Feb. 20th, 2013

green_dreams: (Piper looking noble)
We actually went to get her twenty-one hours ago. Mind, we only actually got her home eighteen hours ago, because putting the dog in the car is apparently a very reliable invocation for snow. And then I had absolutely miserable cramps and just was not up to posting about it.

The drain in her stomach abdomen's been taken out. She still has the feeding tube going into her stomach, but we're not expected to use it. The staples (!metal staples! in my dog!) should come out in about a week.

She's still stiff and limping (and yes, looking forward to elbow surgery on top of this, once she heals), and her appetite isn't what it used to be. She's definitely alert enough to object to the cats going near her food, though, and she actually tried to chase Lucy when Lucy was scolded and dropped on the floor. Awesome that she wants to, although that is definitely Not Allowed Yet.

And she flumps against me, and sometimes she sleeps, and sometimes she purrs. It's a very clumsy purr. That's okay, because she's doing amazingly better, and she's home.

I never thought I was a dog person, you know?
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