The Knick

Sep. 6th, 2014 10:49 pm
green_dreams: Benches with dead leaves on them on a rainy day. (fall benches in the rain)
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We have begun watching The Knick. I confess I went in mildly suspicious; I remembered [profile] vschanoes's mentioning a show set in 19thC New York that had a noticeable lack of working-class women who weren't prostitutes. That was a couple of years ago, and since then I've honestly noticed that that's a fairly common thing with period shows.

How did the first episode open? Close-up of the shoes of the protagonist, past which we can see a couple of prostitutes.

I kinda went in expecting it, so it wasn't surprising and annoying, but it is annoying. (Fortunately my mood is currently exceedingly sturdy, due to a measured application of butter, cream, garlic, and potatoes, so it is not more than annoying.)

Aside from that... well, a handful of the characters have admirable qualities. A couple of them seem to be decent people. I think I shall keep watching for a bit. And yet, I am not quite willing to clear time for it.
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