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Yanked from [ profile] harald387, here (his has the numbers still in, handy if you want to do this yourself). Links of names in the list are to pictures.

Choose twelve of your original characters in any particular order, without looking at the questions under the cut. Then answer the questions.

1) Mallory Manson
2) Melianthe Blackmoor, Mistress of the Mystic Arts
3) Sam Murdock
4) Velvet van Sloane
5) Jack Hollow
6) Zed Torrain
7) Astrid Iysekch
8) Bloody Boots
9) Staples Peterson
10) Tulsa Andrakis
11) Epworth
12) Jenny Spikestones

You know, I left out Black Shuck for this, on the theory that he is not *technically* an original character, but merely a figure from folklore that I was geeking madly and writing stories about at age... hrm... seven. So this had better be good.

No peeking at the questions untill you've whipped up that list, unless you're not going to do the meme. )
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Suggestions on swearing that is neither religiously inspired, explicitly vulgar, or self-consciously over-written?


Must. Watch. /V/. Trailer. Again.

Incidentally, a decent summary of what the quotes or references or pictures in V for Vendetta are making references to is available here; the dominoes falling, the Milgram study, the definition of tupenny rush and penny dreadful.


May. 25th, 2005 11:35 pm
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Out of here in less than 24 hours. For a wonder, Marcon is about the furthest thing from my mind. (I did the pre-reg. Were they supposed to send me anything that confirmed that? I think not.)


[ profile] falseidoru writes some beautiful stuff. Read her latest.


Mad cut. My manners. )


For tomorrow (now today): find and collect all paperwork. Pack. Buy last-minute supplies. Friday's strip. /Quite/ pages. Uploads. US cash.

It begins!

Nov. 2nd, 2004 02:27 am
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Right. I really need to crash now.

Plus side; I've gotten 1240 words down. I wrote an introductory bit (twenty posts back) in September, but since it was written back in September, it doesn't count. May tack it on in December, though. I don't expect this to be polished by November 30, just 50,000 words long and hopefully complete. Revising can naturally happen afterwards.

Downside; oh dear Christ someone strangle me or my keyboard now, my prose is so fucking florid it's going to bloom and clog up my computer with tiny, sickly-sweet flowers.


Additional note: some people who I know to speak to face-to-face occasionally read this LJ. I am really kind of nervous about this whole trying to write a novel thing. If you have feedback, I don't care who you are, I don't care how well I know you or how sure you are I will handle what you have to say calmly or even happily, put it in a comment and I'll read it when I'm ready for it. I am just so not confident in my ability to take criticism with good grace right now.

That said, I'm tossing up an excerpt.


He came in the cold space between sunset and night. )
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Pre-Hallowe'en party. Card games. Some neat people.

I understand the importance of maintaining a detached and neutral attitude in political discussions--this is not to say it's necessary, merely frequently helpful--but when someone says they'd vote against Bush but they hope he gets in because he'll fuck up the US and it'll be good for the Canadian economy I have brief and transient fantasies of shotguns which are not duct-tape covered props.

Someone I hadn't seen in years asked me how I'd been, and it kind of all just hit me at once--graduated, got job, dead parent, murderously intense jealousy, thousands-of-dollars worth of sick cat, sister opened store, three-day ST confidence fuck-up, moved parent, landlord squabbles, repainting apartment, lost job[1], imminent roommateness of SO--and I couldn't think of anything to say. I have his e-mail, I will get in touch with him.

This whole future thing is terrifying me. I'd prefer an oncoming train--what worries me is the long slow slide away of time and energy and focus until I wake up at thirty-two and realize I never picked anything to focus on and my chances are gone and my leeway's used up and I'd better stop this silly flitting around with daydreams of being an artist and get my sorry ass into a cubicle. Or two.

Someone I hadn't seen in months told me I was going to write a wonderful book someday. I think that was the highlight of the party timespan for me, really. He's rather prone to extravagent confidence in other people, and I'm quite sure he was under the influence, but it was very good to hear.

NaNoWriMo in twenty-one-and-a-bit hours. Tried to rework things a bit on the outline, got bogged down, will refocus after sleep. I'm spending far too much damn time worrying about picking a gender for Brice and Kelly; Zed's always been female, Morgan really has to be male, and while it doesn't matter for Whisk I don't really see any reason to change her. Stupid oversensitive sociopolitical conscience...
[1] Yeah, okay, not lost. More like casually not-renewed.


Oct. 24th, 2004 01:39 am
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Just finished a 2062 word character sketch and outline for NaNoWriMo; yeah, yeah, I know, not like I've got enough things to do in my copious spare time already... It's pretty shoddy stuff, but at least it's all down. (Hey: rewrite each word into twenty-five, and I'm done!) May toss up fragments later, when the outline has become respectable, and when I don't have quite so many typos.

The Grudge is a decent creepy movie. Ditto Uzumaki (actually, I liked that the better of the two--also a very pretty green movie). Japanese horror movies (based on my extensive sample of two) seems to break the conventions of the splat, or maybe it's just that I haven't seen enough to recognize the clichés yet.

Wraith: The Great War is available in PDF. Must purchase.

Deadlands game is becoming a more imminent and concrete reality.

Have decided to self-motivate for art by treating it as job, to the extent of earning the right to take X amount out of my savings based on what I produce. Will require honesty with self and self-imposed adherence to quality standards and limits, but am cautiously optimistic.

Should probably crash now, as I'm expecting a wakeup call in ~6/7 hours.
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Working on the general theory that dammit, if I start writing, I'll at least get more done than I would if I never did...


Darkness rose in the east. )
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I managed to clear half an hour at work yesterday. And since it keeps occurring to me that really, there's a fair amount of dead time here--it's scattered around in bits and pieces, three minutes here, two minutes there, but it adds up--I thought I'd see if I could get some writing done. I had a short scene outlined, and I started in on it.

It sucked.

The description had all the life of a waterlogged cow carcass draped across a lonely and ignored backroad off Highway 417. The action was jerkier than a 1920s newsreel. And I could live with the dialogue, but it was nothing of note; standard spooky interplay/chorus schtick from The Minions. You know how they speak. Pronouncement. Obscure reference to pronouncement. Portentious reference to obscure reference. Gah.

(Plus side: the twins have been named, Mason and Thames for those who care, and Sunday night out actually produced a reasonable portrait of Whisk. I love Montana's; I can't recall a time I've eaten there that scribbling on the paper tablecloths has not produced something I liked enough to keep. Sadly, I cannot afford to eat there nearly as often as I'd like.)

And my living room has been primed. Soon it will be painted, and soon after that I will be able to watch videos at home, and stop confusing the cats.


Jul. 16th, 2004 03:13 pm
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Clearing out old files (my god, did I ever think the G&S filk on trolls was new?), and ran across something I wrote back in early August of 1999, either the 9th or the 10th...

Just in passing. )

I think I've found a decent description for WHN. Now I just need a name to go with it...

pokes randomly at dictionaries for a few moments, looking for linguisitic origins and synonyms of water. runs across:

v. wa·tered, wa·ter·ing, wa·ters
v. tr.
3. To dilute or weaken by adding water: a bar serving whiskey that had been watered.

Whisk. Very good.
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Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Never stays the same style/colour for long.
Clothes:Simple, comfortable, everyday clothes.
Special Features:Random tattoo(s)
Sidekick:An alternate personality, that on occasion takes on its own physical form.
Attitude:Evil. Just...Evil.
Weapon:A sword that's twice as big as you are.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Not, you know, that I'm particularly a fan of animé. But this is, barring the sword, creepily accurate. Even the sidekick thing, although she doesn't have one.

Turned down two offers of employment today--one full-time clerical with another group, one part-time clerical with my current group (the clerical doesn't really appeal, and the immediate start date was a problem; if it began in September, I'd be okay with it). My boss looked... disconcerted. Hurt? Wishing I could stop feeling like I've let people down.


Jun. 11th, 2004 02:32 pm
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I was reading this article, and came to two depressing realizations:

(1) She's right.

(2) I don't have a hero worthy of my villain. Dammit, I'm not sure I have a hero.

Zed is noticeably lacking in qualities right now. I have a fairly definite idea of her personality, but not so much what drives it. And the necessity of keeping her ignorant for much of the story is extraordinarily limiting.

Brice and Kelly have both personalities and qualities, I think--but they're not the central figures. They can oppose my villain, but they're unlikely to strike any common notes. WHN and Zed strike common notes, but they're ignorant enough of what's going on that much of the potential's dropped.

I think I need to reread Dracula; the Count is a great villain, and about the only thing he has in common with Our Heroes is being a dead white male.

More random thoughts... Common elements are what? The supernatural? The inhuman/archetypal nature, tethered to a human form? Play up what you lose by surrendering to the archetype, maybe... Can I build common elements with the heightened weight of meaning actions get given, as it kicks over to a situation where superstition becomes cause and effect? And can I do that without it turning into an "I zot you with X power!" story/resolution?

Brice, common elements: education, understanding, philosophical understanding of the world? Kelly: idealism, god help us?

Bother. I'm gonna go think about the twins for a bit.
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