Feb. 11th, 2013

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Movies. Yes.

Went to see Warm Bodies yesterday. It's pretty much what I expected; fluffy little feelgood movie. Really nice soundtrack, though. I don't think it's exactly a romcom, although I'm having trouble articulating exactly why... Most of the funny bits seem to come from the zombieness, not the relationship. (A romzomcom, rather than a zomromcom? (Who worries about something like this?))

I needed to stay up until midnight last night for Piper's medication schedule, so I put the 2002 Carrie TV movie on in the background. It's amazingly faithful to the book, which is actually kind of nice; I liked Tommy Ross in the book, and in the original movie, he's a bit of... well, not much. Billy Nolan was creepy as hell, too; I think there was more about him in the book (faithful not being the same as complete), but I think I might actually be confusing him with memories of Buddy Repperton from Christine. Also it made it easier to follow.

Today... ugh, I don't know. Up until 1, up again at 6, Piper's assorted medication until 8:30, and then I fell asleep again until just a bit before we went to the vet again. Currently waiting for bloodwork results, and trying to decide if I have the energy or focus from knitting. The Emperor's New Groove is playing; we tried watching the latest Walking Dead but I think I pretty much tuned out most of it.

I'm not really watching new things; even Warm Bodies was pretty by-the-numbers, and the Romeo and Juliet references were cute, not new. It's been a long sort of weekend.
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More about Piper, again.

Cut for length. )

I want her to get better, and I really hope it's soon.

I leave you with this thought:

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