Dec. 15th, 2005 12:29 pm
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There's no plausible way to get to Yarmouthport, MA, before Sunday, is there?

Maybe some other time.


Working through The Lazarus Heart, PZB's contribution to the Crow paperbacks. Liking it very much; she has the knack for making everything she describes seem so beautiful.

Finished both volumes of Fallen. Liked the first one, but an early sequence in the second one[1] left me absolutely cold and it was hard to get back into after that. Still, curious to see where things were going.


Have broken Pandora to my will. Mad 80s bliss. Absolutely must get around to that iTunes thing.


Got home last night to find that someone had dripped something watery and red in the lobby--maybe Second Cup's cranberry drink, maybe their soft drink dribbled a little, I think it was too cold for popsicles.

I swear my first thought was "Oh god, Toby, not again."

Rationality reasserted itself and confirmed that even if he was peeing blood again and had been taken to the vet, he wouldn't be able to pee on the lobby floor while in the cat carrier, but it was a scary moment.
[1] Perhaps best summarized as "Free will doesn't count, because God hands us our selves." I am so sick of the intelligent design arguments...
green_dreams: Books, and coffee cup with "Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book" on the side. (Default)
Excuse me?

Miss Vulpine? Miss... oh, I'm sorry. Lady Vulpine?

I do appreciate that you may have gotten the impression that actually talking about what you think you're talking about is irrelevant on the internet. This is actually not the case.

Such transgressions are frequently overlooked (often along with their perpetrators, which may be why you haven't been informed of your error yet.) However, occasionally a transgression is in such bad taste that it's worth at least noting the error, in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will avoid making it in the future.

Thus, I will note that when you are discussing Gorey costumes, there is actually an association to the word you are using that you may not be aware of.

I suspect you may mean "gory"--stained with gore, or characterized by bloodshed. Or you may, judging from some of those costumes, simply mean "associated with Hallowe'en by virtue of the date". I confess to holding the expectation that you do not believe your sample costumes to reflect the sedate, understated, black-and-white inkwork of Edward Gorey.

If I am correct in this expectation, I wish you the joy of discovering his artwork and distinctive style, and actually discussing it when you imply that you are doing so.

If I am not, there is nothing I could wish upon you that your own subtle grasp of aesthetics and communication does not already adequately cover.
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