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I need to head in to work at some point in the next few days.

I was planning to head in today, because it is scheduled to get quite warm.

It is not yet "quite warm"; the weather forecast has a freezing rain warning in effect, which may well turn the world into a glossy little ice slick, possibly with a coat of water on top. I dislike walking on wet ice slicks.

I am trying to remind myself that the weather maybe being unpleasant is not a good reason to stay inside, because that way lies four months of being a shut-in.

ETA: have looked outside and the rain does not appear to have hit here yet, at least not hard enough that I can see the tree branches encased in little ice bubble-suits, so suppose this is a plus in terms of reminding myself to not overmuch focus on the weather reports as an excuse. Or something.
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In the last 105.5 hours, I have spent 42 on work. (Not at work, mind, since that would include lunches. Working. Am also not counting the weird dreams I have had about coding.)

I feel a little better about feeling quite so out of it, when I think of it that way. Which is ridiculous, since it's not a completely unreasonable amount, it's just... Yes. I can see it all at once now.

Plans for the weekend involve... I'm not really sure. Returning library books, perhaps, and sleeping in until 7, and other such luxuries.
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Up early again, but this time because one of the cats was making "I will play with gravity if you don't come feed me, ha-hah" noises, not because I woke up. (Although it has just occurred to me that if this is what woke me up, it means I didn't turn on the humidifier. Dammit.)

Anyway, the job that I got a call about before Christmas didn't pan out, but between that and the one I applied to yesterday morning and the current search (because this is what you do when up before 7 a.m. while waiting for the cats to finish eating, or at least what I do, at least this week), I am wondering if TBS changed something (or changed something back[1]), because the posted salaries are suddenly looking a lot better. I mean, "add on 50% of what I'd expect" better.

I'm reminding myself that (1) there is going to be more competition, and (2) it is possible that I am missing something, but it's a possibly good sign?
[1] As I have mentioned before, although possibly not here; a couple of years back, a ruling went through that government agencies hiring temp workers had to go with the lowest bid that met the job description. Temp agencies promptly started submitting lower bids, and the savings were passed along to you the consumer me the worker.


Oct. 25th, 2012 02:01 pm
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Four job applications submitted today. Another handful to look at, but they're going to require a substantially different tailored CV, so I'm worrying about them later.

Going to try to focus on something relaxing now.


Oct. 12th, 2012 04:01 pm
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A minute spent tailoring a CV to a job application is like a minute spent sitting on a hot stove. And it never takes just a minute.

I finally released some knitting from the blocking last night:

Less than flattering lighting, but WTH. )

Currently taking Piper out, rather than going back to cleaning. Fresh air rarely hurts.


Jun. 18th, 2012 03:48 pm
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I get a couple of hours work editing content on a website. The cheque just came in.

It's not a lot, but I feel pretty damn good.

Good news!

May. 17th, 2012 07:05 pm
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The city will not actually be removing a wall of our living room!

(There's still going to be scaffolding and brick removal and stuff around the front porch next week, though.)

It feels like Monday. Keep reminding myself that this is not the case, and there is a long weekend coming. I keep getting jittery over details. If I don't stop waking up at three in the morning, I'm going to start going to bed around eight until I feel better.

Also: picture! And link to the story, if you click it.

ETA: John has improved my day!
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Mail took 35 minutes to sort today. Not open, date-stamp, or check. Just to sort.

It also arrived at the office at 3:18 p.m. I leave at 4:00.

Tomorrow morning will be interesting, I am sure. On the other hand, if I get in early, I can play music while I work for a bit. (I can, in fact, put a few songs on infinite repeat for a bit, and no-one shall deny me, mua-ha. All shall tremble before my tyranny.)
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Have hit the point where I pull out a form, put the stamp over it with my right hand, press it down with my left, move the stamp off the form with my right, and proceed.

Because I cannot do the pressing motion anymore with my right hand. My upper arm hurts if I do, elbow to halfway-to-shoulder.

But the mail is going out on time, dammit.

(expect minimal typing for a bit)
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Two organization names that I ran into at work that keep amusing me:
  • Nine Circles Community Health Centre
  • Bob's Cool Air
It's the little things, really. (There's also a town called Burnt Church, and a street called Burning Glass Road.)

Everyone is very nice, by the way, which is good because I am a bit frayed. Tiny bit.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 06:07 pm
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Looking forward to the long weekend. I wouldn't say my time's already booked, but I expect I know how most of it is going to go. Hoping I can get a couple of hours in to sit down and write, and a chance to goof off and relax so I actually feel up to same.

(Running around an alien mothership without your faithful canine companion: totally relaxing.)

I need to reorganize my office again. My London-and-Mythos shelf needs to become just a Mythos shelf; with the latest anthology, there's no more room for them both. Even if I relocate the London stuff, there's only about another foot of space, but it'll last for a bit.

Pelgrane is putting out another sourcebook in the vein of The Dead White World. I'd like it, but I'm not sure I would ever actually get to run anything; there is a derth of gamers I know who are both local and interested.

I wish gaming books were something you could get at the library; it seems like a waste to buy one and then not do anything with it. They're not like most books; they're not just for reading. More like recipe collections or knitting books. Buying them and not doing anything with them is sad, and rather cluttered.
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I keep reminding myself that we should see a thaw in a few weeks. Not a full-on thaw, of course, but the mid-February oh-sorry-were-you-looking-at-those-ice-sculptures?-oops warmer weather is pretty reliable.

There's been a bit of a shake-up at work lately, but figure I will be okay. Hope people are seeming a bit less shell-shocked on Monday.

I keep kicking around the idea of knitting something inspired by "The Yellow Wallpaper" and the King in Yellow (not any particular story about it, just the general concept). Yellow colours and harmful sensation and creeping madness. Cheerful stuff, but I have no idea exactly where to begin. Suppose I'll file the idea and see if it's still around to come back to in a month or so.

Things to do this weekend: haircut, edit, laundry, deliberate (verb, not adjective) jacket, hit the pharmacy, return library books, finish gloves. And the weekend is half over. Somehow I am unoptimistic.

ETA: 1:35 Sunday morning Slightly more optimistic.

ETA2: 5:35 Sunday afternoon Distinctly more optimistic. Gloves will probably need more work after blocking, but will count it a win if I can get them blocking tonight.
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Woke up 45 minutes ago. At work. Haven't drink coffee or checked email yet.

No lights on in office, which is kinda neat.

Dear weekend, I miss you. Hurry back?

A day.

Dec. 14th, 2011 06:46 pm
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It has been a stupidly long day. I have been running on ?five? hours sleep and everyone (almost) at work went to a Christmas party, and I think the e-mail I sent my supervisor (not about that) got lost in the shuffle, and I have been killing the worst-designed-form ever and and and...

And I got home and John bought ingredients so that I could use my mojito mix packet and it's warm in here and I am sitting down and no-one needs me to do anything that involves ColdFusion, and I think I'm going to go look at Fallout 3, see if I can find anyone who wants me to kill Harold, and pick the meanest dialogue option possible in response. Because really. Harold.


Dec. 13th, 2011 05:05 pm
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If you wrap the text of a fieldset legend in a span and give it a style with a width and a display:block, you can force it to wrap in IE8!

...'s been a day.
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Scheduling this morning:

* 20 minutes shower and dress (I am a slow starter)
* 25 minutes walking Piper, collecting garbage for pickup, and scraping enough snow off the driveway that I could do the later without packing it down;
* 5 minutes feeding cats (and me);
* 7 minutes drive to the bus station (yay!);
* 65 minutes and counting on the bus. Work ETA undefined.

It's the most/wonderful time/of the year...
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(1) WCAG don't actually specify that the <fieldset> tag should be within the <form> tag!

(2) I am bored and want to make something accessible, not just tell people how to do it.


Nov. 10th, 2011 12:56 am
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In the name of not being utterly out of it, or something...

* surgery on relative seems to have gone well, yay.
* work. So tired.
* Canada's Penitentiary Museum in Kingston got my name right. Three times. They are awesome. I have a little laminated card.
* a collection of stories about the Ivybridge family is coming out next year. For those of you who don't know them, may I recommend the Historical Lovecraft anthology?
* oh lord, I still need to turn over the laundry.
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It's probably been said before, but what gets me about buses is the way the segments of the trip are so distinct from each other. You go on the first leg of it, and it doesn't matter how quickly the trip went our didn't go; the next leg of it will go on its own schedule. There's no way to save time, no way to have a quick trip in one part... carry over, I guess?

What would you call that? Granularity?

All of which is a way to say that while I ran out of the house this morning in such a hurry that I had to ask John to feed the cats for me, I am currently on the fourteenth minute of a scheduled ten-minute wait at the highway bus stop, and I would much rather have spent this time at home. Also, I do not have coffee and it's chilly, so I am a bit grumpy.
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...if you actually work on Friday.

Busses are an hour down, hour and a bit back. The number of transfers annoys me mildly, but I can cope.

The temp agency and the client seem to have slightly different ideas about how long the contract is for, but I'm sure it'll all get straightened out shortly.

Also, the gas company sent me a scratch'n'sniff. It smells like rotten eggs. Yay for gas leak awareness?
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