Feb. 14th, 2013

green_dreams: (little red heart)
We got to see Piper last night, and she cleared the 36-hours-out-of-surgery point[1] at three this morning. The surgeon was very busy today[2], so we haven't gotten a medical assessment, but the technician called a couple of hours ago to says she's eating solid food again[3], looking for attention, and doing well. The drainage bottle hanging off her side is collecting less fluid[4], and I guess they can take the feeding tube out soon.

If she keeps improving at this rate, we can expect her home tomorrow or Saturday. If she slows down, Monday.

(Then, mind, there are going to be weeks of Elizabethan collars and keeping her out of the cat food and making sure she gets her meds and then taking her back for the knee surgery she was initially scheduled for a week ago today. And we get to do this. Because she is coming home. Oh my good dog.)
[1] Given that her odds of surviving until then were given as 50%, I was a little tense.
[2] I so do not begrudge this, given how quickly they got Piper into the OR once they determined she needed surgery.
[3] For the record: her refusing solid food was a big factor in our deciding that something was vet-wrong on Thursday night.
[4] My dog. My poor poor dog.
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