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So, [personal profile] commodorified kindly tossed me a link to this post on comic book stores[1], and it prompted the following exchange:
[personal profile] green_dreams --there are maps of girl-friendly comic book stores?
I didn't know. And I'm so glad.
[personal profile] commodorified Apparently
[personal profile] green_dreams ANd I shouldn't have to be.
What the fuck, people.
[personal profile] commodorified possibly pink maps, with purple street names in glitter
[personal profile] green_dreams Oh yeah, we are into that kind of girly shit. Also, they only show the ones that stock manga.
I'm embarrassed sometimes about liking horror movies, which tend to be racist, sexist, homophobic, neophobic, and often contain such characteristics that if they were a person they would be a person it was probably not worth my time to educate enough to talk to without wincing--but at least I can go into a video store and not wonder if I'm about to have a Someone Else's Problem field dropped on me.

There is a local comics-and-gaming store. I haven't been by in... more than three years, for reasons actually not related to this effect.[2] I will have to give it another try.

(Seriously, people. The comic book industry as something we'd recognize started in 1938[3] at the latest; I'm excluding joke-and-cartoon books, here, which predate that. And in seventy-three years this attitude has come into being and not died?)
[1] Yes, the title of the post is a reference. Much love for Tiptree.
[2] I went by one Sunday; was rather ignored, yes, but it was more the seriously noticeable funk that kept me away.
[3] Tangentially, because I love my tangents, two years before women were allowed to vote in Quebec provincial elections.
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I am sure most people who would care would know, but...

There are nails in the coffin of the CCA.

(reserving the right to turn her head and spit at the name of Dr. Frederick Wertham since the early 90s)


Nov. 23rd, 2010 07:20 am
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I have not been happy to be awake so early in a while. :)

Morning conversation included US presidential terms, fictional timelines, and the Golden Age Green Lantern[1]. And coffee and eggs. And I am comfortably awake, and will head out for groceries in about half an hour.
[1] Which is mostly my geekery, and of course has me itching to reread Moore's run on Swamp Thing.[2]
[2] "Of course" being because the original Green Lantern's powers were helpless against wood. Not the colour yellow. (Which I am sure you all knew.) Also because after being re-linked to "The Enigma of Amigara Fault"[3] yesterday I am missing horror comics something fierce.
[3] To be read right to left, in case you were wondering.


Nov. 16th, 2010 05:35 pm
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Dental work's finally done.

Went looking for Christmas cards today, and could not find anything that didn't have preprinted sentiments. Got some of my yarn weighed.[1] Watching The Walking Dead; I keep getting a bit of déjà vu from when I read the comic, but it's not spoiling the show any.

(Speaking of comics, rediscovered 100 Bullets in collection at the library. Noir series, very neat concept that allows for one-to-three issue stories while unfolding an overarching plot in the background. Worth checking out if you like that kind of thing.)

Hoping to get out to see RED before it leaves the theatres, but keep doing other things instead. And I need to get started on Christmas presents, too. (Possibly not knitted ones. I tried swatching the See You Later socks (Ravelry link), and I... well. I did not do so well.)

Looking for ways to sync Thunderbird between my laptop and my PC[2]; found a couple of options, not sure how much trouble they'd be to implement. (I want to do the same thing with Firefox, but that is much less trouble.)

Looking for work continues. One possible job to be hopeful about, but they are saying they need information to give me a T4 for the work on the contract, and this is leaving me unoptimistic.[3]

S'yeah. Not exciting, but mostly pleasant and productive.
[1] Do not laugh. First, it gives me yardage. Second, it lets me know how much postage I need to use.
[2] Oh, and such a PC I have! It is... delicious.
[3] People contracted to do work? To the best of my knowledge (since I had to look into this sometime last year), they are not employees. They do not get a T4.
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My day has been saved from being the kind of thing that leaves me curled up in a corner and crying by the sudden return from the aether of Volume One of The Ballad of Halo Jones. The proper Titan Books edition, not the DC reprint.

That said, I'm still at work on the kind of day that has lead to the following discussion of a webpage with a common, cheap-ass, e-mail-form-results-to-a-particular-address form:
"It can send to any e-mail address that you can send an e-mail to."
"So it's not something the ISP does?"
I wish I was joking. My head. I have strength to escape, now.
("...and I'm not just whistling Erskold's Akron Concerto for Sublimizer and Glass Percussion!")
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Nazi... undersea... werewolf.

(I contemplate this and giggle.)

Also, watched Alien vs. Predator last night. Never has a movie given my husband such justification to repeat the phrase "face full of alien wing-wong". I'm just sayin'.

Besides that, he complains about the guy reading Predator heiroglyphs as if they were English. I, however, simply want to know why the Predators are using the Gregorian calendar (and, not incidentally, whether they go day-month-year or month-day-year. The hatching date being October 10th neatly prevented me from discerning this.)
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I have been out of the house for 5.5 hours. And I spent 1.5 of those walking briskly. Headed down to the AMC, found I'd just missed the cutoff for the movie I wanted to see, and wandered over to Chapters to kill time. Picked up a new Repairman Jack novel, Bloodline. I'm missing Infernal and By the Sword, and need to grab those. Grabbed a sandwich and fluffy-drink at Starbucks and then headed back once the next showing was due to start.

So. I saw The Spirit.

Please understand that I am coming to this from a perspective that... well... look, I love the Sin City books. The art--all of it, the layout and the style and the pacing and the setting and the writing (yes I said the writing goddammit, it works for what it is)--is beautiful. But Frank Miller still makes me want to remove something from his anatomy with an axe. I howled when I heard he was adapting The Spirit. I grumbled and I prepared for utter disappointment and I think there might have been an aside or five in there about needing an alibi.

What I am trying to say is, I went to see this movie not prepared to cut it any slack.

...I really liked it.

It was fun, the action could've come right out of the pages of a Spirit issue, and it was just--dammit, the word that keeps coming to mind is goony. fact, I think I need to own it.

Walked home afterwards, and it was distinctly brisk--I wish I'd had my gloves--but not freezing, so I was able to read some more of Bloodlines. And that was my day so far, and I think my legs are going to kill me tomorrow if I don't go soak in a hot bath, but then I have nothing against hot baths so it's all good.

Long day.

Oct. 24th, 2008 03:00 pm
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Computer not working this morning (hopefully fixable with a fan-cleaning, possibly eventually a new fan). Did not get to see the last twenty minutes of Teeth.

Tried Possets' Eve and BPAL's Black Lotus and Cobra Lily. Black Lotus is lovely. Cobra Lily is an overstrong floral that fades quickly and is going on the swap pile. Eve is a *very* evening scent, grounded sweet musk and heavy. Not unwearable, and enjoyable, but I'm not sure how much I'd ever wear it.

Got Wet Moon 3 at the local comic book shop. It wasn't in my subscription bag, and I never got volume 2. They're looking into finding it for me. Meanwhile, am reading through volume 3.

Spent until 2:00 p.m. by office phone, with insufficient coffee and no breakfast or lunch. Managed to be polite and get stuff done regardless.
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I spent twenty minutes this morning craving Black Forest cake. Usually I don't like the stuff, but today... I could practically taste it. Still vaguely interested.

I'm tired and my head feels like it's full of acrid cotton wool. I want to go home. I've got two and a half hours left of being here, and I just don't care. I'm still getting stuff done, though, which is good.

Angel's started waggling her jaw. Nothing too bad, she's still eating, she's still purring, and she's still walking all over us. But she keeps her mouth a tiny bit open a lot of the time now (and her tongue tends to stick out, which is just absolutely adorable), and sometimes she'll just stand there with her mouth open and wiggle her lower jaw from side to side, just a bit. It's very cute, and I want to cry.

The cancer, as you may have guessed from this, has gotten sizeable. Bigger than one of those white vinyl erasers, smaller than a hardboiled egg. I wonder what her jawbone actually looks like, now.

Oh, my kitten.

And I'm about at the stage where I'd kill to get purple-blue hair back, or the floppy-hawk (did I ever get a proper name for that?), or both at once. I haven't done anything with my hair in a year and a half. A year and a half, people. And it's so short I can't even quietly dye the bottom half of it and hide it with the rest, or something.


I don't know. I don't know.

Need to get out to an 80s night, or something equally fluffy and silly and low-pressure. Maybe pick a museum and go. Maybe just hit So Good in the market and watch people while I eat cake.

Stopped by the local comic book shop to pick up Fall of Cthulhu (vol. 2) and Cthulhu Tales. They're both only being printed in slightly reduced sizes, which is faintly annoying. However, the spontaneous 10% price break "because I like you" was pretty cool.
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My husband understands.

He comes bearing gifts.

Like Watchmen.

It's so beautiful. I've watched it twice. Will watch a third time as soon as I've posted.

Oh, Jesus.

Apr. 8th, 2008 12:34 pm
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Comics are embarrassing me again.

You may've heard of Victor von Doom, a.k.a. Doctor Doom. He's been around a while. Like many good villains, he's frequently more interesting than his antagonists.

He is one of your honourable villains (a murderous tyrant, yes, but a classy one). He is undeniably brilliant and driven. He is arrogant--as Lewis Lovaugh observes here, he's prejudiced in that he's superior to everyone because they're all not Doom. He is eloquent and poised, and given his history--gone to hell to fight the devil for his mother's soul, wrenched the power cosmic from the Silver Surfer, built time machines, can at the *very* least hold an intelligent discussion with Dr. Stephen Strange on matters mystical, and found a way to steal the powers of the Beyonder (an entire intelligent universe)--can be taken as fairly unflappable.

This is a not-bad example of Doom's dialogue[1], except that Doom would not be confused about someone showing him flying commercial; Doom would simply comment in a cutting fashion on the ignorant misapprehension or petty mudslinging of the foolish peasant responsible for the erroneous depiction.

Ranting like some adolescent Nice Guy(TM) revenge fantasy, scribbled out in a notebook after That Bitch turned you down for That Date?

Not so much Doom.
[1] Apparently he uses an iMac. I am amused.
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On the flipside, it is occasionally important to poke at one's own sacred cows.
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Stopped by the Comic Book Shoppe. Flipped through a couple of horror comics (migod, there are so many more than there used to be, back when I started reading...); one the first issue of something called Bump from Fangoria--clearly I have been not paying much attention to comics lately, since Fangoria putting out comics came as a complete surprise--and one the fourth issue of Secret from Dark Horse.

Spoilers. )

Impressions. )


It's putting me oddly in mind of Fred Clark's post here, on how One Does Not Do Such Things even if They Do--not because they are a good person or a fragile flower or any such reason, but because One Is Not Bad. Dammit.
[1] Ah, bless you, decade of the oughts. How *would* we properly express concern about strange savage degenerate outsider cultures without your movies?
[2] Yayyyy! Freddy!
[3] Oh, hell. That's a decent idea, actually--I can see it in Deadlands. Yank that setup, have dead victims as well as the killer's body hidden away, and have the victims rising from where they were left angry because just retribution was never exacted. Sure, the Sheriff's daughter was protected, and justice was done for *her*--but what about the unnamed, unburied, unavenged others? How are *they* going to rest easy?
Reminds me of the suggestion that a proper fair and legal trial, followed by a sanctioned hanging, might be enough to put down a Harrowed. Social ritual, justice acknowledged, secrets brought to light, memoriam. All that good stuff.
[4] This is notable only because they are human to start with. Freddy Kruegar or Pinhead may be expected to not participate in normal human society. Slasher movies often have a villain who is superficially human--it's the buddy or the cop or the rejected girl or the boyfriend who can function in society, and breaks out the butcher knives on the sly. What I'm talking about is different: the idea of someone who *obviously* doesn't meet society's norms, who clashes with the existing culture--a barbaric archetype.
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I swear, I wasn't even *looking* for this one. Found it Thursday, meant to toss it up, doing it before leaving.
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I picked up Gary A. Braunbeck's In Silent Graves at the library's used book store, and started reading it the other day.

First, I was actually disturbed. (That doesn't happen often. Pleasantly creeped out, grossed out, annoyed, disappointed (all too often), mildly sad or happy, those I get a lot. Disturbed, not so much.) It was a brief scene and a relatively mild effect--nothing as intense as reading "The Screwfly Solution" or watching the end of Hannibal--but damn. I am not used to novels that can do that. I am impressed.

Second, it comes across as *intelligent*, which is different from simply smart in some way I cannot put my finger on. Very information-rich, and I am not seeing any of the talking-down-to-the-audience or playing up of shared assumptions that I usually spot in horror.

Worth picking up.


If cropped shots of underwear models are NSFW, then so's the link. But as Leigh Walton says:
Jeez, Chris, if we wanted REALISM in our comics we’d go to Alex Ross or something.

What? Oh.

So apparently the Governor of Oregon is trying to live on $21 of groceries for a week. This has stuck in my brain as a rather neat factoid (yes I know that he's got help not typically available; I still like the idea), and I am moved to go home for lunch. The weather's nice outside[1], and the walk would be not bad, and all such small practicalities.


Is it just me, or are there a lot more facial piercings out there this year?
[1] Cloudy, cool, chance of rain, filthy daystar not immediately visible.
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A while ago--actually, I guess about a year ago--I picked up the first issue of a comic called the exterminators. It mostly revolves around the misfits employees of the Bug-Bee-Gone Co. and the people they deal with. The first storyline involved mutant roaches.[1]

Issue 11 came in today.

The extermination company has a creepy little scientist working for them, Dr. Saloth Sar. The USCA Research Labs have a considerably less creepy (which is still not saying much) scientist working for them, Professor Neal (and I actually can't find her first name). Neither of them are very socially ept, and this issue opens with each of them going to one of their respective co-workers and saying "A neighbour of mine is going on a date, and they asked me for advice. I have no idea what to say. What would you tell them?"

And the date happens.

Dr. Sar takes her to a very nice restaurant where they greet him by name, tell him his usual table is ready,[2] and then escort them both to a table for two, with linen and silverware and everything, that just happens to be set up in the unlit back alley next to the garbage dumpster.

And he hands her a pair of Israeli government issue night-vision goggles, because his idea of a lovely night out involves fine food and a chance to watch all the nocturnal vermin.

And the date is a success.

I *really* like this comic. It is creepy and disgusting in a way I do not usually enjoy, and involves a whole lot of very unbalanced characters. And it's funny, in that kind of good-god-people-are-weird way that I very rarely find in comics.
[1] For the sake of brevity, I am leaving out the corporate-ladder-climbing girlfriend, the ancient Egyptian curse, the cult, and the literary fetish re-enactments.
[2] Maison de Pierre had had a recurring black widow infestation in the seafood bisque, and were very grateful for Dr. Sar's professional help.
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I do believe I'm getting old.

Boring knee pain. )

S'yeah. I'm waiting for my doctor's office to call back. I'm going to Victoria on Wednesday unless they say something like "My god, you've got knee cancer and we *absolutely* have to operate on Thursday! Knee cancer can only be excised by the dark of the moon!"[3], but it would be nice if she (or someone in her office) could take a look at that and possibly prescribe a brace[4] or anti-inflammatories or something before I go.

*sigh* I just want to go home, put my leg up, and curl up with a nice chunk of horror fiction.

In other news, my sister got a job (yay!), I'm pretty sure I didn't (but there will be another), and some of H.P. Lovecraft's poetry has this really catchy beat, like Poe. I think "The Bride of the Sea " is rapidly becoming my favourite. Grimjack is still entertaining, Katharine Dunn's Geek Love is engaging, the French rugby team (and guests) quietly blew my mind, and I still don't hate my job.
[1] During which I did not actually get coffee, but a jumbo pack of TicTacs. I've developed this weird fondness for them as a snack, which given how cheap they are and how many you get in a box is something I am simply not going to question.
[2] Of course, if I had indications that one of my *cats* had been having trouble putting their weight on one leg for a day and a half, I'd've been calling the vet by then.
[3] Actually, if they say *that*, I'm getting a second opinion. But you take my point.
[4] Although I think braces are over-the-counter, I am happy to take recommendations from health professionals.
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I am glad to be typing because if I were trying to speak I could not do so through the watering of my mouth.

Johnny Depp will be playing Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I have no idea if it will be a straight-up movie or a musical. I do not care. I will be there.
He shaved the faces of gentlemen
Who never thereafter were heard of again...

Sealing wax (which part of me will always think of as ceiling wax) burns like mad hell if you drop it on your fingernail. Fortunately there was a glass of water nearby. I suppose it was very preferable to dropping it on my finger--heat aside, it's very sticky--but it still hurts.


Laid hands on both Fell and Nextwave; the former has a slightly less stylized feel this issue, bringing it more back into line with the first four, while the latter is still... uhm... still full of batshit people in tights mugging for the camera and spoofing all the conventions.

(Can anyone actually tell me if the Dread Rorkannu, Lord of the Dank Dimension, showed up anywhere before? Maybe in a What The--?! or something?)


Things are slowly getting done. Still not hating my job, still feeling really good about that. Need to go shopping before I go to Victoria, but am sure that will all work out.

My cats are adorable.
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So I woke up this morning (yes, this early), and in the predawn stew of my brain, the name "Edgar Vargas" is kicking around. It sounds like it should be something more than a character name, somehow. Faintly referential.

Edgar Vargas, for those either looking blankly at the screen or going through one of the "Agh! Where do I know that name from? Curse you, brain! Spit it out!" moments of life, is a character in Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. It's a comic about a guy named Johnny (Nny for short), who's a homicidal maniac. Written and drawn by Jhonen Vasquez (yes, that Jhonen Vasquez), pre-1997. Wonderfully scratchy B&W art, like a switchblade trying to draw something cute. Edgar shows up for all of four pages. It ends as expected, and it ends badly, and Edgar comports himself with quiet dignity throughout, and Johnny gets nothing out of it.

Edgar Vargas. Sounds like it should be the name of a nineteenth-century somewhat obscure painter, perhaps one who dealt a lot with city sunlight or brickwork.

So I Googled. And I didn't get any references (although Alberto Vargas is technically a nineteenth-century pin-up artist), but dear god--there's fanfic. And fanart. And yes, while I know that somewhere out there someone has probably devoted pages and pages to the fanfic of any short-lived character you can name and the internet lets people hook up with each other, I'm still somewhat surprised.

I'm trying to figure out why it feels like a pleasant surprise.

Going out biking now.
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