vines on stakes... It's mostly just mowed flat now.
[1] "What was high school like?" "What did you like about it?" "How did you spend your summers?" "Who were your inspirational figures in high school? In university?" I mean... It was high school, it was last millenium, and it was not a position which required exceptional social skills or a particular adherence to cliques. I refer you, somewhat grumpily, to the sixth panel here.
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S'yeah. Been at "work" for half an hour, forgot my pass, no word on the letter yet. Le exasperated sigh or something, I don't know.

More immediately, there does not appear to be an outlet immediately visible in the Second Cup. Mind, I can go poking around, or cross the street to the Starbucks.

It's odd. I twitch not having access at work, but having it, I'm finding there's not much of any urgency that I need to check out. Given that I brought very little with me today--pointedly--it's got me re-examining how much I can pare down my online use, as well as how much I can pare down what I carry around.

--okay, a woman just walked by in the most awesome puffy purple batik-style pattern jacket. Made me smile. Spring is truly here. (Seriously. It was too short to be wearing during winter, at least without seriously hunching up.)

More later. Meantime, have an XKCD that actually had me laugh out loud.
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John linked me to this.

Tell me how long it takes you to recognize it. :)


Apr. 28th, 2009 01:52 pm
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I realize a ton of people have probably already seen this, but...

I mean, I just, you know, end up staring at it and grinning madly. And thinking, somewhere in the back of my mind, about how to fit it into an NWoD or Orpheus game.
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Because I have dozens of tabs open right now because they have cool things I've been meaning to share with people, and I should probably give poor old Firefox a rest.

First, Dead Eyes Open. Zombie comic. Was prepared not to be impressed, read the free downloads they had up, and... well... they had one of those moments where the author/artist show you something that makes sense, that isn't what you're expecting and yet that fits so perfectly into what they've already shown you that you just *grin*. Here, it's pages ten to twelve of the third comic. (More excerpts here.)

Also, they have props. (I love prop documents. Library cards for Miskatonic University, death certificates for Wraith games, references to Torchwood pamphlets... *glee*)


Second, Warren Ellis has something to say about Jack the Ripper. It's old--December 2003--but it's a neat idea, and damn it does nail exactly how much we know about old Leather Apron.


Hmh. There's a fifteen-minute indie short of "The Statement of Randolph Carter" up here. Looking at it and it's suddenly reminding me very much of Poppy Z. Brite's "And His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood".


Hey, there's a contest up here; explain what and why your favourite horror game is in 250 words or less. Figured it might be of interest to anyone who hadn't seen it.


(There is no fifth.)


Online comic called Stark Reality; new page every week (I think). Black and white, scratchy setting that feels like a slightly less urban version of MegaCity One. Short stories, generally black humour, kinda fluffy. I like it.


Feb. 18th, 2008 08:10 am
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*bounce bounce bounce*

Fans! is back. First page, one panel, straight black, just text. Topical, even. In the standard Fans! way.
"Mr. Obama?
"Is it your position that vampires should be allowed to marry?"
I have missed this comic.
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Fans! is back. Or will be on Monday morning at about 1:00 a.m.

I broke out the wine when it ended. Probably shouldn't do the same thing once it's back, since I'll be reading it first thing in the morning. But it'll be nice to see it back; I read it for seven years and I missed it.
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So. There's this development journal a friend of mine has up for his two webcomics; Stik, which is a kind of dry run/comics theory/stick figures/slice of life scribble that's well worth watching, and River City Mechanical, which is a serial comic about cartoon robots that live together.

The journal is [ profile] hurfadurf, and I highly recommend checking it out.


Dec. 31st, 2007 03:06 am
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Woke up half an hour ago, and am absolutely not tired. Have caught up on all my Monday comics, because if there's one thing the holiday season is good for, it's falling behind on that.

Penny Heartbreaker is back. And GirlAMatic has a new strip, the road to god knows..., set locally. I should check the index pages of the... ensemble sites? ...I go to more often; I'd missed it showing up. (Also? Should probably prune my links. I am still checking comics that haven't updated in a year and a half. Won't somebody think of the bandwidth elves?)

I swear I have completely lost any sense of what day it is. I know it's Monday, but after a weekend off and a half-day on and a half-day off and two days off and a day on and three days off and a half-night's sleep that I'm not tired after, it doesn't feel like Monday. It doesn't feel like anything.

I should go back to bed--hey, it's the last day of 2007. Happy New Year's Eve.
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Special love for Faith Erin Hicks, who appears to have a grasp on what's actually okay for grand villainy, here. (Marna, you may wish to avoid.)
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On the one hand, I love Dresden Codak. (The current storyline starts here.)

On the other hand, I often need to look something up after reading it. Like this one. I mean, you can get the gist of it without knowing what the Chandrasekhar Limit is, but I was curious. know, these things should not really be on opposing hands. They are both all to the good.

(Also? They occasionally game.)
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The latest issue of The Willows arrived last night. Haven't had a chance to sit down with it yet, but am glad of it. (Hmh. I suppose in a couple of months I need to renew my 'scription...[1])

Also, ran across something called tiny ghosts. It's a photo/caption webcomic, two lines and two pictures each strip. I'm not usually a particularly fond of the style, but find this one oddly fascinating. Part of it is that there's something subtly odd about a two-panel comic strip; I'm much more used to three and four. Part of it is the sweet macabre mood that a lot of them have, and the odd twists. Worth looking at, I think.

Finally, [ profile] _anacrusis continues to provide 100-word bites of great amusement every morning. Here's a quick take on Genesis.
[1] *Total* tangent: Angel is currently eating prescription cat food that can only be obtained from the vet, as did her brother before her. I derive great amusement from referring to her as a 'scrip kitty.
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There's a webcomic I've started reading lately. SPQR Blues, what I'd guess you call an ensemble cast story of life in Pompeii. The latest strip is less detailed than usual, and has the note "I couldn't find my fine-line pen today ... so I only inked the parts I felt I could do with the gigantic 01 pen." Emphasis mine.

For reference--these letter you are reading upon the screen? These lines that make up said letters? Are probably appearing as *slightly* thinner than the line from a 01 graphic pen.

Gigantic, indeed. I only know of two people drawing comics who draw them as (practically) finished size--this artist and the one who did the four-part mini-series on the undertaker in a Very Strange World (blanking on the name, will dig up later).

But yeah. Neat series. Worth a look.
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Absolutely hands-down top-of-the-top-ten no-holds-barred completely *worst* way to break up with your girlfriend here. I mean worst. Worse than slamming the door and leaving them outside for the zombies.

(Ghad, I hope that melodramatic little prick gets eaten.)

It's called dead winter, it's a zombie apocalypse webcomic, and it starts here.
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So, [ profile] kakkoi_hakujin walks up to me today and says "I hear you're a seamstress. I need a favour." And I put a shot of cinnamon whiskey in the Coke, because the scar from the last seamstressing hasn't gone away yet and I don't have my sewing machine handy and, you know, I'm passably good at it but still cringe when asked to do it for someone else in case I screw it up. But the drastic shortening and gentle tweaking of the jacket went well enough. Thread-fiddling may occur later.


Furthermore, I have decided that while I'm happy to read well-done dark and grim fiction with superheroes, I occasionally just want death-defying action and wonderful strange monsters and quips and a hero with style and grace and little bit of fencing skill. They'd never torture, they'd never lie, honour a promise if it meant they'd die... (Anyone recognize that without Googling it? Man, Wildberry coolers bring out my inner geek.) And you know, I started reading comic books for that. And I can't find it in comics anymore. They got serious sometime when I wasn't looking, and some of it's good, and a little of it's great, but it's not always what I want.

So I'm watching Doctor Who. Because I *will* have my dose of unabashed heroism,dammit.[1]

Speaking of which, Danny, this link's for you. Includes Daleks.


Also: I have discovered that I would like more webcomics to read. So... uhm... suggest a currently updating webcomic, and if I haven't seen it yet and like it, I'll draw you an icon or something? (Two if it updates exclusively on some combination of Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.)
[1] David Tennant is additional appeal.
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Three strips of musical, and yes the strip above is a link.

Man, none of the people *I* know who are working on their dissertations ever do this.


Jul. 23rd, 2007 08:31 am
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Dear Internet:

Occasionally, I feel that I don't appreciate you enough. Take you for granted. Especially when I was up very late and so have read all but one of Monday's webcomic updates before going to bed and have nothing to read this morning.

(Tangent: I cannot for the life of me figure out if the protagonist in this simply hasn't thought of chopping off limbs with zombie bites before--he is a vampire, after all, and may have different assumptions--or if he knows it isn't going to work and is just being an utter bastard. Suspect the latter, but am really not sure.)

And then you gently toss up a twenty-one track steampunk compilation on the shores of [ profile] gears_and_steam, including a Vernian Process track dedicated to Unhallowed Metropolis[1], and I remember just how wonderful you are.

(Ohhh. Three Vernian Process albums available, here and here. Must bring headphones to work today.)

Thank you, Internet.
[1] Haven't heard anything since early June, but then it was that the files went to the printer and the book was slated for a GenCon release, so I remain quietly attentive. Is it just me, or is there a lot of green in steampunk logos...?
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Three things worth taking a quick look at:

[ profile] 365_tomorrows has a short and pleasant story on the possible consequences of a society which recognizes and legislates protection for the pre-pregnant.

Phil Foglio's Girl Genius: the 101 Class (early stories) have caught up to the Advanced Class (later stories), so you can now read the whole thing through--it's not *over*, but there are no gaps left. The first eighty pages are black and white; colour starts here and handily recaps the (engaging) situation in the first three pages. Comedy begins on the fourth.

Lea Hernandez's Texas Steampunk I: Cathedral Child is online here. It's an entirely different feel from what I usually think of as steampunk; more polished, more golden, adobe walls and open plains with a kind of slow dreaming machine intelligence.
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