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All 93 issues of Heavy Metal rehomed, and someone is willing to take the laptop despite its occasional "oh, were you doing something? sorry, I am busy being a frozen brick now" tendencies[1], so that's good. Also there's a garage sale on our street this Saturday; looking to maybe get some stuff out.

The carrybag for the laptop has a half-busted zipper (it's double-ended, so you can still close it 2/3s of the way). Am trying to decide if that should mean toss it (I have tried but cannot repair it myself, and zipper replacement tends to run $1-2 per inch), keep it for knitting-projects-etcetera, or send it off with the laptop and let the new owners decide.

Also trying to catch up on reading (I had one of those horribly embarrassing moments cleaning the library[2]), clean all the dishes etcetera because we're getting our first box of vegetables tonight and it will be good to have all implements and all counter space available while we decide what to do with them, catch up on laundry, and possibly finish going through the box of things that Absolutely Need Putting Away from the coffee table. (I am a third of the way through it. It doesn't seem like enough.)

If I am feeling better later, may try to reseed a patch of the back yard, but I don't think that's happening today.

...when I write it out, it sounds productive. I'm not sure if this is a clever illusion or not.
[1] Which mostly kick in when it moves or tilts. Very annoying behaviour for a portable.
[2] "Wait, I own this[3]? Dammit. I had to borrow it from a friend to read it."
[3] This, in this case, being Coraline.


May. 13th, 2013 01:34 pm
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The cats are happy.

The cats are happy because there is more space.

The cats are happy because there is more space because I have been cleaning out the coffee table in the living room so that we can move it and there are many books and many magazines that have been moved and I am trying to organize this and I think that things are coming to a bit of a head in my head.

Angus has been peering curiously at me, and sticking his head over the edge of the table, and climbing around the undershelf, and proving to himself that yes, he can walk on all these spaces (and can get from the table across onto the other table if he just s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s). He seems very proud of himself.

It's May. How can I feel this overwhelmed by books in May?


I am not saying "no more books". But the thought of getting almost[1] any more books right now makes me feel a bit tired, and that's not a feeling I want, and especially not from books.

And for the love, someone teach me how to be okay with getting rid of magazines?
[1] The stuff on my wishlist-plus list on Goodreads? That would be ok. I may pare it down a bit again, though.


Feb. 4th, 2013 06:04 pm
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I went out and got groceries, which is nice; we have plans for dinner tonight, and tomorrow (probably?) I'm making the leek-and-potato soup from A Fest of Ice & Fire. And maybe oatcakes. (Related to that: pine nuts are ridiculously expensive. O.o I mean, I am sure there are reasons, and I can't speak to what those reasons are, but ~$70 a kilo is... sort of mindblowing. (Suggestions for alternatives included roasted sunflower seeds, which are a tenth the price.))

And we heard back from the vet! Piper is probably getting surgery, and we are taking her in for a consult tomorrow morning. We will hopefully know more about how much we can help her and what aftercare will look like then.

I am off to tidy and cook the kitchen into submission.
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Having made breakfast, run errands, had lunch, put away groceries, etc., the following dialogue was heard in our house:
"Okay. I'm going to go shoot people until enough dollars come out that I can play Pretty Pretty Princess. That is how the game works, yes?"
"That's about it, actually."
"Cool. get to shoot bad guys, right? Not cops?"
"Oh yeah."
I think this is about what I need to unwind right now.

(The nice thing about starting to get on top of the laundry and kitchen and everything? It means that when there is a morning where I am all "Ugh, I don't wanna deal with Generic Housecleaning Stuff, then the result is "Dammit, the dishrack is full and there are two minutes worth of dishes to clean." Not "Oh god I am never going to see the bottom of the sink again I don't wanna even be in this room.")
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Bear with me for background: there's an author called Jay Lake. His weird short story "The Soul Bottles" was actually the first story I ever bought in e-format, and is still one of my favourites. He has cancer, and it's not going well. And someone organized an online fundraiser (I think around noon today, my time?) to see if they could get him a particular diagnostic tool, and it went really well.

It's... partly being happy that he's getting help, and partly "oh god internet I'm so glad you make nice things happen sometimes," and partly just... I hope it helps, I really do.

([profile] cmpriest doing a steampunk/gothic fashion show with her pets should also be cool.)

(Also [personal profile] seanan_mcguire filking. I understand it's filk, and not "Wicked Girls", but still!)

I made dinner tonight; I got the A Feast of Ice and Fire cookbook last night, after deciding that dammit I really wanted to look up a few things, and today I made the modern leek soup. (Not the same as the blog recipe; the one from the book has less spice, and uses butter and potatoes.) It actually worked out really well; the book calls it comfort food and it manages to be that, despite being a large pile of vegetables. It's less odd when I remind myself that it has butter and carbs.

(At some point I need to figure out exactly which cooking tends to stress me and which doesn't. I know part of it is mood and part of it is familiarity, but that's not all of it.)

Also, I finished three books today, and am halfway through a fourth. Only started one of them today, but still. Am trying to actually write reviews on goodreads, so may be a bit before I toss them all up there, but still. Coraline is the fourth; I'm finding I like it better than the movie in most particulars.


Oct. 18th, 2012 07:18 pm
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Made dinner tonight; sweet-and-sour peppers and onions, and fried pork chops. (Actually, I think properly speaking those were the excuse for sugar and olive oil and red-wine vinegar and fresh-ground pepper and crushed garlic and sprigs of thyme. But in terms of volume, the peppers and pork chops definitely made up most of the meal.)

John's started watching Gordon Ramsay. I definitely see the appeal.


Oct. 10th, 2012 05:42 pm
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Specifically, a matched set containing
  • seven dinner plates (regular size),
  • three salad plates (small),
  • eight bowls,
  • twelve fruit/dessert plates (smaller!),
  • twelve coffee/tea cups,
  • twelve saucers, and
  • one teapot.
Microwave and dishwasher safe. White stoneware with a raised basketweave pattern around the edges of the plates, outer edges of the bowls/cups, etc.

Yours if you come and get it, otherwise it's CDA fodder.

(Getting tired, but plowing through stuff. Literally. Garbage day tomorrow, yay.)

Belated ETA, 27/10/2012: four salad plates, and it's gone. Yay.
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The front room is... well, about as you see it. Except more fans and an industrial-strength dehumidifier have appeared since I took the picture.

Open walls and wet wood. )

On top of that, the second-floor bathroom is currently full of a dehumidifier.

I'm very tired.
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Guess what happened fourteen days ago?

Well, a lot of things, probably. But I was referring to this.

John, bless him, woke up 45 minutes ago and heard the water running. We're not sure how long it was going; our front porch is soaked, and water had gotten down the steps and over the lawn and made a significant mark on the driveway, so presumably "a while".

(We were going to replace that tank today. It hadn't broken yet, but the other two had, and we figured why wait another three years, or two years, or however long it took?)

Enough water came out, too, that the exterior brickwork has been soaked, so the housing corporation's insurance is getting involved. Maybe it will be nice and simple and the two insurance companies will just figure out who pays what proportion of the total cost. (ETA: migod, you would not believe how hard a management representative can hammer on the word "fault", as in "it's your fault", I am sure she's capable of being a very nice person in less stressful situations but right now I am just not thinking about her.)

Uhm. I don't know. So people are coming out, and hopefully the housing corporation's insurance adjuster can do a better job of passing for a moderately compassionate human being.

And Harry Harrison died today. What the hell.


Aug. 2nd, 2012 10:06 pm
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Guess what happened three years, two weeks, and two days ago?

Well, a lot of things, probably. But I was referring to this.

Fortunately we were at home this time, I was actually just getting out of the (other) shower, and John managed to get the water turned off very soon after it started running. Called the emergency line to report leakage into the walls and air vents, and I am just going to go look up the insurance information in a moment. (And then various EE credits, since if we`re replacing the damn thing we might as well do it as efficiently and cheaply as possible.)

What a night. And I need to be getting up for work in eight hours.
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Just had dinner. Dinner was a splurge from the local farmer's market; a cipaille (a kind of meat pie) containing buffalo, elk, wild boar, onions, salt-pepper-seasoning, and its own gravy.

Dinner was amazing. Flavourful, not too tough, slightly sweet (carmelization, maybe?); I am holding off on having a third slice because (1) I'm full, dammit, and (2) oh this will make amazing lunches for the week.

Going back next week and asking her how long it can be kept frozen before cooking, and if it can be refrozen after. I know you don't refreeze thawed meat, but I always thought that was "you don't refreeze it you cook it," and I imagine you could freeze it after that.

Seriously, such a lovely taste.
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Saturday, I fell asleep in the late afternoon. Woke up around ten. Went out for dinner, got home around 1, went to bed, slept.

Waking up around 10 this morning was fine. Got up, made coffee, watched a little TV, petted the cats, poked the computer, helped John make chowder. Couldn't quite focus on things and was stressing out. Managed to make dinner anyway.

Sat down to same half an hour ago, looked at my plate, and realized this was breakfast.

Explained a bit about the brain-fog.

Trying to recuperate while tidying kitchen. Apologies on anything I have left hanging; trying to catch up.

Brilliant life suggestion, as per the post title: Do not do this.

Good news!

May. 17th, 2012 07:05 pm
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The city will not actually be removing a wall of our living room!

(There's still going to be scaffolding and brick removal and stuff around the front porch next week, though.)

It feels like Monday. Keep reminding myself that this is not the case, and there is a long weekend coming. I keep getting jittery over details. If I don't stop waking up at three in the morning, I'm going to start going to bed around eight until I feel better.

Also: picture! And link to the story, if you click it.

ETA: John has improved my day!
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I made lunch!

It started with this, and then got heavily modified due to the fact that a pre-cooked pork roast was way too much, I couldn't find apple cider and used apple juice instead (simmered it down a tiny bit first), and I thought we'd be much more likely to use up red wine than red wine vinegar (I checked, and the substitution is apparently fine).

So I got a two-and-change pound boneless center loin cut, put cloves in it, and cooked it (put it in the oven for seven minutes at 450'F, then turned it down to 300'F) on an improvised roasting rack made of tinfoil coils. Made up the sauce and put it on the pork as soon as it was ready, and then basted at ten-minutes-and-change intervals. I would have liked to let the sauce/juices cook down a bit more, and the cherries plump up a little more, but it was getting really late.

Changes for next time: smaller roasting pan, just so the cherries get a deeper pool of juice to soak in. Find apple cider. And I think that's it.
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My crème fraîche didn't work out; it's a bit too runny, and I don't know why. It's still useable, and I may nuke some of the frozen berries and have it on that, but it's not what I was hoping for. It worked last time, and I'm going to try again, but damn.

My computer's been a bit crunchy lately (and my laptop needs to go in for repairs), and I did manage to clear a few dozen MB off my hard drives, which since one of them was down to 3% free may help things run a bit more smoothly. Not sure, can't hurt. I've been trying to get my PDFs and ebooks organized. It's... a bit daunting. There are somewhere over five hundred, and I haven't even finished getting all the ones off the Cemetery Dance site.

It feels like a day where not much got done, on balance. Not a bad one, just unsatisfying, and busy.
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I think I heard, once, that the days between Christmas and New Years were counted a not part of either year, a space slightly out of the flow of things.

If that is the case, then I can safely say that at no point in the winter of 2011 did I stand outside, shoveling snow off the barbecue and cooking steak.
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There's this thing I do sometimes--towards the end of the month, usually. I mean, not every month, but the end of the month is when it's most likely to happen. Needing to buy something expensive can do it. Putting money in the bank can do it, especially if I'm anxious and paying attention to how much the amount goes up by.

Anyway. This thing I am doing is the thing where you start figuring out exactly how much money you have and how long you could manage for if there was absolutely no more income. I had to go pick up my meds and I spent a dozen minutes wandering around the groceries section of the drug store[1], figuring out how much I could get in the way of groceries if I cashed in all my rewards points. (The chain has a pretty standard spend-money-get-points-redeem-points thing going.)

I have no idea why I was doing this math. Things are fine, I know this, and even when I'm thinking about it I'm not worrying. It's more just a very very absorbing problem, like a Sudoku with addition.

(Also? The spaghetti was on sale for $0.99 a package.)
[1] Always makes me think of the description of the drug superstore in Stephen King's "The Sun Dog". Household goods and widgets and toiletries and food and cleaning supplies and toys and candy and way at the back, the pharmacy. Because it is still technically a drug store.
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I made a mug cake for breakfast. Initially it was going to be a lemon mug cake, but we don't have lemon juice. And we don't have quite the right ingredients. So.
  • 1 egg
  • 4 tbsp of milk (3 of 1%, 1 of 10% cream)
  • 3 tbsp of canola oil
  • 4 tbsp of sugar (3 of white, 1 of brown)
  • 1/4 tsp of synthetic vanilla extract
  • 4 tbsp flour
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
Also a fork, measuring spoons, and a biggish coffee cup.
  1. Crack the egg into the coffee mug and mix it with a fork.

  2. Mix in the milk, oil, sugar, and vanilla.

  3. Mix in the flour and baking powder (which I actually did at the same time as the last step but you probably shouldn't).

  4. Microwave for three minutes on high. I paused it at two minutes to check on it and take a look, so I will add "do not be alarmed if the cake is two inches above the top of the mug and rising."
And... well, it's a bit oily (I think using butter instead of canola might help with that) and rather heavy/dense towards the bottom. Still. Cake for breakfast--warm cake--with three minutes of prep time and nearly no dishes, yay.

Thanks to [personal profile] snakey for tossing me the initial link.
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Bananas were on sale $0.29/lb on Tuesday, so I picked up a bunch. Had one, and the others were heading towards overripe very fast, so I made banana bread. (Out of three of them. There is one left for peanut-butter-banana sandwiches, still.)

Used this recipe, and it took me about eighty-five minutes to bake, not fifty-five. I am not entirely sure why--I think that using a foil loaf pan might have allowed it to bow out in the middle a bit, and make it thicker there, but the pan was an inch and a quarter narrower than the recipe recommended to start with, so I doubt that's it.

(Also? Walked the dog. With perfect timing. It had just settled down to a nice steady light rain when I went out.)

Am hoping the banana bread turns out better than dinner. Made steaks, which was fine, but I, er, sort of used the Mrs. Dash on them instead of the steak spice. Still quite edible, though. :) And on the plus side, it taking so long means I had a chance to rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

Banana bread currently cooling on a wire rack inside the microwave, since I do not trust the beady little eyes of our poor cats who have never been fed ever, and I am going to bed.
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I have emptied out one dresser, moved all the stuff on top of it, moved around furniture to clear a path, taken all the drawers downstairs and outside, watched and been impressed as the light of my life broke the frame in half tore an entire dresser set in two in one smooth motion with his bare hands for me, taken that downstairs and outside, rearranged my office, moved the dresser in my office out to replace the old dresser (there is now space for a bookcase in the office, yay).

Until there is a bookcase and a place to put things, my office is currently empty on one half and not really useable due to stuff stacked out of the way on the other half. Fortunately I have a laptop.

I am so very very tired. But satisfied.
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