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Jack Vance died today.
"A golden witch named Lith has come to live on Thamber Meadow. She is quiet and very beautiful."
I'm... this is so odd to say, but I'm offended. It's Jack Vance. He's been there forever. He's-- not an institution, but a cornerstone. He shouldn't die.
"Return, young man, return--lest your body lie here in its green cloak to rot on the flagstones."
I remember the first story I read by him, "Liane the Wayfarer". There was (in addition to a flatly horrible protagonist), an unapologetic and very simple sense of wonder. A willingness to put in fantastic elements, and not overexplain them, and have the reader pick up a very great deal from context.

Plus, you know, really creepy moments that I still love a great deal.
"I am Chun the Unavoidable."
The gentleman will be missed, and I am glad he was around.
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