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...the f*@!...?

Cowbell has apparently started doing Hawaiian beach rock. For at least one song. Still rocks.

Nine audience members dancing onstage. No skynrd. Also, they had a dancer with the band. She's cute. Lots of fishnets. Not very practical shoes, though.

The human has had four rye-n-gingers within two hours. The human has a new theory. She only gets a buzz off things that taste good. Ergo, rye-and-ginger affects me less than I'd expect (although it still *works*, don't get me wrong[2]), Lakka lays me out like nobody's business, and [ profile] agentofdespair's Everclear was as water. Stingy searing water, don't get me wrong, but water.

Not sure now if I dance that hard to Cowbell because I drink at their shows, or I drink and dance at their shows because, well, they're the Cowbell.[1]

I'm going to go drink more water than I've seen in the last two days now, and grab a multivite.
[1] I've known for years my taste was occasionally in my mouth.
[2] Fingertips are no longer numb. Tip of tongue no longer numb, sides of tongue still a little fuzzy (which I didn't even notice until [ profile] theweaselking mentioned it as a possible symptom. Voice sounds like I'm hearing it entirely from outside my head. No slurring that I can detect, and the typos are going away....
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